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Most underrated albums of all time?

Posted on Monday, June 30th, 2008 @ 8:48pm » permalink

What are they? In your opinions? Post some comments letting me know. I'm feeling like discovering some new (old) shit.



  1. Anonymous says:

    As the Sun Sets' "Each Individual Voice Is Dead in the Silence." Definitely not the most underrated of all time, but it's the first thing that springs to mind. Acme's "To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist" is legendary in the right circles, but that whole Acme/Mörser/Carol/Systral et al school of German metalcore never got its due credit in my humble opinion (though that Keitzer band you posted about a while back seems to be flying the flag well). And speaking of things you've already posted about, if you haven't heard the recent stuff from Parlamentarisk Sodomi, it blows every grindcore release from the past five or so years straight out of the water.

  2. je says:

    I know this goes without saying…
    Handsome – s/t

  3. Marcus Garvey says:

    SABBAT: DREAMWEAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FVCK YESS!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Control Denied "Fragile Art Of Existence".

  5. Keith says:

    Seaweed – Four

  6. Chris says:

    Path of Debris – Eyes of the Basilisk

    NO ONE knows who this band is, but they're one of the most amazing sort-of melodic death bands I've ever heard. And I got their CD for a penny on Amazon.

  7. J Richter says:

    Here's a few that come to mind:

    Destruction "Least Successful Human Cannonball" – Unfairly slagged by Schmier purists who believe this lineup was total shit. Listen & be amazed…

    EXE "Stricken by Might" – Prob similar to what Slayer may have sounded like in 1982 but packing an assload more melody & atmosphere. An unsung classic.

    Holocross "Holocross" – Insane speed & riffing, plus sinewy vocals that really set this band apart from alot of their contemporaries.

    Mitra "All Gods Kill" – Bottom-heavy Texan sludge straight from former Wrath frontman, Kurt Grayson. This is the SHIT!

    Venom "The Wastelands" – Seriously hook-laden thrash from an era that some Venom fans have long forgotten.

  8. justin says:

    Probably Anacrusis 'Screams and Whispers'.

    I would have said Atheist 'Unquestionable Presence' or Cynic 'Focus' back in '93 or something but those bands eventually got their due credit to some extent. Anacrusis is still severly overlooked.

  9. David says:

    One band I never hear anyone talk about: Dead Blue Sky. Their CD on Goodlife is amazing.

  10. Kawana'ao says:

    You probably already have these but I still think they deserve mention:
    Antischism-Still Life (favorite 90's hardcore record)
    Destruction-Infernal Overkill (best of the "early" black metal)
    and something a little less known:
    Final Fight-Under Attack (a modern day classic of melodic hardcore)

    • mike says:

      Agreed on Anti-schism. On that same note Initial State featured alot of the same members. Only recorded one album and played a couple of shows. KILLER!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nick says:

    Beyond 'No Longer At Ease' – so fucking good and the most interesting NYHC record in my opinion, but people don't know it like they know a lot of other much less interesting bands.

  12. Adam G says:

    Sheesh, that's a tough one so I'll have to name a few recent listens at random… Acrimony "Tumali Shroomaroom" (UK stoner classic), Saidiwas "All Punk Cons" (great Swedish Umea HC/indie), Stressball s/t (Noo Orlins sludgecore), Discharge "The Beginning of the End" (they come back with a recording like that in 2004 and it doesn't even hit the radar…). Most of the stuff I'd call underated amongst peers are probably revered as classics by some of this sites blog readers! If we're talking pure METAL I'd have to name check Xentrix.

  13. manisthebastard says:

    Hammerhead – "Ethereal Killer"

  14. Adrianoso says:

    Falling Cycle – Conflict (Unfortunately no longer together) They still have a myspace page though; http://www.myspace.com/fallingcycle

  15. paul says:

    The first thing to come into my head is Grand Belial Keys – Mocking the Philanthropist. You never see this anywhere, though that may be because they have some stupid political affiliations that prevent them from reaching a certain amount of exposure. Great death metal with some rocking old-school, NWOBHM guitar leads. Another album that should be in everyone's record collection is Anti-Products – the Deafening Silence of Grinding Gears. I absolutly love the passion and intensity that comes across in the music. It's an amazing album that's totally underrated. Oh yeah, Crom – the Cocain Years, has some sort of genius about it, but I may be the only one that sees it. Also, I always felt that anything King Fowley (Deceased, Doomstone, October 31) touches is top notch, yet he's never reached the exposure he deserves.

  16. chris says:

    i second what manisthebastard said, but think "duh… the big city" is better. hammerhead were on amrep and get namedropped quite a lot by the "in-crowd", but few others. features one of the most destructive, distortion-leaden bass sound i've ever heard. the whole album has a really unique feel to it.

  17. Tom_dk says:

    Nick: The problem with "No longer at ease" (as I see it :)) is that the demo is a thousand times better. That is the real classic, and the best hardcore recording of that era, if not all time.

  18. Carlos says:

    Driven: Cowardice consumer of the west, Gorguts: Obscura and some more. I don't remember the names. Of course Acme and Handsome. Yes the whole german old metalcore scene.

  19. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Awesome. Thanks everyone! I've never heard of several of these mentions, so I'm gonna be busy here…

  20. David says:

    The V/A compilation "Not salsa, just brutal music: Cuba's hardest" because it is NEW, 10 hardcore and metal bands from Cuba, just to tell to the world that Cuba is not only salsa, rum and cigars !! The cuban hardcore metal scene is very good and I invite you to discover the CD, the first and only one ever released devoted to the cuban underground scene ! Thank !!!

  21. Howard says:

    Damn, this is tough because there are so many underrated/overlooked bands, but here goes.

