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Tournament "Years Old" CD/LP

Posted on Monday, July 13th, 2009 @ 6:48am » permalink

Tournament - Years OldThe latest release from Forcefield Records is "Years Old", the debut full-length from New York's Tournament and the perfect follow-up to last year's killer "Swordswallower" EP. This material is perhaps coming from a little more of a "noise rock" base, loaded with absolutely awesome, hammering basslines and bursts of quirky riffing, while the shouting/yelling vocals fall a little farther back in the mix and fight their way forth through the instrumentation. They're really able to transition effortlessly from caustic, noisy textures and surging feedback to energetic rhythms alongside more restrained riffing that flirts with darker atmospheres (check out the amazing "All This Light", which is probably the band's finest offering to date) and a little subtle melody here and there. And then there are the again unexpected little "stoner rock" runs in "Big Box Opportunity" to add yet another dimension to the band's rather diverse approach. An excellent recording certainly plays in a role in how badass the bass presence is throughout, keeping the tones warm and natural while balancing the mix so you can always hear everything that's going. Combine all of this with oddly catchy songwriting and it makes for an extremely well-focused 10 tracks in 32 minutes. I'm once more left looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Good stuff…

Tournament "Snuff News"
Tournament "All This Light" (excerpt)

The items are listed as pre-orders in the Forcefield Records store, but I don't think that's the case anymore, so orders should be shipping now. And the vinyl comes with a download card, which is the way it should be! Awesome…


@ Forcefield Records (CD)
@ Forcefield Records (LP)


  1. Carlos says:

    interesting music, although artwork looks like some cheap Photoshop artwork to me.

    BTW, can somebody upload for me (again) Drowning Room: The Divinity Syndrome. I bought original 7" and remastered version on Tripmachine records but still don't have turntable and can't listen it.


    I appreciate it. :=)

  2. mumblestillskinss says:

    the artist Name is Bill Abdale

    art was painted with want looks like Ink on paper. You cant get a grasp of what it really is without the physical 180 gram die cut , bad ass package that it is. look before you leap… Buy a table!

  3. mumblestillskinss says:

    but then again you like drowning room

  4. Dad Guy says:

    The packaging sounds great!

  5. Carlos says:

    thanks for the info. Look I know I'm not much in the art history and making "artistic" things. I just commented that the artwork on the picture posted HERE doesn't look anything special to me…

  6. Tim says:


  7. Sean says:

    What's wrong with Drowning Room?

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