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Lighthouse Project "Misanthropic Humanist" 7"/DVD

Posted on Thursday, July 31st, 2008 @ 6:45am » permalink

Lighthouse Project - Misanthropic HumanistThe latest from Finland's Lighthouse Project is the four-track 7"/DVD set "Misanthropic Humanist", from Combat Rock Industry. This is probably their most diverse outing to date, as each track sort of heads in its own slightly different direction, but everything still comes across as cohesive, which is great. Opener "It's Me – The Destroyer" kicks off with a dark edge that builds up slowly over the course of more than two minutes before the song really takes shape and the vocals kick in; "Remember Where You Come From" takes the energy and zippy picking patterns of the band's older material and flips it around with some discordant chord phrasings and somewhat of a somber feel; "The Leaves of One Tree, the Drops of One Ocean" has a little more of a spacious, jangly sort of indie/screamo sort of thing going on to some degree; and then "Now You Just Know My Name" sort of fuses all of these different sounds, tempos, and emotional atmospheres together into one composition with a smidge of added chaos and intensity. I'm now starting to notice some peculiarities with the band's production values that are minor setbacks (in this case things sound just a little too flat or dry), so it'd be cool to hear them find a way to thicken things up without losing any of that clarity in the mix or shifting the balance between the instruments, but… other than that I'm always intrigued by Lighthouse Project's new material, and several of these songs really grow on you with repeated listens.

Lighthouse Project "Remember Where You Come From"

I don't have the DVD, so I can't speak to its contents, but the release as a whole appears to be limited to just 500 copies. It hit the streets earlier this month, but from what I can tell it's really hard to find for some reason. In fact, I can't really find it anywhere other than the label's eBay store, where the price is pretty god damn insane, so… I don't know. Maybe hit up the band on MySpace to see if they have any copies for sale themselves?


  1. Samuli says:

    Thanks again. It's difficult to find cause the release got pushed back a little and it'll actually be out when the covers arrive. So I'm hoping it will very soon spread to some world wide distros etc etc.

    And about the price: 12,99 $ is about 8,2 euros and the price it will be sold here in Finland is 10€. Dollar is getting weak nowadays I guess.

    And yeah, feel free to email us, there's still some copies left of our previous LP Gift so we can make some package deals. :)

  2. Timmy McTimmerson says:

    Man I wish I could buy this but the dollar is so weak nowadays… Oh well there's always Lime Wire.

  3. Dichatomy says:

    Most anything from Finland gets my attention; there's a lot of great stuff that comes out of Suomi, and being part Finn myself may be a part of why I look to Finland for some great tunes.

    That said, I'm not entirely sure what to think. But I didn't skip past the song in my playlist, so I suppose that's a sign that I may like them if I heard more.

  4. JakexxxFIN says:

    Best release from LHP and nearly the best 7" through the ages in my opinion. This record is so bloody raw, heavy and full of emotion. Sounds are also amazing and fits perfectly to LHP. I love this.

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