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Castevet "Stones/Salts" 7"

Posted on Monday, June 8th, 2009 @ 6:53am » permalink

Castevet - Stones/SaltsCastevet's "Stones/Salts" 7", which I believe is their debut release (on Paragon Records), is one of the most interesting records I've heard in awhile. The label states that the material "reshapes the grim, dissonant riffing and anguished rasp of black metal into a new form that asks questions of the listener before revealing the secrets hidden within its epic structures", but were it not for that description and the label's often black metal-based reputation, I'm not entirely sure I would've made a significant connection to black metal here. There are definitely some surging tremolo picked rhythms with a great sense of dissonant melody, but there are also some math metal sounding arrangements with weird chord phrasings or slower, peculiarly winding takes on black metal's discordance. Plus, the vocals have more of an almost hardcore-ish strained shouting/yelling thing going on, which makes sense to me because some of the music really could be associated with top-notch "metalcore" as well (and notice that I said "top-notch", so I mean the good kind of "metalcore", not the bullshit where 16-year-olds with throat tattoos try to sound like Scandinavian bands with mosh breaks). It's definitely epic, but the blend of influences is pulled off in a way that can't be simply pigeonholed into one genre or another. Whatever you want to call it, it's fucking great, and there's a lot of curious elements at work here – continued by the fact that the visual presentation consists of almost no text whatsoever. There's a two-sided insert with photos befitting of the record's title and a clear vinyl 7" with no labels. The only text present is the label's name/address and a sticker on the 7" bag with the band name/record title. Very cool. I'm impressed, and quite looking forward to hearing more…

Castevet "Stones" (excerpt)


@ Castevet
@ Paragon Records


  1. jim fucking winters says:

    interesting. i just found out about his band yesterday and now it's on here.
    i need to check em out. Black Flag was mentioned somewhere so…

  2. bill says:

    might have been the other castevet….there's a punkrock castevet from chicago as well.

  3. Yes! I love these tunes. (LOL @ part about "16-year-olds with throat tattoos") I, too, definitely look forward to more.

  4. jim fucking winters says:

    the Black Flag reference was about this band actually.

  5. Jack says:

    This has blown me away, i had stones/salts sitting on my desktop for a while now, but ventured to listen to it yesterday and was taken aback, I look forward to the new album on Profound Lore.

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