    Damn the Machine, "S/T"- Chris Poland's first post-Megadeth project, an interesting prog metal/rock sound that is criminally ignored by many

    Khoma, "The Second Wave"- I think Andrew reviewed this, but I can't understand how this album hasn't even been released in the US. Good for fans of newer Katatonia or Anathema.

    Batoche, "Terra Incognita"- now defunct metal/hc band from Canada. Sounds like a mix of Catharsis, "Persistence of Time"-era Anthrax and Neurosis. Criminally overlooked.

    Tropiezo- very popular hc/punk band from Puerto Rico playing a fast, slightly thrashy style. Reminiscent of latter-era Minor Threat, DS-13 and even a little Dead Kennedys

    • Steftones says:

      Great call on Khomas' 'The Second Wave'! A really beautiful album! I need to pick up their 2nd one. It's like the the white to Cult Of Lunas' black. (what with the shared members)

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    One eyed god prophecy, Lvmen, Khoma, Zatokrev, russian metal, Sabbat (ooo yeah!!!), Mean Season, Violator, Cortez, Profane,etc.

  24. Giorgio Magalini says:

    Unanimated – Ancient God Of Evil

  25. Anonymous says:

    I liked that Handsome cd for a few months back in the day. I just pulled it out again last week, still sounds like the "lite" version of Quicksand to me.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I totally second Paul's mention of Crom's The Cocaine Years. Throw in the self-titled album from Totalt Jävla Mörker (I think it's getting a US release some time this summer); it's excellent Swedish hardcore, and the "big hit single" track "Kall Värld" is catchy as all hell. Mp3s are available at http://www.totaltjavlamorker.com. Anything by the Laughing Hyenas (John Brannon's post-Negative Approach band) … the sound is hard to describe if you've never heard them before, but it sure as hell isn't hardcore. The older, rawer stuff is the best in my opinion; check out the songs "Crawl" (from the Crawl EP) and "Sister" (from You Can't Pray a Lie) on their Myspace.

  27. Tobias says:

    DarK Angel – Time Does not Heal
    Acrimony – Tumuli Shroomaroom
    Artillery – Terror Squad
    Infernal Majesty – None Shall Defy
    Litmus – Planetfall

  28. Tobias says:

    Scissorfight – Mantrapping for sport and profit

  29. Torche says:

    Mindfunk – Dropped

  30. r721 says:

    I like bands with 1-2 albums the most, speaking of underrated bands
    Abysmal'1995 "The Pillorian Age" – unique atmospheric black metal
    Disharmonic Orchestra – all albums (starting from strange death/grindcore to technical death metal to who knows what)
    Le Scrawl – all albums – grindcore/ska ;-)
    Lutomysl – all albums – good ukrainian black metal, my fav band for whatever reason
    Mangled Torsos "Drawings of the Dead" – nice grindcore/doom metal mix
    Promethean'1997 "Gazing the Invisible" – gothic/acoustic band with Black Crucifixion members, very good stuff!

  31. klonkk says:

    all bands with tim singer. and shora – malval.

  32. Tom VH says:

    Andrew you KNOW Sixty Nine's "just for the fun" and both SCHIZO albums are heavily underrated!!

  33. V. says:

    Shield "Build Me Up …" (Swe) , Concrete (Italy), Purusam (Swe), Lash Out (Nor)

  34. Danimal says:

    I have dreams self titled ( maybe ) http://www.myspace.com/ihavedreams19981999

  35. Anonymous says:

    Fleurety – Department of Apocalyptic Affairs.

    Karma to Burn – s/t. Everything else by them is amazing too, but the one with vocals has a special place in my heart.

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. Wooderson says:

    My list:

    Kill The Client – Kill The Client
    Excel – The Jokes On You
    Life Sentence – No Experience Necessary (late 80's hardcore)
    Supersuckers – La Mano Cornuda
    Exhorder – The Law (everyone talks about Slaughter In The Vatican, not enough about this crushing release)
    Malevolent Creation – Retribution
    Rostok Vampires – Transylvanian Disease
    Righteous Pigs – Stress Related (how can you go wrong with Joe Caper's agonizing wails – Mitch Harris was in the band too as most of you probably know).

    • Anonymous says:

      Thumbs up for
      LIFE SENTENCE (especially 2nd LP – No Exp. Nec. – it's a gem!)
      R.PIGS – S.Related – this album is avant-garde! No band has such killer riffs only maybe:
      INFEST – Slave 12"
      ROSTOK VAMPIRES – T. Disease (great style!)

  38. Hil says:

    racked my brain on this but here's one that people just never seem to be aware of:

    Strength 691 – Means To An End (i think this is technically their discography)

  39. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Dude, I've been looking for that Strength 691 CD for awhile and I can never find it. If anyone has quality mp3's of that disc and can hook me up it would be MUCH appreciated.

    I have MANY more comments related to this thread, but I'll leave it at that for the moment!

  40. Marcus Garvey says:

    HEATHEN: BREAKING THE SILENCE……. sure the band is touching all the bases, and basically trying to please everybody at once, but i think they actually pull it off. i have listened to this album consistently since it came out. and never get tired of it.

  41. elliot says:

    iceburn "firon" more metal than metal was in 1990 an a hell of a lot more creative
    acme "to reduce the choir"
    cable "variable speed drive" and "never trust a gemini"
    stickfigurecarousel "st"
    the trans maghetti "steal the jet keys"
    fall silent "drunken violence"
    christ "document 15"
    prema "pebble"
    trial "are these our lives"
    catharsis "passion"
    purusam "way of the dying race"

  42. elliot says:

    p.s. as friends rust "a young trophy band in the prime of their time" the lyrics are awesome and the vocal melodies are completly unique for this style of hc

  43. Reno says:

    KEKAL " 1000 Thoughts of Violence".. The best metal band from Indonesia!

