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Solid Ground "This World Keeps Spinning Without You"

Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2009 @ 8:08am » permalink

Solid Ground - This World Keeps Spinning Without YouIt's a damn shame, but Swiss hardcore act Solid Ground has called it quits, going out with one final EP ("This World Keeps Spinning Without You") that's being made available for free thanks to the band and Let it Burn Records. I was actually sadly disappointed by the band's last full-length, "Can't Stop Now", as there were certain elements of the recording/mix that I just couldn't get past (as well as the fact that the songwriting just lacked the immediacy of their earlier work), but somehow these four tracks totally recapture the overall warmth and energy of the band's earliest material, which is definitely the right way to bring things to a close: A little over 12 minutes of crunchy guitars, tactful grooves with just the right bounce to the tempos, quick little solos, and the band's utterly awesome vocal approach. The fact that this material was getting the band back on track makes it that much harder to face their breakup, but this is great shit nonetheless, so have at it:

[DOWNLOAD] Solid Ground "This World Keeps Spinning Without You" (@ Let it Burn Records)

And if for some insane reason you've never heard Solid Ground's debut CD, "Get Used to It", go search that fucker out right now. Seriously. "Get Used to It" is right up there with Allegiance's "Overlooked" as one of the single most unstoppably badass hardcore releases of the past decade. The title track (among others) is an outright classic that makes me want to destroy everything in my path every single time I hear it, and I can't speak highly enough of that release. Outstanding. This band will absolutely be missed…


  1. charlie says:

    definitely going out on a high note. It's a shame they couldn't flesh out a album's worth at this level. thanks.

  2. Nick M says:

    Agreed about the last full length. I didn't think it was as good as "Get Used To It". This last EP is good stuff tho.

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