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Wolfsschanze "Transcend the Flesh"

Posted on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008 @ 6:13am » permalink

Wolfsschanze - Transcend the FleshHaving issued a few demos and a self-released EP since their formation in 2004, "Transcend the Flesh" is the debut mp3 release from Virginia duo Wolfsschanze, through the MetalHit.com label. Included are three rather lengthy tracks of impressive doom-laden black metal in about 20 minutes, easing in and out of the sneering vocal work and cold, dissonant note combinations and speedier picking patterns for which the genre is generally noted, as well as loads of atmospheric dual guitar work and slow, pounding tempos. Hell, there's even a slick acoustic passage during opener "Transcendence (The Nativity)", so… there's a lot of cool shit happening here. I wouldn't necessarily refer to any of it as particularly inventive, but the manner in which the influences are combined here is extremely efficient, and certainly keeps things more interesting than marginally comparable acts who lean more towards a tediously slow delivery, you know? The recording is nice and crisp, there are some incredible riffs present, and the overall vibe of the material conjures a wider range of feeling than a lot of the black metal that I encounter. Very cool, actually. I'm really into this. My only "complaint" is that I damn sure want more, ha! I certainly hope a proper full-length outing's on the way…

Wolfsschanze "Transcendence (The Nativity)" (excerpt)

This one's only available from the label at the moment, but if you prefer, it should filter out to eMusic, iTunes, Amazon, etc. within the next month or so, I'd imagine. I know a lot of people hate all-digital releases, but I'm so over it now. It's fast and cheap, and this is a great EP, so make the grab if you like what you hear in the snippet above!


@ MetalHit.com


  1. Carlos says:

    Definitely have to check this out.

  2. Carlzilla says:

    I just picked this up today. It's good stuff.

    I used to hate digital only releases, but have mostly outgrown that opinion. I still cringe at the 13 dollar digital only albums, but if it's under 5 bucks, I'm totally down.

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