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Brain Dead/Rot in Hell "Millennial Psychosis" split 7"

Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2008 @ 6:43am » permalink

Brain Dead/Rot in Hell - Millennial Psychosis - splitHere we have a little over 12 minutes of various forms of UK hardcore on a split release between two bands and three labels: Feast of Tentacles, Rumour Control Records, and Vinyl Addict Records. As for the bands, Brain Dead kicks things off with four scathing tracks of quirky hardcore/punk that's kind of like powerviolence with a little more breathing room involved. It's not just blazing speed and hammering intensity, there are some weird riffs and tempo changes happening to keep things interesting, which is great. Rot in Hell, on the other hand, dish out two more tracks (though they really run together into one long piece) of their worship-worthy Clevo-worship, this time littered with even more quick little Integrity-esque leads and a few chunkier midpaced breaks and darker dissonant riffs for good measure. The recording's of course a little on the raw side, which works out fine, but I can't help but wonder how awesome these guys would sound if they could beef things up and get some fiery and over the top "Systems Overload" styled production values happening. They're definitely starting to master the early-Integrity songwriting style now, though, as a number of moments in this composition are dead on homages to moments from "Those Who Fear Tomorrow", so… I'm all over it. Good stuff, and I'll look forward to hearing more.

Brain Dead "Abort"
Rot in Hell "The Barrens/Cholothrax" (excerpt)


Feast of Tentacles
Rumour Control Records
Vinyl Addict Records


  1. Andy says:

    fuck yes – this is indeed clevo-worship the way it should be done. is this "rot in hell"´s first release? i can already see myself running these excerpts the whole day until i can lay my hands on the record!


    Nope, I wrote about their demo 7" a few months back right here, and they'll have another split out very soon as well, actually.

  3. Andy says:

    must´ve missed that one. thanks.
    by the way, can´t you try and convince a-double to team up with dwid again or at least write songs the way he used to in "die hard", "integ" etc.; i tried to do so, but he said he´s beyond that. shit, there must be a way…

  4. Bill says:

    i hope they will release some compilation or something on CD as well.Fuck LPs.

  5. Son Of Man says:

    CD/LP Out on Violent Change Records this year.

  6. markusxKTL says:

    Had to put an order in rightaway, Rot in hell is spectacular. Can't wait for that cd/lp, is that demo 7" sill available for somewhere by the way, i need to get it too?

  7. Johnny says:

    This Rot in Hell is maybe the best Clevo worship of this generation. They're definitely the first to capture the proper Hessian nature of the solo work that came from that fair city. Good stuff.

  8. Son Of Man says:

    Rot has a split planned with Wraith towards the end of the year. they've got an EP coming out first on Reflections records, give them a shot…really good Tragedy/HHIG/Cursed type stuff


  9. jim says:

    ROI are so boring. Like the world needs ANOTHERnintegrity rip off band.

    BD on the other hand rule!

  10. svein says:

    I didn't quite catch Rot in hell's vibe on this particular track, but boy oh by, oh motherfucker do they rip, kill, fuck over and destroy on Sins of malice from that other seven inch I monstrously sadly never got ahold of. That single track is perhaps the greatest song I have heard since the motherfucking eighties. Even though they came out a great batch of years too late to be imperatively relevant, they are fucking monolithic on that track. 100% fucking killing.

    Christ, I need a cold shower.

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