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Podcast aftermath…

Posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2008 @ 1:51pm » permalink

If you're interested, you can download an mp3 of my appearance on the aforementioned podcast (see previous post) here:

Live Fast Racing Podcast #8

Or you can listen to a stream from this page by clicking on the orange "Listen" link to the right of 01/05/2008 10:00 AM EST – EPISODE8 – LiveFastRacing Call In Show, under "Past Episodes".

Many thanks to Johnny for having me, and hopefully I didn't make a fool of myself!


  1. Jeff says:

    Very odd podcast show, I'm guessing most of the shows are about racing/nascar type stuff? How the hell did this guy find you?

  2. Johnny says:

    Yeah, most of the podcasts we do cover F1, NASCAR and Superbike racing, but on the http://livefastracing.com website, I do tons of metal and hardcore record reviews, so that's where the tie in is. I've known Andrew for years because of his awesome music sites and some of my readers/listeners were into a music show, so I couldn't think of a better guest to have on. It was a blast.

  3. Anonymous says:

    almsot 2 hours. you are crazy man ;)

  4. tim says:

    Done listening, fun podcast, the 'samples-in-records' part was a good laugh :D . Funny thing Bitter End made the best new york influenced harcore record of the year. Some young cats from Texas showing madball and agnostic front (horrible albums both) how it's done, I'd also rate them higher than violation btw. Just checked Crux, amazing, This et all sounds ok but got to listen some more, of course pulling teeth is also high on my list I'd like to take the time to highlight another criminally overlooked releaseof 2007: Malkovich – Kings'n Bosses,(http://www.myspace.com/malkovich) great songs, great riffage and an overall toally original vibe while still maintaining that hardcore agressiveness, the record's just so chovesive whill each song has a totally different vibe and structure going on. I'm also looking forward to hearing more about Hostage Calm (they're taking cues from the more melodic hardcore bands like H20, four walls falling and some desendents thrown in) (http://www.myspace.com/hostagecalmct) That demo just kept playing here, the songs are there, the singalongs, the fun, check it out. Lastly thankin' Steel Nation for providing the much needed crog mags/ringworm fix, the double bass drum, trial? nice! record. Hope to read a lot more on this site in 2008.


    Tim, many thanks for listening and for the comment, much appreciated, truly. Steel Nation sounds pretty damn promising as well, I need to look into that one!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I listened about 20 minutes of it. Shining was one of the best records for me also. Hard to pick another best releases.
    Neurosis and Rwake were also great. And Portal. And… Whew it's hard to me to narrow 5 "best of".
    Wasn't This et al released in 06?
    I will listen the whole interview when I will have the time. Don't hear good and the record is a litlle "blurry" but I will manage to get through somewhat.

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh and I forgot Mayhem: Ordo ad Chao.. Say whatever you want it's still far better than most black meatl albums and simply crushes everyrhing Mayhem has done since De Mystheries dom Sathanas…


    I think the This Et Al record was initially released by the band in 2006, but I covered it on the site in early-2007, and it looks like it was picked up by a label and re-released in 2007, so… that's good enough for me, ha, ha.

  9. I just listened to this whole thing, and it was effing great. Really nice to hear some in-depth dialogue about records, and to get an idea of what makes you tick. My only complaint was that there wasn't enough foul language. Cheers, and great to hear your voice, you sounded just fine…

  10. Karl J says:

    Very much enjoyed the podcast. Started kind-of haltingly, but got into a good groove quickly enough. Why was the recording of Johnny's voice all messed up throughout, but yours was clear as a bell? Not a big deal – I could still understand everything that was said, but it just got a bit frustrating…
    Glad to see both of your lists – I actually agree more with Johnny's, but only because I've heard most of that stuff. I still need to check out the stuff from your list. Thanks as always!

  11. Johnny says:

    Hey Karl J and IO, thanks much for the kind words. We had a blast doing this thing.

    Karl: The audio on my end was distorted because of some problem the Talkshoe server was having in communicating with my client. I apologize for this happening and we're looking at using a different recording software from now on out. I'm glad you could at least understand it.

    Invisible Oranges: Andrew's profanity was artificially restrained by me so I could keep my PG rating for my usual racing show, haha. Next time I'll see if we can't get a little more raw.

  12. chris says:

    haven't had the time to listen to the whole thing, but as an "avid reader" that's been around since cca 2003, it's nice to finally hear the voice behind the words. ;)

  13. Karl J says:

    I also meant to say that I'm pretty bummed that you lost money on the Formicide project (which was excellent). Looking forward to the upcoming releases and hope things work out so that the the full 3 CD set that you mentioned is available. I know you need more than little ol' me to make these things successful, but I'm hoping more people like me (like us, I suppose) will get turned on to this and join in. I'm really sickened by the state of CD sales and the attitude of everyone I know that feels completely justified downloading everything. As always, glad to come in contact with some kindred spirits here…

    Johnny – can't really say I'm into the whole racing scene, but I certainly respect your taste in music and will be checking out the site for your reviews from now on. High on Fire will be down here in Tampa in about 3 weeks – I can't wait. I saw them here once before, but they were opening for The Red Chord and I think I was the only one there to see HoF (therefore the crowd reaction was tepid, to be kind). This upcoming show will be smaller, but they are the headliner – should be excellent.

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