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Hatred Solution "Disappointments" 7"

Posted on Thursday, February 12th, 2009 @ 7:10am » permalink

Hatred Solution - DisappointmentsI believe the "Disappointments" EP is the debut release from Hungary's Hatred Solution, tearing through six songs of surprisingly diverse material in 24 minutes – and as has often been the case lately, I'm not entirely sure how you'd best classify this band. You'll literally encounter everything from extremely dense and mangled Meshuggah-like rhythms and explosive blasts of crisply produced death/grind or killer discordant textures to occasional bursts of noisily chaotic metalcore, slick clean passages, weirdly spacious math metal/noise rock breaks that focus more on the rhythm section, and even some stripped down melodic hardcore (complete with gang backup vocals and everything). All of this fronted by a multi-vocal approach that spans the usual range of scathing screams, shouts, and growls with accents of fairly effective singing as well!? Trust me, it's all pretty wild. As expected from such an incredibly wide range of influences, the songwriting can suffer just a bit from disjointed arrangements or a lack of transitions, which is unfortunate, but there's a shitload of potential here, and when the band hits their stride there's some absolutely killer material in place already. I really dig the recording and the overall vibe they're going for, so this is a really cool debut right off the bat. They've got some little improvements to work on, but I'm pretty into this for the most part, and will be very curious to see where they take it.

Hatred Solution "Without Your Breath"

I don't have a physical copy of the EP itself, but while the band refers to it as a 7", they have a little image of a CD version on their MySpace page as well, so… maybe it's available on two formats? Either way, this is a cool EP, so get in touch with the band via MySpace to inquire about getting your hands on the tracks if you like what you hear.

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