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Lagwagon "Trashed" CD

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2008 @ 5:54am » permalink

Lagwagon - TrashedBack in the "still listening to cassettes" days of 1994 (which were also the "pop-punk is sorta kinda popular" days), a young me played the shit outta my "Trashed" tape on a very regular basis (oddly enough interspersed with plenty of Earth Crisis, I'm sure). The second album from Lagwagon (on Fat Wreck Chords, of course), "Trashed" is the only Lagwagon album that I still enjoy to this day. (Edit: False. "Duh" still totally kicks ass, and "Hoss" is decent, too. What the hell was wrong with me!?) And make no mistake: I still really fuckin' enjoy it. Sure, they've released a ton of records since then, most of which I've never even heard in full, but something about the planets must have aligned back in the day when these songs were being put together, 'cause this is an absolute classic of that coveted age of pop-punk. Yeah, over the years I started to find the production (especially the guitar tone) to be a little thin and weird, but… that never really did any damage as far as enjoying the album goes, 'cause the fucking songs, man! Gold. Just ridiculously catchy, poppy tunes with all these crazy (and fairly technical, mind you) metal riffs all over the place amidst a load of zippy, energetic tempos, incredible vocal melodies and harmonies, the works. Plus, they were somehow able to change it up from goofy songs about, well, getting trashed, to much more serious and emotional tracks that were actually pretty god damn powerful considering the lighthearted fare for which the band is probably most known. While some of this kind of stuff really didn't hold up for me over time, "Trashed" is right up there with the early Propagandhi albums in my book as far as still kicking some serious ass well over a decade later. You just can't fuck with a good song, and this record's jam packed with fuckin' incredible songwriting. No joke. I'm not the least bit ashamed to admit that I still listen to this disc quite often… and still oddly interspersed with Earth Crisis on occasion, too.

Lagwagon "Dis'chords"
Lagwagon "No One"
Lagwagon "Rust"

This one's still readily available on CD and apparently LP as well, so… if for some insane reason you never encountered this gem in the past, absolutely pick one up if you like what you hear. You won't regret it. It's just not possible.


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  1. paul says:

    This album, along with Duh, will always have a place in my heart. Possibly one of the first CD's I bought when I was in Middle-School. It's weird you bring up this old-school pop-punk gem, as I re-discovered some older Bad Religion albums just the other day. I can't believe both these bands are still touring.

  2. desintegrado says:

    great rememberings andy

    awesome band, straight to the heart

  3. Tim says:

    nice choice. lagwagon, propagandhi, and nofx were the first three bands that really got me into "underground" music, so I'll always have a soft spot for them. lagwagon has always been pretty strong in their output though, except for maybe blaze being a pretty weak disc. their last album resolve was tight though, probably the best since hoss. if you wanna check out a newer band that rips shit up in sort of an old school lagwagon way (but more technical actually) you should look for anything by A Wilhelm Scream, especially the ruiner and career suicide albums.

  4. kiwipunka says:

    not the greatest fan of this band but i tell ya if i had to make a list of top ten favorite songs "bye for now" would make it easily.

  5. manisthebastard says:

    Gotta agree with Tim re: A Wilhelm Scream especially 'Career Suicide'. Man, that bassist is nuts!

  6. Dan says:

    As far as pop-punk goes, this is easily my favorite. I saw them on this tour and they actually covered a Propagandhi tune live (considering the show was in Winnipeg – Propagandhi's hometown). I'm pretty sure they covered Head, Chest or Foot except it was a really slow/jazzy version. Anyways, this is a great release and should be in anyones collection who can appreciate good songs.

  7. Dude, you're making me feel like I'm 12 again. I'm more of a No Use for a Name kind of guy myself.

  8. Chris says:

    There's something nostalgic with stuff like this.. I remember listening to NOFX and stuff like that when I was 9 (1994 was the year when that discovery changmed my life), but I didn't listen to Lagwagon until I was 12-13..
    Internet and blogs are kind of a drag that way; When I see albums I've long since forgotten, suddenly I'm back to this instant nostalgia and burning of way to much money on albums I once forgot I wanted… But I love it all the same

  9. 01001111 says:

    One of the very few pop punk albums I still own (and believe me, I used to own quite a few) and probably my favorite. It's all the thrash riffs and their inventive use outside the realm of metal that does it for me. Now I need to go track down some Propagandhi….

