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The Psyke Project "Apnea" CD

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2008 @ 6:39am » permalink

The Psyke Project - ApneaIt feels like it's been a really long time since the last full-length from Denmark's mighty The Psyke Project hit the streets – so long, in fact, that I actually thought I might have missed an album or an EP somewhere in there! Thankfully I was mistaken, and the just-released "Apnea" (their debut for Lifeforce Records) is indeed the band's follow-up to 2005's most impressive "Daikini". And while the "post-" influences are a little more prevalent here (mildly unfortunate only due to the rest of the world's inexplicably growing obsession with the more boring and unnecessary facets of said sounds), the bulk of the material still follows a similar path: Loads of crushingly jarring rhythms and chaotic, caustic guitar tones, absolutely scathing vocals, plodding low-end throbs, hammering percussion, and so on. Plus, this time it's all delivered with a more "polished" (in a good way) sound that keeps the mix as clear as can be expected when it comes to oft-noisy jaunts through hurried time changes and churning, mangled rhythmic shifts in tracks that range from barely past three minutes to damn near 10. While the aforementioned "post-" accoutrements do occasionally yield some interesting melodic properties, it's generally the more aggressive moments that turn up the most force throughout – especially when focused into some of those shorter and more in your face running times (granted the aptly titled "Jugganata", at the other end of the spectrum, does unload some chilling feedback drones and hit on some cool uses of almost hypnotic repetition). The band certainly continues to impress, and there's so much potential still ahead – I could imagine them venturing more towards any number of the directions hinted at within their array of sounds with devastating (again, in a good way) results. Hopefully it won't take another three years or so to see where they'll take things from here!

The Psyke Project "Panic"
The Psyke Project "Love Shown in a Handful of Dirt"


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  1. Carlos says:

    great band! I think I sold Daikini to someone which was a stupid mistake. I didn't know that they went to Life Force records. Maybe will they receive more attention which they absolutely deserve.

  2. Avi says:

    I prefer Daikini overall, but there's no doubting that these dudes are a great band

  3. desintegrado says:

    actually this album was released one year or more ago in a local danish label, and the lifeforce album is actually a worldwide re-release…or some other kind of weird business agreements…

  4. Carlos says:

    oh no wonder why I have the mp3s so for such a long time. I also prefer Daikini over this.

  5. paul says:

    I remember hearing about this release a while ago, but stayed away due to the poor review from It'sATrap. If my memory is correct, the review made a comment about the band picking up some nu-metal influences and that immediatly scared me away. This sounds more diverse than Daikini, but definitly lacks the intensity. I look forward to their next release, as they could come out with something really great once they figure out how to mesh the newer elements into something more fluid.

  6. This album is fantastic. I picked it up last night on a whim (Celestine are huge fans) and was blown away. It's certainly an album to be played through decent speakers… the guitar/bass/kick combination is devastating – heavy, heavy, heavy.

    If Converge went post-metal. Mmm. So good.

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