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The Process "Rosenkreutz" CD

Posted on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008 @ 5:53am » permalink

The Process - Rosenkreutz"Rosenkreutz" is the long-awaited full-length debut from abstruse UK hardcore act The Process, released by Violent Change. The Process features members of Shank, Scatha, Atomgevitter, In Decades Decline, and King Generator churning out a varied yet cohesive brand of metallic hardcore/punk that ranges from driving midpaced power chords and breakdowns to traditional-sounding old school hardcore given a furious overhaul to borderline grinding blasts – all fronted by harsh, relentless, full-on yelling and delivered with with an efficiently raw recording that keeps things sounding dirty and textured without lacking any clarity or balance. Nine-minute closer "Thee Chymical Wedding ov Thee Process (The Process of the Chemical Wedding)" even accentuates some of the slower, sludgier aspects of their approach subtly hinted at elsewhere, utilizing some droning feedback, spoken passages, and even trombone and piano, which – shockingly enough – actually fit, making for a pretty epic build-up with loads of layering that all caves into a brief experimental noise outro. When all is said and done (on a merely superficial level, that is), it's nine tracks, 36 minutes, in your face, short but sweet. This is definitely the strongest material I've heard from The Process to date, and seeing as they're a rather curious unit, I'll certainly be interested to see where they go next…

The Process "In the Eye of the Tempest"


@ Out of Step Records (CD)
@ Interpunk (CD)
@ Amazon.com (mp3)


  1. jesse says:

    I could have sworn I read sometime ago that these guys broke up to make shank the priority or was it vice versa? anyway, I'm glad they put out some new stuff as I didn't click all the way with the Kennedy Sessions disc but saw potential in these dudes.

    Andrew, fucking raw deal on the Lash Out thing man, I was really looking forward to that shit.

  2. jesse – shank split up way before the process got going. i can understand why people thought we'd split – we're not the most prolific of bands, but i guess that's down to having 5 members split between 3 cities in two countries. the process juggernaut trundles ever onwards, albeit it a leisurely pace ….

  3. SON OF MAN says:

    This band is the second best band in the UK, absolute monsters live.

  4. Justin says:

    Not bad. Frantic drums and unhinged vocals. I think I like King Generator a bit better but what's up with that 8 minute one-sided 12? $15? That could have easily been a $5 7".

  5. True – it could also have been a $2 CD-R, a $1 tape or a free download (which it is, if you know where to look), but Scotty Tank Crimes was so into the recording to the extent that he wanted to do something special with it – which he did in spades, because its a lovely looking record. It could have been longer (by one song), but the sultry Virginia heat played havoc with our recording set-up and we lost a track. (Will appear on the album no doubt). The record itself is engraved, the sleeves are hand-screened and it comes with a free CD – so it's not like people are making mad coin off this release, – and if you don't want to fork your hard-earned over, fair enough – grab a download off a blog and then maybe buy us a beer when we come through your town.

  6. Justin says:

    Ha ha, I already bought the record anyway. I don't download albums and I don't even own my own comuter. Glad to hear y'all will be touring. I pegged KG as a one-off studio thing. Sure, I'll buy you a beer if you come to Seattle!

  7. Tom says:

    fuck Scotty was just over here (Germany) with VOETSEK, I should have given him money for a copy of that nice sounding-looking record! The Process are fucking amazing, heavy as fuck live and absolutely unbeatable at the bar…

  8. fucking really great post!!

    This band is very good, thanks!

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