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Overthrow "Within Suffering" CD

Posted on Friday, June 12th, 2009 @ 6:41am » permalink

Overthrow - Within Suffering"Within Suffering", the sole full-length release from excellent Canadian thrash band Overthrow, was originally released in 1990 by Epidemic Records. Apparently it was reissued by NHR Records in 2007 with the band's 1989 "Bodily Domination" demo and several live tracks as a bonus, though unfortunately I had never heard of Overthrow before and was completely unaware of this fact. But thankfully this outstanding reissue is now being distributed digitally by the increasingly impressive MetalHit.com, so I was finally introduced to the band's material a few weeks ago. While the glory days of thrash metal inarguably took place in the 80's, I must confess that many of my favorite thrash records are from 1990/1991, and "Within Suffering" is right up my fuckin' alley with its super meaty riffs and raging guitar tone. Expect snarling vocals over energetic, high-speed picking patterns interspersed with chunky rhythms and quick little hints of melody – standard yet better than average fare for the time period, basically. They pretty much perfectly combine American and European sounds with a balance of Bay Area crunch/technicality and an aggressive yet punchy riffing style reminiscent of late-80's era Kreator. I guess the fact that they didn't form until 1987 and released their debut album just as thrash was first starting to "die out" didn't help them secure a great deal of attention back in the day, but… this is such a quality release that I'm shocked I can't recall having ever heard mention of Overthrow's name before!? Oh well! This is absolutely a hidden gem, and I'm quite pleased to have learned of its existence, even if it did take almost 20 years!?

Overthrow "Chemically Exposed"
Overthrow "Corrupted Faith"

Enucleation Records has this disc on sale for a measly $6, so definitely pick one up if you like what you hear…


@ NHR Records (CD)
@ Enucleation Records (CD)
@ Amazon.com (mp3)
@ iTunes (mp3)


  1. ben says:

    if it wasn't for that ubiquitous Morrisound ….

  2. Karl J says:

    I'm digging it. This looks to be lovingly pieced together and reissued, not unlike a certain Formicide release (heck, there are even a lot of sonic similarities). I love getting turned on to these unearthed gems… keep 'em coming.

  3. stevhan.ti says:

    Honestly, haven't checked this record yet but you turned me on to metalhit.com and for that alone you deserve a graceful fuckin' comment. Right now I'm blasting Hellwitch and that's something you should do too. You know where to get it.



    Yeah, I'm gonna write about that Hellwitch as well!

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