  10. Engrudo says:

    Nice to see you write about forgotten albums that are pretty esential, whatever genre they are. "Trashed" and "DUH" were always my favourite Lagwagon albums, and Lagwagon probably was one of the first punk-related bands I ever heard. So, remembering these classic albums perhaps you are making some justice :)

  11. JL says:

    Good record! I saw them also on this tour… No Use For A Name's "Don't Miss The Train" and "Daily Grind" are also recommended pop punk albums. NOFX's "Longest Line" also deserves a mention. I guess all "pop punk" band's catalogs are a bit hit and miss. Only Bad Religion could put out great records in a row (up to Generator). And of course The Descendents whole catalog is gold…

  12. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I've actually barely been able to listen to Bad Religion for almost a decade now. Maaaaaaybe "Suffer" here and there. They had some really great songs spread across their discography, but… the vocals just drive me insane. Can't stomach 'em anymore.

    I haven't listened to No Use for a Name in like 15 years. I should revisit some of that old stuff and see how it sits with me today, heh…

  13. JasonSLC says:

    So funny you posted this. Like a few folks who have already posted I've been on a serious Jr. High days music kick and I just broke this bad boy out after about three straight weeks of solid, Descendents – Milo Goes to College and Face to Face – Don't Turn Away. Trashed is so awesome. It's actually the only Lagwagon record I've ever listened to come to think of it.

  14. Adam G says:

    The only Lagwagon album I ever gave a spin was Double Plaidinium (which I assume was one of their weaker ones). Didn't think much to 'em live, though it is pretty hard to spot their singer unless you're standing in the first few rows… :) Bad Religion's last two albums have been awesome, they seem to have that hunger back. But, yeah, they brought out at least two shockers earlier this decade.

  15. FK says:

    Absolutely love Lagwagon! I've seen them live many times and I'm going to see them again in September when they play BB Kings in NYC. While they definitely fall into the "punk" category, Fat Mike had a hard time signing them to Fat Wreck back in the day because he thought they sounded (and looked) too "metal." Make no mistake, they are awsome musicians who play some very technical start-stop riffs. 'Trashed' was the album that got me into them (but I was in college back in 1994 – insert old man joke here). I agree that 'Blaze' was probably their weakest, but they followed it up with a very strong release in 'Resolve.' Grab a few free songs off the Fat Wreck site. Thanks for the post!

  16. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I actually just re-bought "Hoss" last night from DownloadPunk (I sold the CD many years ago) and it's not bad. Not as good as "Trashed" by any means, but pretty solid nonetheless…

  17. Ben says:

    give the later catalog a try, they're all classic albums

  18. jake138 says:

    You´re damn right that the first 3 Lagwagon albums kicks ass. I own them on vinyl and cd, and to this day I still get amazed how fuckin' brilliant the songs are on "Duh" and "Thrashed".
    I haven't seen Lagwagon and Nofx play live since like -96, so imagine the nostalgia of getting to see them + Bad Religion on the same bill just a month ago in Gothenburg, Sweden. Great times.

  19. Ted from hey dude says:

    in 8th grade I sold my rap collection and bought an alien workshop beanie,a skateboard, and nofx punk in drublic along with a slew of other fat releases. I actually never bought a lagwagon disc. I think maybe it was because this kid down the street acted like he was there biggest fan. This kid was kind of a douche and played guitar in my bros band. One time we all went to a show and the way there my best friend started a pit in the car. Someone totally kicked the lagwagon guy in the head and it was kind of scary because he was driving and whatnot. Luckily no one was hurt.

  20. luca says:

    don`t forget about good riddance. easily my fav band on fat wreck. operation phoenix, ballads from the revolution, a comprehensive guide to modern rebellion and bound by ties of blood and affection are all classics.

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