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Gravehill and Dead Congregation…

Posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 @ 6:01am » permalink

Gravehill - Metal of Death/The Advocation of Murder and Suicide"Metal of Death/The Advocation of Murder and Suicide" is the recently released two-part EP from California's Gravehill (on Enucleation Records). I'm not entirely sure how seriously you can take a band with members' names like Bodybag Bob and a lineup that's probably wearing thousands of bullets and spikes between the four of 'em, so there's probably a little good ol' fun involved here, but nonetheless this is a very solid five tracks in just 20 minutes. Included are re-recordings of all three songs from last year's self-released "Metal of Death" EP as well as two new tracks: "Murder" and "Suicide", obviously. As you'd probably expect, the bulk of the influences are drawn from raw, thrashy, old school death metal – occasionally smattered with very subtly blackened runs or even some killer hardcore/punk infused breakdowns that really emphasize some of the crude classics from which the band may be drawing inspiration. There's a great balance of tempos, as well as a solid mix of all-out aggressive riffing and more memorable, feel-based playing – plus quick little melodic leads or more chaotic bursts. So, while fairly straightforward, there are actually a lot of different characteristics swirling around in there that do basically amount to an admirably forceful (and not one-sided) "metal of death". Good stuff…

Gravehill "Murder"

The disc's only $6, so… that's a bargain, people.


@ Enucleation Records

Dead Congregation - Purifying Consecrated GroundAlso from Enucleation Records is this US pressing of "Purifying Consecrated Ground", the 2005 debut EP from Greek death metal outfit Dead Congregation. Formed from the ashes of the awesome Nuclear Winter, Dead Congregation follows a similar path of burly, powerful death metal that still seems to be inspired by a lot of the early-90's classics. The sick, meaty guitar tone makes for some totally killer chugging, churning tremolo picking runs that ease into plenty of those twisted "Covenant" era Morbid Angel breaks with lots of mangled chord phrasings and bends, as well as some pinch harmonics and weird little melodic twists ala mid-period Gorguts or something. I don't know, man, the songs kick ass, the recording's really cool, I love the consistent aesthetic of the band's artwork… they've got it all down. Five tracks in just 20 minutes definitely leaves you wanting more, but the band did just recently release their first full-length offering, so I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for that. I have absolutely no problem with bands looking to the past when they nail it so completely like this, especially when there's somewhat of a gap to be filled with regard to quality representations of a certain niche of metal from the days of yore. Awesome.

Dead Congregation "Vomitchrist"

This one's only $6, too – digipack and all. So don't download this shit, you know?


@ Enucleation Records


  1. L.ron says:

    wow. you really hit the nail on the head with these two bands. great stuff. i especially like dead congregations stuff. you are totally right about the Morbid Angel influence. nobody tries touching it and i dont know why other bands havent tried to "fiddle" around within that type of DM.

  2. Carlzilla says:

    Dead Congregation has a new CD out on Nuclear War Now, it's also stellar stuff. They've been one of my favorite Death Metal bands for the last year or so.

    Never heard Gravehill, and it was pretty good too.

  3. Carlos says:

    Wow didn't hear so interesting DM for a long long time.

    Thanks Andrew!

  4. Tobias says:

    Great Albums! Enucleation seems to really be establishing themselves as a good label.
    Also, the new Dead Congregation album is even better than this one!

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