  44. Craw – Lost Nation Road
    (kosher pay-what-you-wish download available here: http://www.craw.com/mp3.html)

  45. blend77 says:

    I agree with the Craw suggestion. S/T, Lost Nation and Map Monitor Surge are sick and demented albums. You can get them all from the bands website. ^^^

    Hose Got Cable. No one ever talks about them.

    and yeah, funny that I posted Shield a few days after this post. Synchronicity is great like that. Everyone go to my page and get Shield's Build Me Up. some of the best mid 90's New Age style hardcore.

  46. tim says:

    Skycamefalling – 10.21, awesome!

  47. Mr. Blackwell says:

    it always bears repeating: KISS – MUSIC FROM THE ELDER. phenomenal.

  48. Madonna's mid nineties stuff is largely overlooked.
    Just as Voivod's two albums with Eric Forrest as singer/bassist. Negatron is the heavier one and Phobos is the more experimental one but both are really worked oud heavy thrashing industrial spacetecmetal, fairly unique anyway.
    About unkown hardcore gems I think that probably every mid size town in the westeren civilization has one in the history of there local scenes. Belgium's prime candidate should be Out For Blood's Strive to Survive, they were a nineties hardcore band from Brussels, there is also a lot of fertile HC/metal ground but it never drew as much attention as the famous H8000 scene. And if you're going to check out the German Bremen-sound bands then also try to find Rubbish Heap, they were from Belgium and always got lumped in with that sound as well.

    On an ending note, people are always talking 'bout the beatles and the stones but seriously the best rockband from those days was The fucking Who, they still rule.

  49. I'll add a true overlooked modern day Hard Rock classic:

    Las Cruces – Ringmaster

    from 1998 only, too late for the first wave of stonerrock and too early for the current doom-revival but truly a great darkly shining jewel on the crown of those styles

  50. Anonymous says:

    one. life. crew. and pitboss2000

  51. J21 says:

    Newer stuff:
    Solea s/t (Texas Is The Reason's singer + Samiam dude)
    – very good guitardriven pop/rock-whatever-alternative. Better than TITR IMO.
    Joe Coffee: "When the fabrid don't fit the frame"
    – Paul Bearer's new band. Enuff said!
    Channels: "Waiting for the next end of the world"
    – J. Robbin's new band. As good as Jawbox.
    Everyday Dollars: "Before the supply"
    – Good basic hc

    Forgotten records from the 90's:
    Bad Trip: "Fear & Loathing"
    – One of the best rocked out-post-hc-whatever 90's albums
    Citizen's Arrest: "Colossus"
    – I think this was labeled deathcore in the 90's
    Into Another: "Ignaurus"
    – The best release from REV ever. Yes, even better than "Bringin it down"!

  52. Birkir says:

    One of them has to be 3-D by Wrathchild America

  53. Birkir says:

    Whever mentioned Mindfunk is on to something. Dropped is incredibleI'd like to mentione two evil sounding mid 90's intense metalcore bands from the top of my head, DIE MY WILL and Red Sky

  54. Prolyfik says:

    Thoughts Of Ionesco – For Detroit, From Addiction (excellent jazz infused HC)
    The Secret – Luce (quality metalcore from Italy with touches of mathcore)
    Abominable Iron Sloth – S/T (Sludgey metalcore from members of Will Haven)
    Giant – Song ep (Best Sludge/Post-metal band in my recent discovery)
    Blotted Science – The machinations Of Dementia (Instr. Tech-Death w/ members of Cannibal Corpse, Spastik Ink, And Behold… The Arctopus)
    Celestine – At The Borders Of Arcadia (@nd Best Sludge/Post rock find in awhile)
    Chaos Blood – Fragments Of a Shattered Skull (UK Deathcore with some very nice grind influences)
    Coma Lilies- Memento Mori (Instrumental Rock that does alot of genre hopping)
    Comity – The Deus Ex-Machina As A Forgotten Genius

  55. Martin says:

    RED ROSES FOR A BLUE LADY – The Return to Melancholy

  56. Drozdal says:

    Lykathea Aflame – Elvenefris (amazing experimental tech death metal from czech republic)

  57. Frans says:

    Handsome – s/t, obviously. Also seconding SYSTRAL. I still spin black smoker on a weekly basis. KOREISCH is another vastly underrated band.

  58. Maddin says:

    Solstice (US) – Solstice. High energy death/thrash from the early nineties. Featuring Rob Barret (guitar/vox & Alex Marquez (drums).

    DBC – dead brain cells

  59. Anonymous says:

    I saw the Spitfire reference in the Daymares post comments, which reminded me I totally should have put The Dead Next Door on here. Way way way better than their post-hiatus stuff and way underrated. The mild death metal influences set them apart from the rest of the late-90s early-2000s Coalesce/Converge/Botch/Dillinger et al. bands. Toss in Drowningman's Rock and Roll Killing Machine for good measure … not so obscure, but I don't hear it talked about much anymore.

  60. jim fuckin winters says:

    fuckin a.
    totally surprised (in a good way) by some of the bands mentioned. now if i only had some to add. haha.

  61. Hil says:

    i'll hit you up with the Strength 691 tonight.

  62. Anxiety Hangover says:

    Since I'm always on an extreme doom kick:

    Buried At Sea – Migration is one of the heaviest albums ever recorded, should've been huge but they broke up shortly after releasing only this and another 12". Everyone knows Sanford Parker as a producer now (and some know him as being in Minsk), but this is seriously some of the most extreme doom ever recorded.

    Toadliquor – The Hortator's Lament a compilation CD that Southern Lord released a few years ago, these dudes were kicking out serious EHG/Cavity/Grief sludge at the same time but without any similar recognition. Some of this stuff still sounds new today, fiercely angry and pissed off.

