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Ritual Sacrifice "The Early Years: 1988 – 1992" CD

Posted on Friday, June 15th, 2007 @ 8:59am » permalink

Ritual Sacrifice - The Early Years: 1988 - 1992Another badass new release from Areadeath Productions is an early discography of ripping thrash from Rhode Island's Ritual Sacrifice. Included are the "Into Darkness, We Fall" (1992), "The Inhuman Race" (1990), and self-titled (1989) demos, along with a seven-track live set recorded on WRIU radio in 1991 – totaling a little less than an hour's worth of absolutely awesome underground thrash that absolutely deserved a release of this nature on every level. I sort of expected there to be more of a death metal vibe happening with this material, but that's not the case at all. For the most part it's just straight up thrash chock full of raging riffs and some fuckin' sick breakdowns, and in fact there's even quite a bit of a crossover influence happening from time to time, especially with some of the rippingly fast vocal arrangements. It's just the perfect combination of the crunchy and somewhat technical edge of the late-80's Bay Area scene with some of the slightly catchier "groove" of east coast bands like Anthrax and Nuclear Assault (though they do not sound like either of those bands, so don't get the wrong idea). The songwriting is just total fucking gold across the board here, I'm totally blown away.

The sound quality's pretty damn good, too. There's just a touch of tape hiss here and there (no big deal at all), but nothing sounds muddy or uneven, and to my great surprise the live radio tracks sound almost exactly like the studio demo recordings. There's almost no indication whatsover that they were recorded live. Impressive. Even the 1989 demo, while a bit rougher, sounds pretty damn good after all these years. I'm not sure why the tracklist isn't arranged in reverse chronological order, though (the 1991 radio set – which includes two tracks not on any demo – for some reason appears after the 1990 demo but before the 1989 demo). I guess it's because the 1989 demo does have the rawest sound quality, but… like I said, it sounds fine, so… if not following a timeline they probably should've put the three demos together and tacked the live tracks on at the end. Go figure. The full-color 12-page booklet contains lyrics, a partial band history, and plenty of old photos and artwork. There are some surprisingly awesome lyrics, too. The band name might suggest your typical "evil" lyrical content, but that's not really what's going on here at all:

Our churches are empty – our prisons are full, a state of depression exists. Mothers and fathers abusing their children, and blame music when they slit their wrists. Preaching conformity – watch the TV, spreading the corporate disease. Without faith in mankind – hell on earth we will find, until death brings the only release.

Awesome, awesome stuff. I'm all over this…

Ritual Sacrifice "Condemned to Live"
Ritual Sacrifice "Day of Retribution"
Ritual Sacrifice "309"
Ritual Sacrifice "This is Your God" (live)

Completely and totally recommended, so support these impressive endeavors with a purchase if you like what you hear:

@ Evil Legend Records


  1. Yeah! I'm digging this. I totally hear the East Coast element. Crazy energy – they don't make bands like this anymore.

  2. vevivo says:

    This band is terrible…The W.R.I.U sessions are very sloppy…….

  3. phantomlord says:

    I have noticed on a few songs, that the guitar playing is out of synch. Very fast drumming, great foot work…


    Seen this band live several times……At the time, they had one of the fastest drummers I have ever seen play…..The drumming seperated this band from all the ordinary "Trash" bands of that time….

  5. the drummer sent me says:

    gee i wonder if the drummer or his friends found this post

  6. EVIL-DEATH- says:

    This band blows………….Simply Stated!!!!!!!!

  7. hey same person this is fun says:

    most of the above inflammatory comments all came from the same email address whoooooo-hoooooo someone has a lot of time on their hands


  8. D.L. says:

    To my dearest bro Ray L., you are a backstabbing fucking piece of shit..And to the other fucking tards, you guys suck.
    Love Dave

  9. "The Geezer" says:

    As the bass player of this band on the first 2 demos. I am happy to say 4 of the original members are hard at work writing new material and burying the hatchet. What seperated us in the past is now water under the bridge and as we approach middle age, we are trying to act like adults and continue what we started in the 80's.

    Please visit our myspace as we are updating and will be posting a new shirt soon and as we complete each song they will be posted for your listening pleasure.

    You will never see and negative comments posted by the current members here. Sour Grapes are not our food of choice.

    Thank you for your continued support and look for us in the future.

    Ray Dowaliby
    Bass 1988 – 1990 and current

  10. Niel Faria says:

    "I went to high school with Dave and Ray and got to know them well as I was also playing guitar for another local metal band at the time.I can tell you right now when those demos came out I was quite impressed and to this day I still say this those songs and that band had more potential than 90% of the bands of that era.Salutations to Ray and Dave for representing R.I. Metal and hails to Ritual Sacrifice for keeping it real."

  11. David Latraverse says:

    In my opinion, the best line up was Ray Latraverse, David Latraverse, Jim Otis, Ray Dowaliby and Bill Pincins was the chemistry and sound that created Ritual Sacrifice..I am honored to have played with those guys….and yes hard feelings come and go…..All is forgiving….Dave.

  12. ray latraverse says:

    Thanks dave i finally read your comment…backstabbing piece of shit? get over it pal! The old days were great and we played hard and practiced alot and wrote great songs..anybody says we sucked..fuck u! Let me hear your music…so I can judge it…ritual sacrifice is over…but I had alot of fun with a bunch of great guys writing music!

  13. WRAITHEON says:

    I caught the tail end of this band in the late 90's. One of the only REAL metal bands from Rhode Island that was active before the year 2000. Providence is known for its artsy Olneyville crust sound OR (especially in the 90's) a down-tuned, hardcore influenced, lame-as-hell sound that could be heard coming out of every room in the J. Vingi building (practice space), with the exception of Vital Remains and Ritual Sacrifice.
    They remain a HUGE influence our band and myself, personally. I used to have a RS shirt but the last 20 years turned it to dust. Anyways, awesome fucking band. Fuck all shit talkers.
    Bog of the Infidel / Venomizer

  14. Bill Pincins says:

    Thanks Chris for the kind words!! I had a blast playing those tunes back then. – Bill

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