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After Oblivion "The Carnal Form" CD

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 @ 6:52am » permalink

After Oblivion - The Carnal FormI don't know very much about After Oblivion, but the technical death metal outfit is rather uniquely located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and I believe this four-song demo is their debut release. Aside from the fact that I've been able to determine that they've been around since at least 2005, that's about all I can reveal about their background information. Admittedly influenced by the almighty likes of Death, Cynic, and Gorguts, it's the Death influence that comes across most blatantly to these ears, with quite a number of riffs and song structures – and even some of the bass work (though it's mixed far less prominently here) – borrowing liberally from the vibe of the "Individual Thought Patterns" era. It's not exactly what I would consider a rip-off or anything like that, though, since the lead playing has more of a hurriedly fluid (if that makes sense) and openly melodic kind of thing going on and the vocals are going for an even harsher high-end strain than Schuldiner's niche, while the rhythms are more stripped down and one-dimensional than the variety that Death was always exploring in their heyday. The vocals took me some getting used to at first, but by the time the third song came around I had grown quite accustomed to the delivery. I'd definitely still encourage the band to push themselves to explore a slightly wider range of influences, however, because they're clearly competent musicians that are highly capable of delivering some great technical, melodic death metal. The performances are tight, the recording's perfectly suitable for a demo release (if not something more), the artwork is well executed, etc. I think the fact that all of these songs are about three to three-and-a-half minutes pays off big time for the band, because it keeps the energy moving and prevents boredom, but a full-length might need a hint more color and excitement to carry 45 minutes or so, you know? It's obvious that they have the tools to make it happen, though, and if they can pull it off I'd say they'd make a great fit on the Willowtip roster or what have you.

After Oblivion "The Carnal Form"

I believe physical copies of the demo are only available as some kind of double CD-R split with Brazilian death metal band No Blest, but I think the cost is fairly inexpensive, so get in touch with the band if you're interested in a copy.


  1. Bill says:

    indeed quite good. i like the solos and some kind of "older" touch that can be heard. especially the vocals remind me of older bands -before the 3rd millenium.

  2. Avi says:

    If you want some more Death worship, check out the new Decrepit Birth album "Diminishing between worlds".

  3. Johnny says:

    Technically sound…I'd love to hear what they could do with a proper recording. And was it just me, or was that solo at the beginning totally accidentally Clevo? The way that was done was awesome.

  4. Karl J says:

    I would *absolutely* mistake that for a lost Death track if I heard it from another room or whatevfer. As someone who sadly only got into Death well after Chuck's passing, I find myself really drawn to stuff heavily inspired by him. Almost like I need to make up for it somehow. Anyway, thanks for the listen – I'll see how much the CD-R will set me back..

  5. Adrianoso says:

    ooooo yes!

  6. Samir says:

    There is no words that would discribe this miracle from Bosnian underground,
    tnx oblivion for keeping metal soul alive…..
    et hata na engleskom… :)
    pozd. iz bihaca! i dabogda i oblivion dosao kod nas ahahah

  7. Holy shit, this is hot! And it sounds exactly like Death! Not that that's a bad thing. A little eerie, though.

  8. Abdallah says:

    After Oblivion is the best death metal band of all the times, thats what i think because when im not listening to Death im probably listening to them…i spent looking for a band which music is close to death music and so far AO is the only band who satisfied me!!

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