    Uncertainty Principle – everything they (even though it's just one dude) ever recorded. He was bridging the gap between doom, drone and noise way before the Sunn, Boris, Monarch or any of the others. Almost a painful listen at times, sounding like early Godflesh, Merzbow and Khanate discs playing simultaneously. Stupidly ridiculously heavy.

  63. mr lun says:

    All Else Failed – Archetype
    raging metalcore from the philly area.

    For The Love Of – Feasting on the Will of Humanity
    uh, more raging metalcore. this time from jersey.

    Orange Goblin – Coup de Grace
    Awesome motorhead-influenced stoner rock from England.

  64. johanbiorix says:

    Great topic!

    Everything Verbal Assault ever did, those riffs!
    No hope for the kids – lp, a modern day classic. This will stand the test of time for sure.
    Cyclone – both albums (brutal destruction and inferior to none)
    Hellnation – Colonized, fuckin' fast and fuckin' brilliant
    Running Wild – Walpurgis night ep (victims of states power!)
    El Guapo Stuntteam – Accusation Blues (ok, they're friends but this is one monster of a record)
    Everything Eric Wood did before Bastard Noise (including all the man is the bastard stuff, neanderthal and pissed happy children)
    dystopia – human = garbage lp
    grief/13 – split ep
    messiah – extreme cold weather lp
    integrity – septic death covers ep
    Asphalt – 357 knockout cd
    Lärm – straigth on view lp
    enewetak – guns elvis loved them lp
    …. so many records, so little time!

  65. Johnny Johnny says:

    everything by Starkweather. everything! old and new.
    Graves at the Sea (forgot the name of the album :( )
    Cephalic Carnage: Halls of Amenti (compared to other stuff they made)
    Negativa: s/t
    Creation is Crucifixion: not a single mention so far ?!?!
    Cold as Life: Born to Land Hard

  66. jim fuckin winters says:

    Extol – Synergy/Undecieved.
    Religosity aside, ANY fan of tech-death/thrash (and especially the band Believer) needs to immediately seek these out!

    Artillery – Terror Squad/Fear of Tomorrow.
    Holy fuck Terror Squad has some of the most untouchable riffing! FoT is just as brilliant in a slightly more Mercyful Fate-ish way.

    Deathrow – Deception Ignored. Coming from another criminally overlooked band Mekong Delta, musical prodigy Uwe Osterlehner came in and just pushed the envelope with this (up to that time) fairly typical German thrash band. Remains hands fucking down one of the most forward thinking metal lps!

  67. Tim says:

    Whippersnapper-America's Favorite Pastime. The fucking best melodic punk album ever. Great dual guitar work. Wrong or Right and Tragic Flaw will always be two of my top 10 songs.

  68. jim fuckin winters says:

    shit. the floodgates have opened! haha.

    Theory In Practice – The Armageddon Theories / Colonizing the Sun
    Phenomenally hyper tech metal from Sweden. So over-the-top it sound unhuman. Guitarist Peter Lake is a shredding riffer of the highest caliber. Heavily influenced by prime-era Atheist and Mekong Delta (whom Lake now plays for!) this shit is a complete mindfuck. Also check into Lake's other project Mutant which does use a drum-machine and is just as insane. Not to mention these dudes do a ridiculous cover of Sparks – This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two of Us!

  69. 01001111 says:

    Dusk – Majestic Thou In Ruin
    Before I listening to this album I could never really get into most doom. Plodding drums and slowly chugging guitars can be rather tiresome. Dusk's "Majestic Thou In Ruin" breaks the mold with songs that engage the listener. There's something about this bleak and despair filled opus that completely enamored me. Maybe it's the quirky, offbeat drumming style but I've yet to hear anything like this album. Sure, there are bands who play in a similar style but none have come close, in my opinion, to capturing the same feeling or writing songs that don't have the tendency to bore. The album is available as part of a discography called "Mourning… Resurrect" on Lost Disciple Records who seem to be closing their doors and selling everything for $6.

  70. ROD says:

    80's Hardcore
    76% Uncertain – Estimated monkey time
    Capitol Punishment – When putsch comes to shove
    Deathwish – Tailgate 7"
    Genetic Control – Firts impressions 7"
    Heimat-los – Negative mental obsession 7"
    Insight – What will it take?
    Justice League – Shattered dreams
    Lockjaw – Shock value 7"
    Major Conflict – 7"
    No Use For A Name – Incognito
    Pailhead – Trait
    Psycho – 6 song EP
    Rest In Pieces – My rage
    Seizure – All hail the fucking system EP
    Sick Pleasure – Dolls under control 7"
    Skeezicks – Selling out
    Stupids – Violent nun 7"
    The Worst – Expect the worst
    Uppercut – Four walls
    V/A-Look At All The Children Now

    90's/00's Hardcore
    59 Times The Pain – More out of today
    Acid Indigestion – Defy you
    Beneath The Remains – Quest of the lost souls
    Born – Raging
    Bugout Society – Yo! baby sup
    Congress – The other cheek
    Cry Of Justice – Confront
    Curbside – 7"
    Diehard – Looking out for #1
    Face Value – The price of maturity
    Hate Force – Back for more
    Inhuman – 7"
    Krutch – I'll see you in hell
    Murder One – S/T
    No Fun At All – Vision
    Out For Blood – Strive to survive
    Personnal Choice – Days of trust
    Racial Abuse – No need
    Raised Fist – Stronger than ever
    Run Devil Run – Sinking deeper
    Shutdown – Against all odds
    Subzero – Happiness without peace
    Timescape Zero – Total war
    Vitality – Crucial wires

    Dream Death – Journey into mystery
    Excel – Split image
    PC Deathsquad – Shit talking & mayhew
    Prong – Primitive origins
    Tankard – Chemical invasion

  71. Anonymous says:

    whoever mentioned thoughts of ionesco, pretty much all their shit is crucial. they released a retrospective compilation/dvd called "the scar is our watermark", which contains tracks from all their albums.

