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We'll Go Machete "s/t"

Posted on Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 @ 6:25am » permalink

We'll Go Machete - s/tThe band name and cover art could be slightly misleading here, but I'll give anything a shot, and when one of the guys from Austin, TX's We'll Go Machete contacted me about checking out their self-titled EP on Cedar Fever Records citing "early-90's influences such as Drive Like Jehu, Fugazi, and Quicksand", he certainly got my attention. Their MySpace page also mentions labels like Touch and Go, Dischord, and Amphetamine Reptile – all of which actually does provide a surprisingly accurate approximation of what the band has to offer here. You'll find six tracks/22 minutes of quirky, angular noise rock riffs accented by surging post-hardcore dissonance and occasional forays into a more melodic, "indie rock" type of direction, fronted by vocals that walk the line – not quite yelling, not quite singing, you know the drill. And always beneficial for bands of this nature is a crisp recording that emphasizes warm, natural tones and a mix that allows every element its own space – neither too polished nor too raw, etc. It's all quite well done, and there really is an authentic "early-90's" type of sound to the aesthetic of the songwriting that should absolutely hit the spot for longtime fans of the aforementioned bands/labels searching for new sources of those classic sounds. I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing more from these cats…

We'll Go Machete "Archibald"

I'm not sure if the EP's being pressed on CD or not, but you can already grab it from iTunes. I'd suggest contacting the band via the MySpace link above if you'd prefer to inquire about potentially scoring a physical copy of the material.


@ iTunes (mp3)


  1. Carlos says:

    this must be pressed on CD! as soon as I saw Quicksand mentioned I've knew I would like the band. :)

  2. the buzz says:

    i'm sure they've made cd's if you go to their myspace page and send them a message, they'll likely send you one. just a guess though. haha

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