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Bloodthirst "In the Eyes of God" CS

Posted on Friday, February 6th, 2009 @ 12:04am » permalink

Bloodthirst - In the Eyes of GodConcluding this week full of demos (all of which happen to have simple black and white artwork) is the 1992 release "In the Eyes of God", from Chicago metallic hardcore act Bloodthirst. I had never heard of this band until the other day, when I found this demo on the incredible new blog Bring Honour or Walk Away, which I highly recommend checking out immediately. There are already loads of obscure old demos and such posted there, and I was totally flipping out over how great everything was when I stumbled across the site (via a link from Killing the Legacy, thank you very much). That being said, I know absolutely nothing about this band other than what I've already stated. I'm not sure if this is the only thing they ever recorded, if any of the members came from or went on to other bands, etc. The demo, however, kicks ass: Four tracks of raw yet effective metallic hardcore that has a dark and in your face approach that's not at all unlike the still-tied-to-hardcore vibe of early Integrity fused with some of Mayday's twists and turns, so… you know god damn well there's not a single fucking thing to complain about here. Solid recording, solid songwriting, a good sense of anger and energy… I'm sold. Here's one track to give you a taste:

Bloodthirst "Prophecy"

And here's the whole fuckin' thing (via Bring Honour or Walk Away):

[DOWNLOAD] Bloodthirst "In the Eyes of God" (@ RapidShare)

If anyone reading this knows anything more about this band, please post a comment and spread the knowledge!


  1. Carlos says:

    thanks dude for another enlightened. you are THE man. I don't remember when I last time listened a CS but it's nice that you post something about those "relics" as well.

    BTW if anyone of you has As it Stands – World That Was 7" MP3s can you please upload it. Then only thing I found about this on Google was old post on this site. Go figure…


    Carlos, click one of the links I mentioned above for Bring Honour or Walk Away, coincidentally he has the As it Stands 7" posted if you browse through some of his earlier posts!

  3. tre says:

    Dude named Frank Haney was the singer. If I am not mistaken, he went on to sing for MK ULtra (wikipedia says I am not mistaken…)

  4. Anonymous says:

    @Andrew: thank you very much for this info. Great!!

  5. Carlos says:

    the Anonymous was I. sorry I was posting with different browser.

    thanks again!

  6. Henrik says:

    Bloodthirst, never released anything more than the demo. I wrote together with the singer back then and he did a fanzine, which i cant remember the name off, but I gotta check my boxes to see if i can find the issues. Did I mention they were a Chicago band?

  7. tre says:

    I don't think it was Persist fanzine… and I know it wasn't Stormtrooper… it was the OTHER Chicago zine…

  8. Chris says:

    Hey this is for anyone interested in mix tapes

    I made a mix tape trading group on Facebook today. You can go here, the Idea is a Bi-Annual mix tape trade with a random person whom has sent me their address and then I send you their address for the upcoming mix tape. All the rules are at this page, so check it out, and join if your interested. Its all in good fun, thanks for reading!

    sorry if you don't like posts like this, i just like your blog and thought it would be of interest, delete at will =)

  9. MarkusxKTL says:

    Haha, no probs Andrew, Henrik's blog is fucking killer, unbelievable stuff all the time! Everyone should keep Those Who Fear Tomorrow at their regular reads.

  10. Anonymous says:

    i think Jeff Johns did persit fanzine, not Frank. Jim did Stormtrooper. Frank did do a zine… can't remember the name either.

  11. Pat Curley says:

    Wow. Thanks for posting this. I played Bass on this. I was in high school at the time. RE: Music…we were all into Agnostic Front, Biohazard & SOIA. Seasons in the Abyss had just come out. Being from Chicago…Victory was/is huge. That first Victory Comp with Integrity & Face Value had just come out (it is up on iTunes). The day we recorded this 4 song demo…after we'd finished recording…we went and played our first show opening for Shelter at McGregors in Elmhurst. Think we only played these for songs and a Breakdown cover. Then we broke up:) Frank went on to MK-ULTRA. They were great and I hope they play another reunion show in 2012. Note: Before we recorded this…Tony Victory let us open for SNAPCASE at one of their first Shows in Chicago. Marco was the singer then…we were called Blindside. As Blindside we did one Demo with Marco.
    I wish I had a copy of that demo.

  12. Jason Saoo says:


    Jason Sapp here, you ever ask Marko for the demo, that guys usually keeps his stuff. I have the one vhs tape STILL of you guys being asses in his basement during practice, it's a trip. I still have the Bloodthirst cassette I got from Brian, but I do not have the Blindside stuff, minus the video of the concert at Fotch's. :)

  13. jay engel says:

    My name is jay engel and I played guitar on this demo. Brian matejkowski was the drummer, pat curley on bass, frank haney sang. Wish we did more with the band. Franks zine was rebirth by the way. 39 years old tomorrow. Still into metal and hardcore. Still go to shows when I can.

  14. marko says:

    I still have this on cassette. also have the Blindside demo we put out when we played a few shows. Good old days. Anyone want a copy I might be able to email it to you.

  15. jay engel says:

    Franks zine was called Burn it Down. We both did zines together at the local kinkos. My zine was Dead Serious

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