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Negative Male Child "Little Brother" CD

Posted on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 @ 6:30am » permalink

Negative Male Child - Little BrotherReposting about this old gem due to lack of time and the fact that this write-up still gets a stray comment here and there, so there's still some well-deserved interest out there for this record. The band name may be somewhat iffy, and I've been ragged on for liking 'em in the past, but I say fuck that: These guys ruled. I don't remember how, but I actually discovered Negative Male Child before a few tracks from their lone 1995 full-length, "Little Brother", made it onto the second "East Coast Assault" compilation. Go figure. But whatever the case, this was some unique shit that never even came remotely close to receiving due attention. Sick drumming, wild fretless bass work, chunky guitar rhythms accented by tactfully executed noise textures, and totally unique vocals that hop all over the place from searing screams to rather twisted spoken passages. This is just an awesome, awesome record that offers up tons of diversity and individuality. It's a god damn shame the band disappeared sometime afterwards. All I know is that they were from New Jersey. Beyond that, I've got squat on these dudes.

But don't forgot those lyrics!

Have you ever had to wipe the spit from your face? Have you ever had to walk away from the one thing you wanted most? Have you ever thought the only way to escape was to end it all? Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever forgiven yourself? What have you done? Have you ever had to walk in your own shit, or eat someone else's? Have you ever wanted something you could never have? Have you ever thought to yourself, "There's just got to be more to life than this."? Have you ever believed? Have you ever been deceived? What have you done?

Fuck, man. "Metalcore" wasn't a dirty word 10 years ago, it was actually truly promising. Where did it all go wrong? Oh well. Since this one's out of print and much harder to find now than when I first posted about it three years ago, here's the whole shebang:

[DOWNLOAD] Negative Male Child "Little Brother" (@ Mediafire)

Criminally underrated. Glad there are still people out there that remember and love this band like I do! Copies of the actual CD are floating around out there on Amazon.com and eBay, but the prices are pretty stupid these days…


  1. JOHN HASSON says:

    This album is great; easily one of the most underrated records of that time in HC. The first time I ever heard this band was on a Chord Magazine comp. Looking back that comp was fuckin great; H20, One Life Crew, Candiria, and some other hotness.

  2. slavis says:

    Amazing band, severely underrated. Having first heard them on the E.C.A. II comp, I was blown away. Super heavy, but not in the metal/tough guy sense. Not only is the drummer top notch, but the production is dead on, too. Big thanks for posting this.


  3. i also first heard them on the chord magazine comp, i'm fairly sure it was the same one because that one single comp was so massively distributed. i don't know nothin bout this band either, just remember bein really weirded out by'em when i first heard'em. hardcore was still sorta new to me at the time. the most i'd really gotten into was probably minor threat, vod and bloodlet… kind of an odd combo.

  4. Anonymous says:

    this is indeed a fucking awesome disc.
    i went to school w/ the drummer mike and see him from time to time. i always ask about a reunion but unfortunatly the singer ronnie moved to cali(or some place like that) and no longer lives in the area.
    the band was based out of central jersey and i use to watch them practice and would just think that they were going to be huge like pantera.

    oh well…the music world is what it is.

  5. Javier says:

    props man, this band was a really big different one, I met this band cause one of my man went to NYC and brought the east coast assault compa and the chord mag, you know, we really felt this band was _NOT_ the same shit we've swallowed thru all these years.
    A shame we all have our lives and you know, a reunion show aint that easy because of that…

    ah!, by the way, we use to have the original CD from this band but unfortunately i dunno where it went… sh!t..

    Anyway, i forgot to mention I'm from Buenos Aires Argentina

    Thanks man for your time, your blog is awesome.. keep up the good work.


  6. Phil says:

    hey, you're right !!! an awesome disc, the lyrics are clever, the music is fuckin' heavy and powerful, it's a shame they've splitted. I don't know more about the band,but if it can help you find what has happened to the members, here are their names:
    guitars: b.schwinn
    drums: funk
    bass: a. braun
    vocals: r.little

    I've got the original cd: it was recorded at WHY ME? RECORDING, GIBBSBORO, NJ and produced by Joe Deluca

    well that's it! i hope it helped you out!

    phil (by the way i'm french!)

  7. Reed says:

    I work with Mike White the drummer, he just did some session work on my bands new album

  8. Steve-0 says:

    Hands down, this is the BEST HARDCORE RECORD EVER MADE. No one knows about this band, and that is a BAD, BAD THING! The production is right on, and perfectly gets the mood. The drumming is heavy, the guitars are heavy, and I am dissappointed that they didn't make any other albums. They just don't make albums like this anymore. I also agree with John Hasson, Candiria is also fucking bad ass. I have a mix in my CD player right now with alot of their shit on it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My bro Mike is the drummer of this band. I don't know much about music, but I know he is an awesome drummer. I never really got a chance to listen to the CD because I was in my early years of elementary school at the time and my mom felt it was inappropriate for me to listen to. But I believe you when you say it's good cause like I said, my brother is amazing!!!!!!!!!

