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v/a - Inside Front: The Compact Disc. - compilationI've been pulling out tons of old 90's hardcore compilations in the last few months, and I finally got around to this one earlier in the week. This awesome international collection came with issue #8 of the once mighty Inside Front magazine back in 1996, and also includes some of the tracks from the "Point Counterpoint" and "No Exit" compilations that previously came with issues #6 and #4, respectively. Opening with two One Life Crew (OH) jams that were later re-recorded for "American Justice" (say what you will about their retarded politics, but they were a great fucking hardcore band), followed by the always sick Blood Runs Black (NY) with "No Return", from the all-too-rare "Cast Into Eternity Within Duration of a Moment", there's just a shitload of killer material to be found here: 20 tracks and 66 minutes in all.

For example, you'll also get "As Life Takes the Knife to its Heart", the opening track from the alfuckingmighty Lash Out's (Norway) "What Absence Yields" full-length – an obvious standout here, as they're simply one of the greatest bands in the history of existence, and probably the single most underrated band from the 90's hardcore scene. Period. If you can't hang with Lash Out, I seriously fucking hate you. (Sorry.) Then there's Brother's Keeper (PA) with an alternate recording of "The Gift (As the Colors Fade)", which was redone for "The Continuum"; "Self Assured", a completely badass track from Backlash (Straight outta NJ, where else?) that has me kicking myself in the fucking teeth for having never searched out more from this band; one of the better recorded offerings amongst what I remember of Timescape Zero's (FL) brand of crunchy metallic hardcore; "Tribe of Man" from the always superb Atlas Shrugged (NY); and two tracks from Abhinanda (Sweden) that were re-recorded for the "Senseless" album. Not to mention solid offerings of the more metal-based variety from a few bands that I'm still not terribly familiar with, like Aftershock (MA), Quarantine (CA), and Refuge (CA); plus respectable cuts from Spirit (NJ), Trial (WA), Tension (FL), and Line Drive (GA). It all closes out with the 12+ minute "Chamber of the Centipede", an exclusive composition from Dwid's old noise project Psywarfare (OH). Good stuff.

Hell, literally the only shitty track in the bunch is from Otis Reem (NC), which starts out decent enough but quickly deteriorates into an unfortunate blend of metalcore and… ska!? Ouch. But hey, had they tossed the horns and the bullshit ska breaks that one would've been solid, too. What can you do?

So, without further ado:

[DOWNLOAD] "Inside Front: The Compact Disc." (@ Mediafire)

And as a surprise bonus, I just so happened to find this link to download the entire issue of the magazine as well (thanks to the Punks is Hippies blog), which includes interviews with Gehenna and 25 ta Life, plus loads of other stuff:

[DOWNLOAD] Inside Front #8 (@ Mediafire)

Enjoy, motherfuckers!


  1. Carlos says:

    great!!! thank you very much for bringing this to the public!

  2. xGabrielx says:

    Holy fucking shit yes!

  3. timlb says:

    Thx man, my favorite era of hardcore, gonna read and listen to that shit; were are band like Lash Out and Abhinanda nowadays, and you're right about OLC shitty politics, stupid image but the songs kill, 'pure disgust' is still one of my favorite destroy-everything-songs.

  4. jim fuckin winters says:

    Unbelievable! i can only guess this was CrimethInc (or more specifically Brian Dindledine) related? Either way, the fact that OLC was on this must be one thing he'll never be able to live down.
    Proof positive of those Clevo nuts he was swinging off…if you will.

  5. Anonymous says:

    loving that lash out… is there anywhere i can find said full length?

  6. Anonymous says:

    also can i ask how did you come across that issue of inside front?

  7. Andy says:

    thanks andrew, this is a "trip back in my past" (to steal the words of a CONFRONT song; in another inside front issue – i believe #5 – dingledine informed the readers about an encounter he once had with mean steve at a CONFRONT show: in response to CATHARSIS having covered "our fight" with different lyrics mean steve warned dingledine "don't change my words, or i'll change you"). inside front was hard to get here in germany, so if there are other issues online please let me know.


    I found the issue of Inside Front linked on some other blog when I was searching around online trying to figure out exactly which issue of Inside Front this CD came with. I got incredibly lucky, ha, ha…

    Lash Out's "What Absence Yields" is disgustingly rare. To this day I don't have the actual CD because it's been hard to find one for a good price. I paid for a hundred or so of the leftover copies that Stormstrike Records has, but he never sent them to me and stopped responding to my emails. Awesome. I even had to get a friend to hook me up with mp3's of the album because I couldn't find it mentioned on any blogs or everything. An immense god damn shame!

  9. Fred TWE says:

    Awesome, I'm dwlding all this right now, looks promising !

