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Rot in Hell "Hallways of the Always." CD/LP

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2009 @ 6:58am » permalink

Rot in Hell - Hallways of the Always.Finally available from Grot Records is the incredibly long overdue debut CD release from Rot in Hell, by far one of the finest hardcore bands out there right now. (Also available on vinyl from A389 Recordings.) Included are all of the songs from the band's vinyl releases to date – the 2007 demo 7" (a.k.a. "Sins of Malice"), the "Millennial Psychosis" split 7" with Brain Dead, the split 7" with Hordes, and "The Works of Fate" split 7" with The Process – as well as a handful of other tracks that, for the most part, have yet to be released elsewhere (as far as I know). As I've discussed here a few times in the past (and am sure to do again in the future), expect nothing but top-notch metallic hardcore heavily influenced by the classic "holy terror" sound pioneered by Integrity, as well as flourishes reminiscent of Ringworm and Gehenna, alongside their own wickedly raw and explosive aesthetic. You'll find short, explosive bursts of power chords with loads of tactfully chaotic leads straight out of the early Integrity handbook, maniacally screamed/shouted vocals as well as a few cryptic whispers, slower midpaced rhythms that flirt with darker atmospheres, and searing little bits of feedback galore. And then there's 8+ minute closer "Now, Today, Tomorrow, and Always", which heads in an entirely different direction with beautiful acoustic guitars and faint samples amidst distant, obscured singing and quivering experimental noise textures. In addition, this 12-track release contains four of the absolute best fucking cover songs ever recorded: "Final Word" (Meanstreak), "Kingdom of Heaven" (Integrity), "Skincrawl" (Ironside), and "Chunks" (Last Rights). I mean, holy shit… come on! You just don't get much better song choices than that! This is an absolutely outstanding collection that's sure to be among the best releases of 2009. I'm a huge fan, and can't wait to hear more…

Rot in Hell "Behavioral Resistance"
Rot in Hell "Iron Halo"

Along the motorways the thunder spoke in tongues. Promise of charnel skies and sack cloth for a sun. All this and more, rightfully yours, stolen by a jackal in the skin of a whore. Breeding in the sewer, seething behind the walls. Fenris devours existence, nothing but death for them all. Illusions shatter the order, leaves nothing the same as before. Existence caves in to the weight of your sin, as salvation closes its door. We cease to exist, we cease to resist.

This gem's on sale for just £5 right now (which ends up being about $12.50 US after the currency conversion and postage), so… don't sleep on it.


@ Grot Records (CD)
@ A389 Recordings (LP)


  1. Carlos says:

    awesome music!!!

  2. Thoren says:

    soooo goood

  3. Andy says:

    they are among the very few worthy of covering INTEG!
    the only MEANSTREAK song i know appeared on some sampler in the early 90s. was this their only recording? does anyone have that stuff?

  4. POI says:

    That's "Only The Strong" and it's a seminal comp.
    No other Meanstreak songs.

  5. MarkusxKTL says:

    Huh, i've been waiting for this (even thought i got all original 7"'s straight from the band, but the Process -split) but it seems the lp version got sold out or something, it isn't on A389 Recs webstore at all anymore. Damnit, so fucking good band anyways, that is what i meant to say!

  6. sonic the goddamn hedgehog says:

    Markus: I looked for the LP at a389 and as far as I can tell it was never in their shop except as a preorder. Let's hope it shows up at some point, or we're both shot in the ass.

    Andy: Aside from recording the greatest song in the history of the universe, Meanstreak changed their name to something completely different and released a record in 1995 called something like Dishonesty laden surroundings or Lawlessness plagued civilization or Misconduct supplied community or somesuch, then got dropped from the label with the ugly dog logo 'cause of a brawl of some sorts?

  7. Carlos says:

    just ordered the Rot in Hell CD. Can't wait to get it.

    Dose anybody has anything from Meanstreak on MP3? Can you please share :)


    You can buy the "Only the Strong" comp digitally at Amazon:


    It's probably on iTunes as well.

    Also, someone should absolutely start a band and release three albums in a row called
    "Dishonesty Laden Surroundings", "Lawlessness Plagued Civilization", and "Misconduct Supplied Community". Perhaps the band could be called "Lone Existence Troup", or maybe "Sole Being Posse".

  9. Carlos says:

    thanks Andrew! I found some in tangible "form" on eBay. Will probably buy it. Also there seems to be another compilation with the same name…

    Is this song the only thing they put on some media?

  10. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Yeah, that's the only Meanstreak song ever recorded.

    The other comp with a similar name is "Only the Strong MCMXCIII", which came out a couple years later. That one's good too, but certainly not as good as the original "Only the Strong"!

  11. quality mario siblings says:

    I think their name was "Singular animation team," or was it "Individual effervescence personnel"?

    As for this "Exclusively those of the brawn" comp, though it should be noted (and like I said earlier) that while Closing argument is perhaps the greatest musical document of our, or indeed any times, this record also contains almost surely the greatest (version of the) Character song, Turn on the goddamn lights woodja please. It's gotta be the best thing Conquest records ever released.

  12. Big Paul says:

    No "You rot in hell"
    Best shouting to noise I have heard in yonks
    I knew you before you had tats
    Can't fool me I know your a pussycat

  13. VI¢TORY RE¢ORD$ says:


  14. Thoren says:

    These comments are hilarious. Particularly those involving the word wizardry

  15. Carlos says:

    hahahahaha Sappy Emo Bands :)))

    Been listening this every day. And completely agree that choosing those 4 songs to cover was great decision.

    Can't wait to hear the new material.

  16. xYosefx says:

    A few things:

    The regular, non pre-order version of the LP should be available from A389 soon, once the last of the pre-orders ship. Or so I'm told.

    The bonus tracks on this that weren't on the EP & splits were released on a limited CDR earlier this year, hand numbered out of 35. I've got one, and no you can't have it :)

    Lastly, Meanstreak changed their name shortly after the Only the Strong 7", becoming… One Life Crew. Now you know.

  17. Carlos says:

    The last song was made by band, right? It so reminds me on voice from one movie which title I can't remember.

  18. Thoren says:

    RIH's "Final Word" cover is arguably better then the original, if at all possible.
    I say arguably, because even I'm not completely sure about that at times.

    Ironside == great band

  19. POI says:

    Carlos, the sample on the last song on the cd, if that's what you mean, is Marshall Applewhite, and sample aside, yes it's an original composition.

  20. Jack says:

    Ehhhhhhhh, I fail to see the hype for this band, ex XcanaanX wanting to be holy terror, am i meant to be impressed?

  21. POI says:

    Drowning in Envy

  22. Bob no Hope says:

    LP is in a389 shop now. Shoot pictures of the ill packaging into your eyes at Endless quest.

    Am it just I, or does the LP have the huge 4P on the front cover but the CD not? Looks in the pics like this is a spot gloss deal like inside the gatefold? BAD ASS with a space between the BAD and the ASS anyway.

  23. Son Of Man says:

    Yeah the CD doesnt ahve the spot gloss/light reflective ink that the LP does.
    The gatefold was actually supposed to have all the lyrics for the songs as well as design credits and other hidden knowledge also printed in that spot gloss ink, so that although initially invisible, when turned to the light the lyrics and so on would be revealed… but for reasons unknown to us the printer deigned not to include that. I can only assume that what he saw scared him witless……

  24. Charles Whitman pose says:

    I hear ya, spot gloss has freaked the fuck outta me many a time.

  25. Son Of Man says:


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