  10. Adam Braun says:

    Wow, I can't believe this stuff is out there it's awesome that people are still into it. I played Bass in N.M.C. We are all still around but Ron did move to L.A. Unfortunately I doubt there is any reunion in store but who knows. thanks to all who have posted on this. A Braun

  11. JB says:

    Hey Adam !

    Do you still speak with Ron ?

    He and I dated way back when … I always wondered what happened to him !

    He was very unique :)


  12. Steve says:

    Hey Ronnie was my best bud for a while… We had some seriously great times together… Too many good memories. We used to be DJ's back in the day… He always had buckets of talent… I've been trying to find him for a few years now, anyone have any contact information for Ronnie Little… I miss him.

  13. Citrus says:

    Yo Adam,

    This is Citrusaka the Orange alleyCat from International Flava… we used to all jam in the basement in new Brunswick. I have been trying to find you guys forever. What's good with all of you. I wanted to leave some contact info. Hit me up, I am doing some things and it may be beneficial to you guys as well. (973) 851-6502

  14. Filip says:

    I have this CD in my collection. Today, after more then 5 years I listened to it again. It is great, just like I remember it from the time it just came out. It was a unique band for sure. This is proof of how hard the music industry sucks. If it would have been up to people to descide this band would have made more recordings. Unfortunately we have to make money to survive in this capitalist society, this kills a lot of creativity. It is time to crush this and create a society in which we can be creative again without being doomed to second class citisenship. If you look at the lyrics of Negative Male Child you'll find a lot of expression conserning the limitations this present, outworn, order of things places on us. Thanks to anyone that was involved in this band. Also aknowlagements to the person who put up this site and the ones who wrote their comments. In the mean time I hope the next American revolution is on it's way to give all people new hope. Filip, Belgium

  15. Anonymous says:

    There was a lot of music that came out of the Hamilton/Mercerville/Lawrence area at that time, Little Brother is definately one of my favorite albums of all time. I still long for the days of Spiritual Sky and the Semibeings, Pigdog, Shitty Gardens, and the Crystal Diner. Jersey has always been underrated and under appreciated when it comes to the contributions that we have made to music. NJHC forever.

  16. Paris says:

    A pretty fascinating conversation, I'm glad you reposted this one!

  17. chris says:

    oh my god… this is some amazing shit right there! so much going on… i'm hearing shit from deadguy to ETC ("pain") in there. i hate comparisons, though. and what about that additional percussion popping up here and there? so diverse, so unique. good call on the bass, too, the dude's really working it. so glad you re-posted this shit, i've missed it the first time around. gonna spend quite some time wrapping my head around it.

  18. Carlos says:

    I said to myself several time that I won't buy another record for a long long time.today I came home all fucked up and then saw this post. downloaded the .rar file. Didn't think for a second, I bought on eBay. Now I'm listening (mp3s) for the first time. This shit is the best buy in the last months or maybe even year. This is the perfect music for the days like today when you sometimes even don't see the point of everyday shit, people stabbing you in the back, etc.

    If I have a time machine I would go 10 years back and enjoy listening all those great bands on concerts.

    just fucking awesome!

  19. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Awesome, really glad you guys got into it this time around!

  20. Hil says:

    i remember "Little Brother" from the comp and remembering liking it but i could never really say why….it just caught me. I then remember looking for the cd for about 3 months, wasn't able to find it anywhere…and then it just slipped my mind. thanks for posting, sad it's taken this long for me to hear the whole thing.

  21. Samuli says:

    Holy shit! I'm impressed.

  22. Reila says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for posting!!

    -Reila from China

  23. Tlb says:

    Shit's sick, can't stop listening to 'pain'.

  24. grungerhead says:

    is it grunge..if yes..it is for me…. i dont want HC and stuff like that

  25. Steve says:

    Little Ron was always a strong writer/producer and overall musical talent.
    Ron always put his heart & soul into his music… Like all good artists
    his music reflected the real life emotional torment he struggled through in daily life.
    It's nice to see that he hooked up with a good band to help him express it.
    Anyone who knew him knows he was a tough personality to deal with at times and truly lived the life of a struggleing artist, somewhat of a tourchered soul. However anyone who had the opportunity to share time with him knows he also had a care free and infectious personality that often brought out the best and sometimes the worst in us… I imagine he is still drifting in and out of lives leaving a life long impression on on the people whos paths he crosses. It's also likely that if your paths did cross even for a brief time, there is a good chance that you are part of the emotional musical journey that comes through in his music, as we come to understand, Art truley does immitate Life…

    Last I heard is that he was in L.A. If you know any more information as to where he can be found or who he is playing with, please leave some info.