  10. Anonymous says:

    a hundred copies? jesus, haha. maybe post the mp3s then? all i have is that song "evening shade" and this one

  11. Tom_dk says:

    I wouldn't exactly be unhappy if you posted the album either… :)

  12. dirty says:

    holy shit man, this is awesome, taking me back to the old days, never actually got to see this zine i dont think, what blog did you get it off of? between this and burning fight going on sale this week, it feels like 1995 again

  13. svein says:

    I hear the "What absence yields" CD exists, but I'll believe that shit when I actually see it with this pair of eyes I keep lodged in the front of my head.

    The cosmos can make its own conclusions on behalf of the earlier Lash out catalog, and it sure as fuck doesn't need me speaking for it, but The unloved and hated is still the destructifier and the huge boner in that discography as far as I'm concerned. I've said it before and I'll probably say it a bunch of times again, it's what I do. Anyone with an interest in what must've been the most devastating European hardcore release in the human goddamn timeline (yeah I said it) can download the fucker at this here Web site right here. Don't just stand there looking like a fool.

  14. I can't wait to D/L this!
    MediaFire is being a bitch right now & won't let me – database problems.
    Dying over here cuz this sounds like it's goona kick my ass…

    Jason Lo-Res

  15. V. says:

    I have "What Absence Yields" digi Cd in my collection and is one of the best album from the 90's new school hardcore /"metalcore" bands … If some one need a mp.3s ?! I will post the link :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    this is an official beg for a post/download of the Lash Out album! it would rival the generosity of unearthing that Negative Male Child cd.

  17. Anonymous says:

    andrew i remember reading somewhere that you were supposed to put out a lash out discography?! what happened with that?

  18. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I was going to reissue everything Lash Out recorded sans "What Absence Yields" (which is why I tried to buy all those leftover copies), but I ran into some intense personal problems and had to make the tough decision to put my little label to rest, sadly.

    Thankfully Get By Records from Poland is going to be doing the releases now, though!

    I've contacted the band to see how they feel about it and they would like me to post "What Absence Yields" in a few months, as more of a preparation for the CD's that Get By will be releasing, so that's what I'll do. Keep an eye out!

  19. SON OF MAN says:

    I have What Absence Yields on wax and as you all quire rightly mention, it absolutely fucking destroys. the instrumental cut on there definitely has a black metal flavour too, must be in the blood up in Norway huh? I saw Lash Out in the UK when i was a youngling, singer jumped higher than any other frontman i've ever seen, a band that was way way way ahead of its time in terms of sound, aesthetic and musicianship. Plus their cover of Sick People is a bone breaker.
    In other news, lets not forget that Blood Runs Fucking Black is also on that comp. Totally underated and overlooked Syracuse band whose members went onto God Below and Unholy. Choo Choo!!!!

  20. CurbFew says:

    Also check everything on Jojo's label: http://www.discogs.com/label/Stormstrike
    Amazing artwork and all!!

  21. alex italy says:

    hello! hey i need a gift from you: can you send me or publish the scan of the pages of inside front with the article on amebix?

    i really need it!

    thanks a lot


  22. the pope says:

    I'd dare say that this is my scan and you found it on PUNKS IS HIPPIES. at least that's were you should find it as I posted it there.
    I`m well aware that having posted it there means nothing as most of my rips can be found in forums, on other blogs, etc. together with those of some other bloggers without crediting whose work it really is in most cases!

    at the moment this is the only issue of I.F. posted on PUNKS IS HIPPIES (I somehow miss most of the ones I once had – one shouldn't borrow zines to friends I guess!).

    for the record: I was NOT speaking of Andrew when I was talking about those that act like assholes! Andrew does NOT act like that!


  23. the pope says:

    b.t.w. Brian has published a pretty good explanation in a later issue of I.F. why O.L.C. appeared on that comp.

  24. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Ahhh, yes! You're right! I just added a link to Punks is Hippies in the post, thanks for that. I couldn't remember where I found it, and even after knowing the name of the blog it still took me about 15 minutes to find the link a second time!

  25. the pope says:

    no problem, Andrew!

    thanks for linking PUNKS IS HIPPIES!

    I still think it's a great idea that should be supported even though I'm not really very active there at the moment which might get a little better in the near future!

    b.t.w. if anybody would like to support PUNKS IS HIPPIES but doesn't cause he doesn't know how to transform a jpg-file into a pdf-file or just hasn't the equipment: all you've to do is to contact Slobo or me, both of us will be more than happy to help you any way we can!

  26. Buske says:

    Awesome…. been looking for this quite a while now.

  27. Thoren says:

    Could you please re-upload the first link? I would very much appreciate it. Thank you.

  28. omar says:

    was searcing for track listings and came upon this site. I have this original cd if anyone wantsa copy. (b#o#d#y#B#U#G#G#S#@#G#M#A#I#L

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