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Goldust "Noir" 7"

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2009 @ 7:17am » permalink

Goldust - NoirGermany's Goldust is already back with their latest EP (a split release between Apil Records, My Fist Your Face Records, and Break x Out Records), the "Noir" 7", which unloads six new tracks in just nine-and-a-half minutes. For the most part the material picks up right where "Axis" left off, though the recording is definitely a little crisper, which helps the material "pop" a bit more, so this is absolutely the best the band has sounded to date. Interestingly enough, however, while they keep the running times more consistently short and to the point here, they're also branching out just a touch – retaining the core of their straightforward metallic hardcore sound while amping up the overall sense of energy with true feelings of rage, as well as a hint more diversity in a few instances. So there's a little more explosive speed overall, but then you've also got segments like the opening intro, "M", which slowly builds into "Aevum" with an epic feel that's built around clean guitars and feedback as well as forceful power chords and samples. You'll still find a blend of crunchy power chord rhythms and tactful metal influences with some scorching lead breaks, but everything hits a little harder and feels more cohesive now, which is great: Not only is the band quite productive, but they're continuing to improve with time. What more could you ask for?

Goldust "Rome"

Apil Records is the only source for ordering online at the moment, so I'd recommend getting in touch with the band and all of the labels on MySpace using the links above to inquire about further ordering information, potential US distribution, etc.


@ Apil Records


  1. El Kos says:

    I had picked up the Goldust /Blade split after you reviewed it, and I thought goldust really kicked ass on that. This seems even more promising.

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