  72. ken says:

    Breach, Breach and Breach

  73. Birkir says:


    And Sabbat

  74. Anonymous says:

    Parlamentarisk Sodomi!

    fucking yeas!!!

  75. jim fuckin winters says:

    I have a feeling you've heard some of these but just in case…
    Atrocity – Hallucinations / Longing for Death!
    Knut – the Hydra Head ep / Challenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shora – (all)!
    BREACH! It's Me God / Venom!!!!! / KOLLAPSE!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Carlzilla says:

    There are so many underrated releases. Some of which are finally getting some attention (State Of The Union) are others are still sitting in limited edition/out of print/small label obscurity.

    I guess I'll list my top 10 bands and the albums that I feel are excellent listens.

    1. The Grey Wolves – Blood and Sand and Punishment. If you like death industrial/harsh noise/power electronics/ambient soundscape stuff these guys are the top of the line.

    2. Failure Face – All. To me this was essential pissed off 90's hardcore.

    3. Ulcer – All. This stuff was also essential 90's hardcore and featured an Aspirin Feast cover, which brings me to…

    4. Aspirin Feast – both 7". Super fast early 80's late 90's hardcore that no one seems to remember or care about.

    5. Expatriate – No Sleep Until Chugwater. This came out in 1987. I picked it up about 10 years after that as part of some random box of 7"s. It's really good, and seems to be totally unknown as far as I can tell.

    6. Desecration – Who's in control? and their split with Subverse. I only own a real copy of the split with Subverse, which is actually the weaker of the two releases, but my tape copy of Who's in control got about a million plays before it took a crap on me. I can't find any mp3's of it either…

    7. Gasp – Any and All. I think a lot of their releases were on Slap-a-ham, which means they are impossible to find at this point, but these guys totally ruled ass.

    8. State Of The Union – all. Andrew just made a post about this being re-released, and it needed it. One of the most criminally underrated bands…ever.

    9. Harvest – Living With A God Complex. I love this album, and it seems they get sort of overlooked when talking about mid-late 90's metalcore.

    10. Plaid Retina – s/t 7". This somehow ended up on Lookout Records. Totally fast and awesome hardcore from the 80s.

  77. jim fuckin winters says:

    Raw Power – Screams from the Gutter / Wop Hour.
    Over the top Italian punk/hc, harsh ass vox and a maniac shredding guitarist which somehow worked!?!

  78. Belgian ROFLs says:

    Say You Hate Me- "The Looking Forward" EP

  79. First, I'd have to agree with Tobias… Scissorfight's "Mantrapping for Sport and Profit" is a fantastically, heavy, stonerific album.

    I'd also agree with Anxiety Hagnover's mentioning of Buried At Sea – "Migration." These 3 songs are absolutely pummeling. Plan on blown speakers.

    Lastly, I'll go with the others that mentioned them… BREACH. "It's Me God" is a fucking awesome album.

  80. zg says:

    Hellchild's Circulating Contradiction and Bareskin. Criminally underrated.

  81. the sandwich says:

    I have to agree with these records:

    Handsome – s/t
    Cable – Variable Speed Drive

    Some others:

    Only Living Witness – Prone Mortal Form and Innocents
    Dissolve – Dismantle
    Bluetip – any
    Hoover – any
    Threadbare – Feeling Older Faster
    Sam Black Church – Superchrist
    Dayspring(Grip) – Dreamstate
    Engine Kid – any
    Bloodlet – Entheogen

  82. jim fuckin winters says:

    slightly off the metallic track, but since Hoover has been mentioned…
    Regulator Watts – The Mercury cd. / The Aesthetics of No-Drag.
    Beyond a mere Fugazi rip-off. More minimal than Hoover or Crownhate Ruin.
    I could go on forever about how godly Alex Dunham's unmistakeable guitarwork is, or how his tone, lines or the band's influence can be heard in (some huge!) bands playing heavy music at the moment, but…

  83. blend77 says:

    Regulator Watts is incredible… the guy can do no wrong.

    Love Engine Kid too! I always want to yell it whenever people talk about Sunn O))) and Andersons old projects. No one seems to mention Engine Kid…

    If anyone has that Grip EP i havent heard it in well over a decade… or any of that Cen Penn stuff… Dayspring/Cycle… t

  84. Phil says:

    Coroner's "Punishment for Decadence."


    Very good stuff IMO.

  85. jim fuckin winters says:

    Donora – ANY!
    Ipecac – ANY!

    Coroner – ANY!

    Secrecy – ANY!
    Sieges Even – Life Cycle / Steps! / A Sense Of Change.
    Pure moderized tech-metallized Rush worship!
    Post-Watch Tower / Pre-Spiral Architect etc.
    Steps – Admittedly the vox take some getting used to, but this is an unparalleled 90's progressive metal masterpiece!

  86. jim fuckin winters says:

    what, am i the only one left?

    OLD – Lo Flux Tube / Musical Dimensions of Sleastak / Formula.
    Jim Plotkin (Khanate/Flux/Joy Of Disease/Phantomsmasher etcetc.) is a fucking genius! These are all slightly different from each other, especially Formula which is more tranced-out with hyper-vocoded vox. I've only heard bits and pieces of the very first "Old Lady Drivers" record which was cool for the time.
    An easy reference would be Voi Vod as they share the Die Kruezen and Rush influence although this is much more rigid as he and Alan Dubin (Khanate) kept time with a drum-machine. LFT is the harshest (John Zorn helped out and adds sax to one song). Impossible to really give the proper review, or to put into words. This music has to happen to you, and when it does, it does! A heavy influence on the final (incredibly overlooked) Rabies Caste disc.

