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Dead Vows - Bad Blood"Bad Blood" is the debut album from Sweden's Dead Vows (released by the Italian label Refoundation Records), unloading 11 tracks of rather interesting hardcore/punk in a half-hour. What's curious is that the band's approach can't be easily pigeonholed amidst the genre's current landscape, which is actually pretty damn cool. The material's not particularly metallic at all, but the crispness of the production values definitely lends a more modern sound to the album as a whole, as do the super tight performances. Of course, some of the more dissonant textures and subtly chunky picking patterns also possess a more contemporary feel, as does the fact that the vocals are pretty much just straight up screaming, but… I don't know, there's still a hint of "dated" old school influence seeping through as well (though little of said influence is very direct). The songwriting covers a good range of tempos (though they could probably stand for just a hint more speed from time to time), dropping a number of more rocked out sounding rhythms that contrast the darker aspects with unexpected bursts of energy, but despite obvious aggression, their delivery isn't over the top, and lacks that "heavy" sort of pounding sound. And that's not a complaint, either, just another peculiar trait that exemplifies the wide span of influences at work here. What more can I say, really? It's good stuff.

Dead Vows "Strep Throat"
Dead Vows "Dark Red Water"

…roll me to the water, a gigantic dark black sea. Push me into the water, push me into the sea. So now I'm thinking as I'm sinking: Why did I get involved? But I know it all too well, I have to let it go. These teeth have been grinding stones before. They know it all. Throw me to the rattlesnakes.


@ Refoundation Records

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  1. Wolfhammer says:

    "Step Throat" is solid and "Dark Red Water" just kicks all kinds of ass! Good stuff!

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