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Cable "Variable Speed Drive" CD

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 @ 6:51am » permalink

Cable - Variable Speed DriveOriginally released by Doghouse Records in 1996, "Variable Speed Drive" was the debut full-length from Cable. Much of what I've read states that this Translation Loss Records reissue (complete with all new artwork and the band's three-song 1994 demo included as a bonus) hit the streets back in 2008, but… if that's true, it didn't show up in my mailbox until last month, so fuck it! Expect 11 tracks in a little under 45 minutes that are much noisier and more angular than the sludgier and at times "rock" oriented sound that the band would develop on later albums. At times I'm reminded of what other Doghouse Records bands like the almighty Threadbare were doing around this same time period, but Cable was kicking out an even more abstract (even lyrically), AmRep-influenced kind of angle. There's just this weird not-quite-metal but also not-exactly-noise-rock attack happening – one that even peculiarly flirts with a little of that indie sort of backbone that was common from the Doghouse roster throughout much of the 90's. Harshly screamed vocals and heavily pulsing basslines punctuate loads of quirkily winding riffs and jangly harmonics that explode into chugging rhythms peppered with discordant chord phrasings – occasionally decaying into unhinged slides and gnashing guitar noise. At times the song structures can feel overly loose and somewhat tiresome, but such moments make the payoffs – when everything locks together to become a hint more memorable – extra powerful. And while I typically find it rare that bonus demo tracks are all that intriguing, they're actually an excellent inclusion here, so… I'd certainly recommend giving this a shot even if you haven't necessarily been a fan of some of Cable's more recent work.

Cable "Carolina Eyes"
Cable "Chained" (demo)

Sinking – killing – sinking – down. Six weeks I've crawled. Step on my fingers. Rape my eyes. Rape my eyes. Lie. Sterile needles make nice presents. Stainless steel lasts forever. Lie.


@ Translation Loss Records
@ The End Records
@ Relapse Records


  1. uopa says:

    cable is fucking great.
    this album is different but really as good as gutter queen and never trust a gemini.
    good post.

  2. Carlos says:

    have bought Gutter Queen quite some time ago for few euros and liked it but I wanted to find it today in my flat and have no luck. Damn. What a great music!

  3. Pat Knight says:

    I actually put some rare Cable stuff up on ebay last night. I put up a lot with the first Cable demo(I guess those songs are on the rerelease), their split 7" with Malcom's Lost, and a CD that has the tracks from the demo, the split 7" and their 7" that was on Atomic Action. You can check it out here along with some other demos that are already up. More to follow shortly.


    Sorry if posting here is bad manners. I did just put the acution up last night and saw the Cable posting today.

  4. shoaloa says:

    You might want to check out the new Darkest Hour, dude. I'm listening right now and its pretty rippin'. People can say what they want, but this band is just fucking good.

  5. elliot says:

    fuck yeah! cable is one of my favorite bands of all time.

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