  87. svein says:

    Lo flux tube, motherfucker! EXCELLENT record. I had two copies, I think I paid about $1.50 combined for them. Gave one away for some silly fuckin' reason many years ago. Much ridiculous Mike Diana-esque artwork in the booklet too, that band was over the top in about seven different ways. HUGELY goddamn recommended.

    If I was to recommend an underrated album I would go for the Winter LP Into darknkess, though I guess that one's more underexposed. How 'bout some TIMEBOMB though, eh?

  88. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I revisited Timebomb's "Hymns for a Decaying Empire" a few months ago and remembered why I was never a huge fan, actually. It just didn't do much for me…

  89. L.Ron says:

    i dodnt know about the " all-time " thing but, this is really good: Arghoslent- incorrigible bigotry…..

  90. jim fuckin winters says:

    RE – OLD: as far as i know Mike Diana did the cover.

  91. svein says:

    I checked and the back of the record says "All art by Simon Curtis/Mindpollution studios." No idea who that is, though…

  92. jim fuckin winters says:

    Groundwork (AZ) – Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent LP + Living In Fear 7"
    How could i forget this shit!?
    Completely crushes!!! Apparently they have been accused of biting Downcast, which there are some references, but the same goes for most of of their political ilk from the San Diego/So. Cal. area. Not really sure who to compare this to other than those bands. Pissed as fuck, abrasive yet tight and controlled chaotic rage! Seriously, this IS one of thee heaviest things ever released in the 90's. Hands down.

  93. Tony Scherler says:

    Most underrated for sure, kick-ass records in everyway !!!

    These Days S/T
    Shoot to Kill "All's quiet on the western front"
    Waco Fuck "Paranoia"

    These three albums are as good as hardcore can get, the kind that can be
    put on repeat and never get old

  94. Craig says:

    Six Going On Seven – Heartbreak's Got Backbeat MOST UNDERRATED EVER !
    Bluetip – Dischord 101
    Quicksand – Manic Compression
    Errortype: 11 – s/t
    Into Another – Ignaurus

  95. Dick says:

    Without a doubt, Giants Chair "Red & Clear" and "Purity & Control".

  96. O.P. says:

    90s HC
    Krutch: I´ll See You in Hell
    Threadbare: Feeling Older Faster + 1st 7"
    Bloodline: Cant Rest On the Times +1st 7"
    Triggerman: Dead Like Me
    Cro-Mags: Alpha Omega
    Only Living Witness: ProneMortalForm
    One Life Crew: Crime Ridden Society
    411: This Isnt Me
    Point Blank: both 7"s on Nemesis
    Initial Rection: 7"
    Second To None: Defeat cd
    E-Town Concrete: Time 2 $hine

  97. O.P. says:

    shit, forgot STATUE: Filter the Infection !!!

  98. mcgillroy says:

    incubator – mcgillroy the housefly!

    simply the most overlooked awesome piece of death-metal that ever came out of germany. a crossbreed of obituary and king crimson – just awesome musicianship and a unique atmosphere of sickness. the vocals are in their own league. check it out.

  99. Yetilegend says:

    this is awesome so many hidden gems!

  100. Naysayer says:

    POWER OF IDEA – YELLOW THRASH Really one of the more brutal records I ever liked. They are trying to sell it on ebay for a bill. Bastards, but pick it up if you have the chance.

  101. Gladio says:

    Sinister – Hate
    Withdrawn – Seeds of Inhumanity
    Kickback – Cornered
    Bonesaw – Shadow of Doubt
    Supersleuth – … And Still It Beats

  102. edm says:

    not sure if it's been mentioned but:

    Thought Industry – Songs for Insects and Mods Carve the Pig
    Alarum – Eventuality
    Aghora – Formless (like Atheist & Cynic, itll probably get more recognition someday)


    Unsane – every godly note (shoulda gotten the same level of recognition as Helmet)
    Botch – We Are the Romans
    Cable – Never Trust A Gemini (already mentioned, had to say it twice)

    Alternative Pop/Rock

    Thought Industry – Black Umbrella/Short Wave on a Cold Day (more left-turns from the ultimate left-field band. Oberlin is a genius and these are the albums Radiohead, Billy Corgan, Dave Grohl and 5 million emo bands wish they could make).

  103. vugelnox says:

    I'll just list three

    SACRAMENTARY ABOLISHMENT. Canadian black/death metal band who later mutated into the even better (but more well-known) band Axis of Advance. Both SA albums, especially the second one The Distracting Stone, fucking rip though. The material can be a little hard to digest on first listen but its worth sticking it out.

    MAHARAHJ – both of their albums 'Chapter One, The Descent' and 'Repetition" are some of my favorite chaotic metalcore ever but this band never seemed to get much attention. Interesting songs, good riffs and the sense of urgency and intensity this style demanded.

    GUTTED – Bleed For Us To Live. Excellent mid-90s death metal from the midwest. Vocalist for this band is fucking awesome in a David Vincent/Ross Dolan sort of way.

  104. dspang says:

    Nyari – Your Nation is Dead: God is this stuff pissed. Some of the toughest aggressive heavy hardcore I"ve heard. Every thing is overdriven in this release. Doesn't seem like they have gotten any recognition.

    This might not be too underrated but Indecision's Release the Cure. Yeah the past realeases were good but I feel they just completely nailed it. The production. The drumming and the pure furious anger of it all. Love it.

