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Furious Styles "Life Lessons" CD

Posted on Monday, March 12th, 2007 @ 7:34am » permalink

Furious Styles - Life Lessons"Life Lessons" is the debut full-length from Seattle's Furious Styles on Hand of Hope Records, and while I've never been fond of some of the real world scenarios that can arise from the "toughguy" mentality, when it comes to bands who deliver this style of brutish metallic hardcore I fuckin' eat it up, and this record delivers said style in the finest form I've encountered in recent months. While its 12 tracks only run a mere 25 minutes, every song's a keeper, and the band definitely has their own sort of sound happening in terms of utilizing some hip-hop influenced vocal arrangements over a rather Madball-esque musical backdrop. They certainly never bring such vocal/lyrical attributes to an E.Town Concrete level or anything like that, though, and many of the vocals are just your standard shouts – so the material should definitely appeal to fans of concise, to the point metallic hardcore based around moderately fast power chords and chugging breakdowns with a great balance of churning metal (not to mention some slick solos) and hardcore energy. The recording took me just a little getting used to for some reason, but I've got no complaints. I think I'd like to hear the basslines become even more prominent given the aesthetics of some of the material (and the fact that some of the playing seems pretty tight), but whatever, you know? Great cover art, too. I don't know, that's pretty much all I can say. I've been looking for some more of this kind of stuff to spin lately and this record totally hits the spot. Great shit.

Furious Styles "Born on the Outside"
Furious Styles "Mind Your Business"

Damn sure recommended, so buy the fuckin' CD if you dig the tracks, okay? Get to it:

@ Hand of Hope Records
@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution


  1. chris says:

    not bad. i wish it was even more thugged out and macho-ass (like boxcutter, or something), the dude just sounds too young and kinda wannabe-ish. but good stuff nevertheless, been missing that sound.

  2. inhalexhale says:

    Yeah, i really like the rapping in it, sounds similar to old Biohazard and some Madball tunes, but the guy's not too persuasive. Still enjoyed those two excessively much, thanks for the heads-up =)

  3. Carlzilla says:

    Ouch, I'm not a big fan of the rap-core thing. The actual music wasn't too terrible, but the vocals killed any hope of it not sucking. I guess I'm not just not thugged out and macho-ass enough for this.

  4. Adrianoso says:

    hmmm not bad. Vocals kinda remind me of Donnybrook a lil bit. I like it when he "raps" whilst he was screaming in "Born on the Outside."

  5. Arrisin says:

    Now, i'm not to sure on this, but i actaully think these's guys have been around for awhile now, but they remind me a lot of Donnybrook.
    There a pretty good, they play some awesome shows!

  6. Regan says:

    I picked this up at interpunk.com. Thanx for the tip!

  7. Jon says:

    I think this album is awesome! I listen to it alot. And I have to differ with what some people were saying about the vocals being a negative. I think its refreshing to hear vocals that are NOT way over the top screaming or really "big-tough-guy" sounding, because its kinda played out in my opinion and, alot of the time corny. Its nice to get something new, and mix it up. In my opinion, its all together a solid album, that keeps its momentum from start to finish. Everyone should definately go buy it.

  8. johntorn says:

    We played with Furious Styles in Denver, they were fuckin' great. I usually don't get into this stuff that much, either, but they were probably one of the more memorable bands we played with on that particular tour.

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