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My Heart to Joy "Seasons in Verse" LP

Posted on Friday, March 13th, 2009 @ 7:10am » permalink

My Heart to Joy - Seasons in VerseThe last time I wrote about this Connecticut act they went by My Heart to Joy at the Same Tone, but for their debut full-length (compliments of Asbestos Records) they've apparently trimmed it down to simply My Heart to Joy, and with the shortened band name comes a more focused and emotionally moving sound that leaves some of their "screamo" characteristics behind in favor of a tighter and more fluid emo/indie centered approach. The end result suits me just fine, and is without question the band's finest work to date – which should absolutely appeal to anyone who's ever been a fan of this particular style, especially during its 90's heyday. The recording utilizes warm, natural tones and a perfectly balanced mix that lets pulsing bass runs hold down the center while bright, hard-panned guitar lines mingle back and forth throughout, allowing some of the subtle intricacies of the musicianship to shine. For the most part the songwriting deals more with harnessing energy and feeling than catchy choruses or anything from the "poppier" side of this niche, so they haven't completely shed their more aggressive tendencies, they've simply reigned them in and streamlined their approach into a more cohesive and consistent whole. Keep in mind, though, that just because it's not necessarily "catchy" certainly doesn't mean it's not memorable, because while I enjoy the band's prior work, something about this minor shift in style really does hit you with much more immediacy right from the start. At 11 tracks in just over a half-hour I'm already left wanting more, so I really hope the band continues their productive output rate. The progression from their first recordings to this album are outstanding, and I firmly recommend this LP. There just don't seem to be a great number of bands effectively exploring this sound anymore…

My Heart to Joy "Empty Homes"

The LP is slated for release early next month but can already be pre-ordered, and should start shipping any day now. It'll be limited to just 500 copies on four different colors, so… act now while you still can, before this band starts to garner the amount of attention they truly deserve and the vinyl sells out!


@ Asbestos Records

The CD pressing will be available for pre-order on March 20th via Topshelf Records.

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  1. thom says:

    i agree with you. im digging the new stuff a lot more than the last thing you reviewed from them. good post

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