  105. Teun says:

    KOREISCH – This decaying schizophrenic christ complex
    GRAVEYARD RODEO – Sowing discord in the haunts of man
    BLINDFOLD – Sober mind meditation 7”
    ASCENSION – The years of fire
    AGNIHOTRA – Govinda
    RANCOR – Distinguish
    ACRID – Eighty-Sixed
    LIMBONIC ART – Moon in the scorpio

  106. wanderlust says:

    Mange – Disillusioned awesome doom crust with members of dystopia and phobia no one who wasnt around in the early OC/LA scene seems to know about em but its still one of my all time favorites.

  107. timcolb says:

    Dspang> Cool you mention Nyari, great great metallic hc, and indeed sadly overlooked by lot of people, the guy behind alveran records isn't he the singer?

    Anywho love it!

  108. erase says:

    Deadguy – "Fixation on a Co-Worker"
    Gehenna – "The War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness"
    Kiss it Goodbye – "She loves me, She loves me not"

  109. Blaquepope says:

    Yeah I know its been said at least once already but I gotta weigh in here: DBC – Dead Brain Cells. No question. None whatsoever. It kills everything else. And I mean EVERYTHING! Hey Andrew, long time no hear, it's Jonas from Maim/Mörkermännen etc. Goood to see you're still at it man. Best blog (fucking hate that word!) on the webs. I DO miss the old Aversionline though. BEST WEBZINE EVER in the universe of the whole interweb wide world of the nets.

  110. Grrr says:

    I don't think folks here under-appreciate metalcore, kinda preaching to the wrong metalchoir here. Names i think should be added to the list are:
    – Adamantium – From The Depths Of Depression
    – Vision Of Disorder – *Everything*
    – Liar (Belgian metalcore slashers) with the albums:
    Falls OF Torment
    Deathrow Earth
    Liar's Hell
    Murder Manifesto
    Few splits
    – Congress (More belgian metalcore slashing)
    Congress is roughly seperatable in two time-periods. The first is more punk clevo-style oriented, the latter period more traditional metalcore, both excellent stuff. Think a bit like Integrity and Integrity2000, of which Integrity2000 is undeservingly under-appreciated.
    Still breathing – September (Solidstate records)
    – Twelve Tribes with:
    Midwestern Pandemic
    The Rebirth Of Tragedy
    Blood Has Been Shed – Everything is recommomended, but since i came into contact with this band through Andrew's review on Aversionline enough said.

  111. Grrr says:

    Forgot to add:
    It Prevails – S/t
    It Prevails – Capture & Embrace
    Dearly Beheaded – Temptation
    Dearly Beheaded – Chamber Of One
    Hate Squad – Theatre Of Hate
    Hate Squad – I.Q. Zero
    Turmoil – *Everything but mostly The Process Of*
    Napalm Death with their best creative stuff: Diatribes, Words From The Exit Wound and Inside The Torn apart.

  112. db says:

    I agree Thoughts of Ionesco were/are underrated. I had mixed feelings about them when they were around. Some of their shows were great, others were crap. I think their 3rd and 4th lps are best ("skin historic" and "for detroit"). If you get the "scar is our watermark" cd/dvd, the dvd documentary will pretty much explain why the band was not as relatively successful or well known as they could've been.

    Sean from TOI later resurfaced in a melodic indie rock band called Leaving Rouge that put out one very solid album, an incredible e.p., and a pretty mediocre final album. I highly recommend their "white houses" e.p. if you like music beyond hardcore/punk/metal. He also has a new band called Your Skull My Closet that picks up where LV left off but more aggressive with nervous energy mixing with the melody. They have an e.p. available through itunes that's pretty great.

    Another band from the Detroit area that gets even less recognition than TOI is World of Hurt. They were a metal band that had roots in 80s thrash but melodic prog influences. Actually, they might be compared to an updated version of Anacrusis with a more organic sound a better singer. They did a full length cd that was quite good and well worth hearing. Unfortunately, their best work was a compilation of demos that was only pressed to CDR and distributed locally.

    Some off the top of my head:

    Glide (the Australian band): disappear here
    This Kind of Punishment: all albums
    Ignition: complete services
    Farside: rigged
    Throwing Muses: 1st album
    The Scars: author! author!
    Gray Matter: thog
    Moving Targets: brave noise, burning in water
    Kriticka Situace: s/t
    Jones Very: new life for lies

  113. Dspang says:

    Another band that is sorely underrated is In-Quest. Killer technicalish death metal. They had the dude from Aborted on vocals on the first album. The second was even cooler though it didn't have that guy on vocals. Love the guitar work. They create an eerie atmospheric backdrop with their albums. Some of the samples are cool too. Check'em out.

  114. tim says:

    dayinthelife's self titled album. I forgot how fuckin catchy some of these songs are. some well written shit.

  115. Jack says:

    Die 116
    Thoughts of ionesco, goes without saying really.
    La gritona

  116. TS. says:

    Prema: Pebble
    Stabbed by words s/t
    Paw: Dragline
    November coming fire: Black ballads
    Never surrender: s/t

  117. Jack says:

    NCF… why not just listen to breather resist or botch?

    Raindydayfuckparade – demo

  118. db says:

    Paw was definitely underrated. I had Dragline on tape but haven't heard it in years. Never heard their follow up records.

  119. Jack says:

    Laughing Hyenas – Life of crime
    Dazzling killmen – Face of collapse

    & the Koreisch sheesh, probably one of the most overlooked bands.

  120. Erik Van says:


    Not many people know about this Oldschool Austrian Hardcore band. They been around for almost 15 years and are still going strong.

  121. Akim says:

    The Armed – These Are Lights
    these guys may become more famous by the time. They deserve more attention.
    and they put up a free download at http://thesearelights.com/

  122. TemoC RodriGuez says:

    Aspirin Feast!!! NOW! on youtube!!! 100% raging brutalality!!! late 80's early 90's NW hardcore!!!!

