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Envision "2009 demo"

Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 @ 8:34am » permalink

Envision - 2009 demoThe debut demo from Bellingham, WA's Envision unloads three tracks of that dingy, more sinister brand of 90's styled metallic hardcore in about 13 minutes. Expect a suitably raw recording with lots of warm space and dry textures to deliver sludgy, grating rhythms that combine a driving midpaced chug with some looser, noisier dissonance and feedback, fronted by absolutely sick vocals that have a major tinge of that European vitriol reminiscent of bands like Arkangel and the like. The songwriting definitely carries with it a sense of plodding darkness that gives this band a much different sound than a lot of what comes to mind when associations are made with the 90's scene, but that's simply due to the fact that their influences and approach are rooted in a less typical niche of that era, which suits me just fine. This is a killer demo through and through, and I'd already love to hear a full-length from this band…

Envision "Homo Sacer"

Physical copies (CD and cassette) should be available shortly, but the entire demo's currently available for free download, so definitely check this shit out:

[DOWNLOAD] Envision "2009 demo" (@ Mediafire)


  1. Carlos says:

    great songs! can't open the files in Windows Media Player ?! :\

  2. Keith says:

    Yo, Carlos. Not sure if this will bring you any better Windows Media Player luck, but who knows. My bad.


  3. Carlos says:


    thanks for the link but it doesn't work either. it seems that is in the some strange format. dunno.

  4. metalmike says:

    this band fucking rules. this recording doesnt do them justice. Live they are heavier than your moms fat cunt. totally fucking ill.

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