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The Platoon "Like Hyenas in the Desert" CD

Posted on Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 @ 7:04am » permalink

The Platoon - Like Hyenas in the DesertI learned of The Platoon, from Germany, last month when I posted about Drift, as The Platoon features former Drift vocalist Marcel Ströter, who was kind enough to hook me up with the band's latest EP on Filled With Hate Records, "Like Hyenas in the Desert". And as I might have guessed, this shit is absolutely crushing metallic hardcore at the high-quality level I've come to expect from Filled With Hate over the years, dropping six tracks in about 20 minutes and honestly making for one of the finest releases I've ever heard from the label. Like many European bands of this nature expect burly vocals and loads of viciously chugging midpaced breakdowns, accentuated by just the right amount of catchy groove, occasional hints of melody, and subtly more metal-based leanings here and there. They're not really rewriting the book on this style of hardcore, but the songwriting's extremely forceful and the the recording's fuckin' outstanding in every possible way – with a perfectly massive guitar tone leading the charge alongside a strong bass presence – so there's definitely enough going on here to make this EP stand out from the pack with ease. I really believe that those familiar with this genre will agree with me that these guys are creating a sound that's pissed off and in your face without relying on overly stripped down rhythms or arrangements that are too simplistic and one-sided. This is an awesome and highly recommended EP, and I can't wait to hear more from The Platoon…

The Platoon "Zero Gravity"


@ Filled With Hate Records
@ Interpunk


  1. John Hasson says:

    I like the drums. Sounds like Ragmen or something in that vain to me. Seeing these cats are from Germany doesn't sursprise me at all.

  2. tlb says:

    Definitely diggin the melodic touches on this one!

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