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Unreal City "Masks" CS

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2009 @ 9:33am » permalink

Unreal City - Masks"Masks" is a limited edition cassette (you read that right) containing six new tracks from Pittsburgh, PA's Unreal City in a little under 20 minutes. The overall approach is very similar to that of their "Ephemeral Subsistence" full-length, which is to say that the songwriting is heavily influenced by Integrity and Cleveland hardcore in general, with lots of chugging midpaced power chords and quick little explosive solos. However, the recording is much rawer and more stripped down here, with a distant feeling to the vocal placement and a little bit of a muffled thump to the percussion, etc. But that's not a bad thing – it actually really works to lend a "classic" aesthetic to the material, and doesn't detract from the force of the songs or the listening experience at all. They do suddenly change things up at the end, however, with "The Mortal Sermon": An eight-and-a-half-minute experimental noise piece that layers ambient hums and whirs with assorted samples – predominantly some sort of reading of T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" (which, I'm now assuming, is where the band got their name). A nice touch that certainly lends something of a "Humanity is the Devil" vibe to the EP as a whole… and, as usual, you just can't complain about that! Here's a taste of what to expect:

Unreal City "Changeling" (excerpt)

From what I understand this tape is limited to a mere 50 copies and will only be available at the band's upcoming shows. So, if you're a fan and you want to get your hands on one of these, I'd highly recommend attending one of the first few shows, 'cause, ummm… 50 copies ain't gonna last long!


  1. jim fucking winters says:

    their full length was a let down.
    even with the Bill Korecky recording the thing just dragged the whole way through.
    i wanted some real energy but couldn't find any.

  2. tim tamblin says:

    Looks like they're not "MOO COW" material huh pee wee?

  3. francis buxton says:

    Looks like your bike wasn't in the preorder package, I wouldn't take it out on the band pee wee.

  4. Fred says:

    Only 50 copies … damn it's not much, but it'll probably get ripped by a generous soul, at least I hope so.

  5. jim fucking winters says:

    hm… seeing as i was the first to comment neither do i. haha.

  6. bummed no nude pictures of Daryl from Snapcase are in the pre-order package there pee wee?

  7. jim fucking winters says:

    hm…should i be making comments about jelly donuts, or the little General here?


    I'm just waiting for someone to post as "Dottie", "Simone", or "Mickey". Preferably "Mickey".

    But seriously…

  9. Changeling sounds amazing i can't wait for the tape

  10. alex says:

    this tape is fucking heavy

    blows there other song away not that Ephemeral Subsistence isnt sick either

    the tape didnt only have the new songs but it had the full length to

  11. Sam Hain says:

    wow! how can i get this?

  12. saloth sar says:

    pee wee was so upset when this started playing at his favorite syracuse juice bar… must have been a frustrating bike ride home!

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