  26. JoeyDG says:

    Anybody know where I can find the lyrics to Little Brother? I'm going to send them to my little brother. Whenever I hear what he's doing to screw up his life, the words flow back into my mind…

    If I got down on my hands and knees and begged, would it make a difference?
    Because I will!
    Oh, you're making a terrible mistake.
    Well, I've got needles in my eyes and a heart full of pain – just like you.
    I know what you're going through – I go through it every day.
    Life, ha ha ha, life, it ain't fair. It don't don't care when you throw it away.
    But I do, I really do. And it hurts me to see you throw it all away.
    And you are little brother, you're just throwing it all away; you're just throwing it all away.
    Ahhhh, Little brother don't do it! No, don't do it.

    I just don't know beyond that.

  27. Panda Moon says:

    This is a fantastic album. I have the cassette from way back when. It got me through a lot of hard times growing up. I can't find any info on them anywhere. Not on facebook or myspace or anything. Frustrating.

  28. Steve says:

    Still searching for Ron Little – Negative Male Child out of NJ
    Been searching for Ron on this site since Nov.2007
    appreaciate any updated where abouts….

  29. Citrus says:

    Steve, I am right there with you. I'm looking for any of you guys from the band Ron, Funk, Mike and muthafudgin B. Scwinn! I miss you guys and all the sessions in the basement in Brunswick. if you are out there, call me! Ronnie, where you at my dude? (973) 851-1169

  30. Steve says:

    Funny thing is… I cant believe I cant find him on any social networks, websites, articles… It's as if he disappeared off the planet. He is too creative to not be seen or heard somewhere. Weird.

  31. Fred says:

    I downloaded this album when you posted the link, and was listening to it this morning and thinking how awesome and creative it was, so here is a free bump, thanks a lot for posting it man !

  32. Ronald May says:

    I 2nd that Hamilton, N.J. in the 90's had hidden gems like NMC. I remember this moment well. Local bands like Mouthpiece and The Semibeings played at City Gardens opening for major bands (right before they became major). Then the Semibeings released that one tape and it was astounding that it was coming locally. Next thing you know NMC came out and was up there making music almost of the Pantera quality and it felt like we might have a whole scene like Seattle for a second. Then both bands sort of dissapeared and nothing ever happened. Nonetheless, this album is a classic.

  33. king met south philly says:

    Hey i need some pics of the band or video or something to show some love on my facebook wall! one of the best records i put out and ron is one of the best frontmen ever!!!!!!!!


  34. bschwinn says:

    holy shit, this post keeps on going. not sure why i searched for my band from 20 years ago today, but finding this was pretty cool. Thanks to everyone who even took the time to make a comment, let alone dug our band. we never really had a home in any genre due to our sound but that was the whole point – to make the heaviest shit possible while remaining unique. most hardcore kids pretty much hated us. Had we kept it together a few more years, interesting question :) candiria is fucking awesome, totally unique sound. starkweather too !!

    after we finished up the LP, the whole thing degenerated into a piss-poor example of no one having the balls to really give a shit. oh well, we did do another EP sans r.little with another guitar player (SRG), if I ever get that into any sort of decent production shape, i'll post it up somewhere – it's called "i sniff glue" and there's no fretless, its heavy and kinda weird too. I'll try and post the LP, our demo and the "i sniff glue" experiment up somewhere…

    Citrus – honey blunts at 128 guilden!!!! Hey steve, your comments made me miss that little bastard ;) and just noticed Met posted in 2012, hey Jeff !!!

    Thanks again everyone,

    • AVERSIONLINE says:

      Oh, man, if you ever do post up the other recordings PLEASE do write another comment here and let us know! I'd love to hear that stuff, for sure! I'm glad you found this write-up!

  35. bschwinn says:

    i really, really wish i had the original version of pain by "little ronnie", ya'll mofos need to hear where that shit came from – sequencer, sampler, R8 drums and a casio CZ-101 synth.

    • Anonymous says:

      bschwinn, could you please fire me an email if you see this. "Little Brother" is one of my favorite records of all time and I would love to have you and maybe a couple of the other guys on my podcast to discuss the record and the history of the band and such. I hope I hear from you. :) disaster.signals@gmail.com

    • Citrus from international flava says:

      Schwinn, where the hell are you guys? This is Citrus fromt he basement. We all used to jam together when I was with International Flava with Kandy Kane. Hit me up dude. (973) 851-1169

  36. bschwinn, could you please fire me an email if you see this. "Little Brother" is one of my favorite records of all time and I would love to have you and maybe a couple of the other guys on my podcast to discuss the record and the history of the band and such. I hope I hear from you. :) disaster.signals@gmail.com

  37. Anonymousjohn florick says:

    did some work at WHY ME studio where Joe Deluca(engineer) turned me on to this band. fuuuucking amazing is all i can say!!!!!!!!!! joe told me they came in with a wall of half stacks and killed it!! love the grooves,tempos and awesome deep,dark ass lyrics!! wish there was more!!!!!!!!!! always wanted to jamb with these guys and tear it the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thxs joe for turning me on to some serious shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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