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Parlamentarisk Sodomi "Har du Sagt 'A' Får du si 'Nal'" CD

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2008 @ 6:49am » permalink

Parlamentarisk Sodomi - Har du Sagt 'A' Får du si 'Nal'It's interesting that Norwegian grind unit Parlamentarisk Sodomi was mentioned a few times in the comments of my "Most underrated albums of all time?" post a couple weeks ago, as the band was kind enough to send me a copy of the "Har du Sagt 'A' Får du si 'Nal'" CD (on No Escape Records) a month or two ago, and I just hadn't gotten around to writing it up yet. In the band's own words, "This CD compiles the long out of print 2006 and 2007 Parlamentarisk Sodomi demos, excluding a few shit songs which have been replaced by three new, less shit songs." I actually wrote about one of the band's demos early last year and referred to it as "classic, textbook grind", and that statement still stands today, as this disc collects 15 tracks of absolutely fierce, raging, no nonsense grindcore in less than a half-hour. No song hits three minutes and they just tear through track after track of high-speed attack with forcefully growled vocals and a sense of energy that really makes the songs much more memorable than many comparable acts within this realm. The playing's not at all sloppy, the recording quality's efficient (and consistent, all three recording sessions sound extremely similar to one another, which is awesome)… what more can you ask for? I can't read a damn word of Norwegian, so I really have no idea what the song titles or lyrics might contain, but I can say that it's blatantly obvious from even a cursory glance through the CD booklet or the band's MySpace content that they do indeed have an excellent sense of humor, though their music sounds 100% fucking serious and they do seem to have a sincere socio-political message wrapped up in there as well.

Parlamentarisk Sodomi "Vakl, Folkevalgt"
Parlamentarisk Sodomi "Kinky Lobbyvirksomhet"


@ Parlamentarisk Sodomi
@ No Escape Records
@ Crimes Against Humanity Records
@ Razorback Records


  1. Carlos says:

    Just received mine today. I love this band!

  2. svein says:

    Took me about an hour to figure out that silly fuckin' title. If you've said 'A' you'll have to say 'Squeegee'?

    Aside from that, initially this came off as a bit too long-winded for my immediate taste. I sense a tiny Kort Prosess vibe going on with the vocal stylings though, which 1) is a good thing and 2) makes me want to sit around and listen to Kort Prosess.

  3. Chris says:

    I kinda agree with svein on this one.. I really love some of the stuff, but it reminds me a bit to much of Kort Prosess and the likes.. It's good, but you'd rather want to check out the older stuff from the inspirations, not the new stuff from the inspired.. But, it's a great release none the less.. It deserves to be rewieved on such a great blog..

    Great humor, though! I laughed my ass of more than once, which is actually impossible when I come to think of it.. ah, well..

  4. Carlos says:

    I am really sad that there are no English translations. Ah well :)

    never heard of Kort Prosess before though.

  5. svein says:

    Carlos: Kort Prosess were a furiously raging hardcore band from Horten on the east-south of Norway, active back in the nineties. They released three seven inches in 1993, 1994 and 1997 respectively, all of which are stone cold exponents of pretty much the angriest thing to come out of Europe at any point in time. That band killed so hard, it's still unfair ten years after they broke up.

    Of course they're on goddamn Myspace, so check them out.

  6. zg says:

    Everyone needs to buy this immediately; as far as I know this is still a one-man band, which makes the ridiculously tight performance all the more impressive. Seriously, send this guy some money … haha. Prompt service and everything. Too bad the English translations aren't included with the actual release as they were with the demo (pretty amusing stuff), but the title's pretty indicative of the overall tone. The guy may not be reinventing the wheel, but he's sure as hell rolling it perfectly.

  7. Tom_dk says:

    "Took me about an hour to figure out that silly fuckin' title. If you've said 'A' you'll have to say 'Squeegee'?"

    Huh?? It means If you've said A, you'll have to say Nal (as in Anal)…

  8. svein says:

    Tom: Yeah, that's what it means. But, you know, in Norwegian a squeegee is called a nal.

  9. Tom_dk says:

    Lol, okay my bad! You learn something new everyday. :)

  10. Justin says:

    Fucking rippin'!!! I enjoyed this even more than the first time it was posted, and this is coming from someone who's picky about grind. They totally nail the Terrorizer style shit.

  11. Chris says:

    svein: 'cause of that squeegee-comment, foreigners are going to think that Norwegians are retard.. "dude, they call squeegees ANAL! " .. So, to clear that up, a squeegee is called "nal" .. Not " a nal" .. To be completely accurate, it's "en nal", which translates to " a squeegee " .. Just to clear that up..

    And everybod yshould check out Kort Prosess.. Maybe that'll be a post soon, Andrew ? (again, I'm hinting for a post on them…. )

  12. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I'll be listening to much Kort Prosess today, if nothing else, heh…

    We shall see…

  13. Carlos says:

    tnx svein for the info. What the hack is squeegee.

  14. svein says:

    Chris: Let's not get technical about it! At the very least I didn't mention what we call illiterates over here.

    Carlos: A squeegee is the rubber thingy with a handle you use to wipe off the water from a window when you're a window cleaner. I guess they come in handy if, well, you're a window cleaner…

  15. Chris says:

    svein: Yeah, thanks for that! People might think we're more gay than the Greeks were rumored to be.. "They call a squeegee for ANAL, and illiterates for ANALFABETER!" .. That would be horrible ..

    oh, this turned out to be a silly thread from my side ..

  16. Good lord, this kicks ass. I gotta get this. The Scandinavians have grind on lock these days…

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