  123. seepyaitch says:

    2000DS-Squat the lot Atavistic-Vanishing point Dr. Phibes & the house of wax equations-Whirlpool

  124. james says:

    DEFINITELY agree about as the sun sets sets – each individual voice. that should be a canonical record.

  125. XHenkkaX says:

    A lot of dope ones have been mentioned, but one newer one comes to mind:

    How We Are – To Teach A Hundred

    From Rochester. 2006 release. This never gets mentioned anywhere, maybe because not a lot of people know about the band/album. If Another Breath and Rival(ry)/Bridge Nine stuff is your jam then this should definitely be in your shelf. They have since broken up. The singer is also in Soul Control and Achilles.

  126. XHenkkaX says:

    To whoever mentioned INTEGRITY's Septic Death covers: are you kidding me?

    Also, I think Trial's Are These Our Lives? and Cold As Life's Born To Land Hard are hardly underrated.

  127. Jim says:

    Ignite – "Our Darkest Days", but Ignite in general deserve a lot of credit. They're brilliant.

  128. king met says:

    Negative Male Child – Little Brother
    Only Living Witness – Prone Mortal Form
    Social Disorder – All
    Cutthroat – All
    Agents Of Man – All
    Compression – Compression
    Sam Black Church – All
    Misura – Subtle Kiss of a Sledgehammer
    One True Thing – Finally
    Cave In – Jupiter

  129. Martin says:

    Red Roses for a Blue Lady – The Return to Melancholy!!!!

  130. DutchessOfHazzard says:

    Trait, Wax Trax Records

  131. jinxproof says:

    Cast Iron Hike – Watch it Burn

  132. shortcat says:

    Agent Blue – A Stolen Honda Vision

  133. met says:

    Negative Male Child
    Sam Black Church
    Social Disorder
    Only Living Witness
    One True Thing

  134. Seb says:

    this is what happens where some ex Vader (De Profundis era members) play grind + jazz (?):
    NYIA – Head Held High (candlelight)
    NYIA – More Than You Expect (FETO)
    KOBONG – Kobong (Izabelin)

  135. Anonymous says:

    INFEST-Slave LP (1988)
    This Lp hit me as SLAYER's Reign In Blood hit me!

  136. cole says:

    Acacia – Untune the Sky (kids, at the time, from London, Ontario — Bloodlet meets Neurosis with a twist of Unsane and Carcass/blackmetal-tinged vocals…)

    Bloodlet – The Seraphim Fall (tech-sludge! though i love Entheogen.. tSF is a masterpiece)

    Fall Silent – Superstructure (their best among otherwise amazing work, IMO)

    Kiss It Goodbye – She Loves Me…She Loves Me Not

    Playing Enemy – I Was Your City (band featuring Andrew Gormley of Rorschach & KIG)

    1066 – all 7" releases and 4 song cassette demo (Texas metalcore done the best way possible)

    Catharsis – Samsara

    my favorite overall album of all time: The God Machine – Scenes From the Second Storey (like Neurosis meets The Cure/Jane's Addiction…)

    glad to see Acme, Morser, Systral, Handsome, Thoughts of Ionesco, and so many of the other neglected bands are getting some attention here!

  137. Ciaran says:

    Handsome – s/t

  138. Riffery says:

    Absolution – Yes, the 7" suffered from a poor mastering job, but those are fucking great songs. The guitarist Gavin Van Vlack, later of Burn, is my all time favorite guitarist to come from the late 80's hardcore scene (followed closely by Tom Capone). Plus their song "Dead and Gone" on the Murders Among Us comp is probably the best song from ANY late hardcore band. No, I'm not joking.

    Gore – Terrible name. Incredibly heavy-as-fuck songs. Imagine Swans filtered through Melvins and then shat out by Don Caballero. Oh yeah, remember that this was taking place in 1986/87….in Holland. This is the heaviest shit you will ever take.

    Breadwinner – Have you ever owned any records on Merge? Yeah, I didn't think so. I mean, it's not home to too much awesome shit, but if you were buying records 20 years ago you would've been all over Breadwinner. 3 dudes from south of the Mason Dixon line that laid down some seriously awesome singles in a brief spand of time. Lots of peoiple say "math rock pioneers" and crap like that….I just say they had super tight shit going on that didn't need to be weighed down by vocals. Check out their singles compilation on Merge. It is worth your money.

    Engine Kid – I'm old, so I remember Engine Kid being the band that had "that guy Brotherhood" not "that guy from Sunn O)))". If you poored in some Melvins, some Bitch Magnet and some Slint you might wind up with some Engine Kid. Their best song ever is on their last 7", "Heater Sweats Nails". If you pay close enough attention you can actually hear how Engine Kid was gettting heavier and heavier. I can only imagine what would've happened if they didn't break up.

    Tar – I now ask that you all go seek out "Jackson", perhaps the GREATEST record that no one seems to ever mention when they blab on about Amphetamine Reptile Records. They did more stuff on Tough & Go, but I have to say that they do not even touch the Jackson lp. Heavy on the bass in a Chicago-pust punk kinda way.

    No Escape – In 1990 this was exactly what I wanted to hear….metal-tinged hardcore with some sweet licks and a fucking raging vocaist that always seemd as if he were about to pop a blood vessel. I drove many miles to see these dudes play in Philadelhia and New Jersey just because theie songs were full of energy. Their demo was great and the songs on the split with Turning Point were awesome. Yeah, they started to get a little bit too rock-ish at the end of it, but hey, it was 1992, dude.

  139. Bernie Rascal says:


  140. Anonymous says:

    'possible that nobody mention 'em?!…

Thoughts? Please do say something: