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Make Do and Mend "Bodies of Water" CD/one-sided 12"

Posted on Monday, May 18th, 2009 @ 8:11am » permalink

Make Do and Mend - Bodies of WaterOriginally released as a free download before being wisely snatched up by Panic Records, "Bodies of Water" is the second six-song EP from the absolutely brilliant Make Do and Mend. I don't know why, but their debut, "We're All Just Living", was a huge grower for me, and when I wrote about it on the site last year I had minor little complaints. Well, over time all of those complaints completely vanished, and "We're All Just Living" ended up being one of my favorite releases of 2008. As a result, their song "Insomniac Jams" is now one of the two most played tracks in my iTunes library, and I'd probably rank Make Do and Mend as my favorite new band of the past several years. Period. I've completely fallen in love with their totally heartfelt and sincere blend of emo, indie, and pop-punk influences, and there's absolutely no fucking argument whatsoever that these guys are among the finest songwriters out there right now when it comes to this particular niche. Unlike many such bands there's no shred of cheesiness here at all, nor do they flirt with any potentially irritating "emotional" posturing that comes across as trying too hard. No, everything about Make Do and Mend's music feels completely open and natural, from the driving chord progressions and layered melodies, to the gruff, honest vocals (and lyrics, for that matter), to the looseness in some of the playing that adds a little rawness without being sloppy. Obviously I'm barely even touching on the true character of this material, but it doesn't even matter, because everything gels together in the songwriting, and the songs are where this band shines. So… I'm hoping my enthusiasm makes up for my lack of detail here!

Make Do and Mend is one of those bands that should absolutely be huge, but I sort of get the feeling that they might never be. They seem like completely modest and down to earth guys that sell their merch for cheap and are much more interested in simply expressing themselves and getting their music out there to the listeners, as opposed to any of the extraneous bullshit that tends to go along with what it often takes to "make" a band "huge". And that's exactly how it should be. Exactly. Fuck money, fuck the "right" look or the "right" tours – the quality of this music and the connection it creates with the listener is so far above and beyond any of that shit, and that's so rare yet so important. I just hope that others will appreciate what these guys truly have to offer and support their efforts. This is the second Make Do and Mend release that I've gotten for free, and the second Make Do and Mend release that I've purchased anyway. I really can't speak highly enough of this band…

Make Do and Mend "Shambles"

I don't believe in anything worth fighting for, worth dying for. I don't believe the clouds are hiding much more than a reason to downpour. So what would you do if you were me? Give up, forget, go back to sleep…

If you like what you hear above, please buy it… and buy "We're All Just Living" as well, if you don't already have it!


@ Make Do and Mend (CD/12")
@ Panic Records (mp3)

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  1. Birkir says:

    Wasn't there that Initial band called King For A Day? These guys sound like them meets As Friends Rust, but even better.

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