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Daymares "Toothless & Fanged" CD

Posted on Monday, July 7th, 2008 @ 5:52am » permalink

Daymares - Toothless & Fanged"Toothless & Fanged" is the latest EP from crusty Polish hardcore outfit Daymares (on Get By Records), which busts out six tracks in just under 14 minutes and ranges from driving, straightforward hardcore/punk force to the sludgy "death 'n' roll" styled riffing of "Words One Loves to Hate", and even an old school Neurosis cover to close things out ("Life on Your Knees"). For the most part the tracks are short and to the point, with pounding rhythms and burly vocals, but the recording definitely adds to their overall aesthetic with loads of absolutely awesome grit 'n' grime that provides a lot of texture to the guitar work and ends up being a great match for the vocal approach and the overall vibe of the band's take on this style of hardcore. Innovative? Nah, not really, but who gives a shit? Like many other bands they know what they're doing and they do it well. Solid songs, killer recording, slick and unique artwork… there's nothing to complain about here. I hate to keep it so short, but… hey, that's life. Good stuff.

Daymares "Annuit Coeptis"

Unfortunately I can't seem to find this one for sale anywhere in the US (or at many online locations at all, for that matter) at the moment, so it might not have filtered out to distros yet. I'd contact the band or the label at the links above to see about getting your hands on a copy.


  1. klonkk says:

    good stuff, planning to review spitfire's "cult fiction"? read you like the artwork, the album is also really great in my opinion.


    Might post about "Cult Fiction", but I wouldn't bank on it. It's a solid record, but I have a lot of other stuff on deck that I think's a little more interesting and/or in need of some attention, so…

  3. I like this! D-beat done right. The recording is a little funny, especially the drums, but it sounds good. The Poles win again.

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