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Final Redemption "Vindicated Carnage" CD

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 @ 6:23am » permalink

Final Redemption - Vindicated CarnageI believe this four-song, 20-minute EP is the first proper release (following a demo in 2006) from Maryland's Final Redemption, which – as the cover art should suggest – is obviously a death metal act. Their approach isn't exactly obvious, though. Sure, they've got one of those fairly typical brutal old school death metal logos (which isn't a bad thing, as visually this release looks top notch) and the lyrics tend to follow a violent storytelling type of framework, but musically it's not really in the whole super detuned and burly vein with all the guttural vocals or anything like that. Of course those elements are present to some degree, but there's a lot more variety happening across the board, with the vocals tending to fall into more of a midrange snarl while the music takes more cues than expected from thrash and more contemporary Swedish-esque dual guitar interplay – only without the emphasis on melody. Now, I'm not saying that what they're doing is particularly inventive, because it's not, but it does offer more than what you'd tend to expect from a death metal EP called "Vindicated Carnage", you know what I mean? There's definitely a good amount of tremolo picking and some staple layering of low growls and high sneers and that kind of stuff throughout, but there's also a good amount of tactful technicality and energy, and they keep the tempo changes coming with some solid breakdowns and almost Slayer-like runs that I really didn't see coming. It's a strong effort for a self-released EP across the board, but a little more punch to the recording and mix could definitely add a little force to their future output, so I'd be curious to see what the future holds for this band. This isn't the best example of what the band is capable of herein, but there are only four tracks on the disc, so I don't want to give away a different track than what they've already got out there:

Final Redemption "Engraved in DNA"

I'm not sure what's up with pricing/ordering information, so get in touch with the band on MySpace if you're interested, and keep your eyes out for more down the road.


  1. drew says:

    that wasnt what i expected..liked the thrashy ending though.

    andrew i saw you have one of the tracks from ire works on your recent playlist, was wondering what you thought of that record. dillinger is definetly taking a different direction these days, some of the songs are way more accessible and catchy than they have been in the past, but i thought it was a very strong record. as good or better than miss machine

  2. anonymous says:

    i tought that the "production" was damn good. reminds a lot of 90's bands.

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