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Analysis of Bison Kills "Vantage" CD

Posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2008 @ 6:50am » permalink

Analysis of Bison Kills - VantageI'm not sure if they're "officially" considering it a full-length or an EP (four lengthy tracks in 31 minutes), but "Vantage" is the first proper release from UK quartet Analysis of Bison Kills – who were formerly known under the equally unusual banner of Tear Gas and Plate Glass – on Sound Devastation Records. I believe this is the band's first recorded output since Tear Gas and Plate Glass' "The Sea Stranded Whipjack" demo four years ago, and they've certainly undergone a good deal of growth since that time. The sludgy textures are a little more subdued these days, and the band is forming their own kind of approach with lots of slides and pull-off riffs. Their restrained technicality and occasional use of subtly twisted time signatures creates a strangely melodic "math metal" type of vibe, which, when combined with the killer dissonant chord phrasings and sneering vocals, can be somewhat reminiscent of Intronaut's stronger moments. There's a nice, clear mix (which really accentuates the jazzy drum work), and most of the tones are pretty dry, which lends a warm, natural sense of spaciousness to everything. Very cool looking cover art, too. Unfortunately the release date has been pushed back to a couple of months from now, so I haven't seen the complete packaging, but the cover art looks great. Now that the band seems to have settled into their overall development and really nailed down an extremely solid core, I'm really looking forward to hearing more, so… hopefully it won't be another four years before a new half-hour of material surfaces! This is great shit…

Analysis of Bison Kills "Depth is Earned" (excerpt)


@ Analysis of Bison Kills
@ Sound Devastation Records


  1. Carlzilla says:

    I loved both demos, I'm stoked to finally hear something new from them.

  2. Carlos says:

    sounds great. you can make some "don't forget" list on the page ;)


    I probably should do something like that, ha…

  4. Grist says:

    If anyone cares, "Tear Gas And Plate Glass" is a lyric from a Silver Mt. Zion (Godspeed You Black Emperor! side-project-now-main-project) song. I guess it doesn't really matter and I'm just showing off, but what the hell.

  5. Carlzilla says:

    Strangely enough Tear Gas and Plate Glass is also the name of another band, which to my knowledge, is why they changed their name.

  6. Matt says:


    Very true. We did actually take our name from that particular Silver Mt. Zion lyric. Just a shame another band had the same thought! Good to see there are people out there who still remember us. Cheers for the kind words!

    The majority of the band is now also playing in a new band called Celebrity Love Crisis

    Have a listen here:


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