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Pulling Teeth "Martyr Immortal" CD

Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2008 @ 6:35am » permalink

Pulling Teeth - Martyr ImmortalPulling Teeth's "Martyr Immortal" (another Deathwish Inc. gem) was the only hardcore-related record to make it onto my list of five favorite albums from 2007, and god damnit is this a great fucking disc. An awesomely rugged (read: pissed off) recording with an almost weird blend of fiery distortion and subtle dissonance perfectly amplifies the songwriting's superb balance of raw, raging speeds (Gehenna circa "The War of the Sons of Light and the Suns of Darkness", anyone?) mixed with the kind of breakdowns that make you want to fuckin' rip people's throats out, and my ears simply don't get treated to this kind of mastery too often these days, man. Love it. And, uhhh, I really respect the band and the label for not hyping the shit out of this fact and all, but, ummm, well, it's kind of what you'd call a "big deal" that Aaron fucking Melnick plays some blazing "Systems Overload"-styled leads on this motherfucker. The Aaron Melnick. A-fucking-Double. I mean, come on! That's huge, is it not!? (Edit: Apparently Aaron didn't actually play on the album tracks, he just helped write some of the riffs, which actually makes the lead performances on the record even more mind-bogglingly impressive because the Melnick-ian lead style has been mirrored to absolute perfection. I'm fucking shocked.) And then Dwid contributes hoarsely whispered/spoken vocals to epic 7+ minute closer "Dismissed in Time", which has the experimental flare of numerous Integrity tracks from the late-90's split 7" days (only better – believe it). But that's not to steal any thunder from Pulling Teeth themselves, of course, as the glory is all rightfully theirs. Every song of the short but sweet 26-minute running time is a keeper, and I'll take this over any other hardcore-related album of last year any day of the week. No questions asked. Outfuckingstanding. The bar has been raised, and the competition's looking fucked, my friends. Absolutely recommended on every level.

Pulling Teeth "Clipped Wings"
Pulling Teeth "Dead is Dead"


@ Deathwish Inc. (CD)
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  1. tim says:

    Just listened to MI again, it just rages through, never bores, u said it all. Holy terror 2007 = Pulling Teeth. I just wonder how they're going to up their game after this release.

  2. Tom says:

    awesome fucking record! and the last song is so fucking brilliant!

  3. Eddie says:

    I can't wait to see them on Saturday with Gehenna and Starkweather.

    Andrew, you should come out of your shell for this show.

  4. Jeff says:

    Not even close, best hardcore album of 2007

  5. manisthebastard says:

    Ha ha. Great post!

  6. Tom says:

    "I can't wait to see them on Saturday with Gehenna and Starkweather."

    I would die to see those 3 bands together. Wheeew.

  7. Eddie says:

    Gehenna canceled but I'm still excited for the other bands playing.

  8. markusxKTL says:

    One of definitely best albums of 2007, fucking rages. I wonder still how these guys can make such sick stuff, i thought Vicious Skin was hard, but Martyr Immortal took it even further.

  9. michaeljo says:


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