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Comeback Kid and A Day to Remember…

Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2007 @ 9:11am » permalink

Comeback Kid - Broadcasting...Upon my first few listens to "Broadcasting…", the latest from Canada's Comeback Kid (again on Victory Records), I couldn't quite decide what I thought of it. I liked it just fine, that was never an issue, I just couldn't really make up my mind about much of anything beyond that. As the tone of the killer layout would suggest, it's a little darker than the band's past efforts – musically and lyrically – which brings with it a more aggressive approach. Don't get me wrong, it's still super melodic and bursting with fast-paced riffing and energetic arrangements complete with loads of octave chords and huge gang vocals – hell, there are even some hints at "singing" here and there (it's really more of a "yelled singing", to be honest) – but there's definitely a slightly heavier bent happening in there this time around, though it may escape cursory listens. As with other hardcore acts that have taken this more artistic and developed approach in recent years, some of the catchiness of the band's prior work is lost, but Comeback Kid have definitely retained more of those characteristics than many of their contemporaries – so their foray towards more creative avenues (which I always respect in full regardless) has actually been among the more successful of such pursuits within the genre. There are some totally raging basslines present, and I love the more discordant and technical riffing with lots of dual guitar interaction that's starting to present itself. I think that from a listener's perspective some of the "uncertainties" of the album are probably stemming from the fact that it seems to be the first step towards something even grander… and that's what I'm really looking forward to experiencing. This is good stuff, though.

Comeback Kid "In Case of Fire"
Comeback Kid "Defeated"

This one's definitely growing on me with time. The more I listen to it the more the little badass intricacies start to jump out. Certainly recommended:

@ Victory Records
@ RevHQ

A Day to Remember - For Those Who Have HeartWhen I first popped this CD in I was fully expecting it to suck – and I know that plenty of the people who read this site will find that to be the case regardless – because something about the look of it just didn't seem like it would be my thing. I had completely forgotten that I reviewed the band's debut a couple of years ago and pretty much trashed it – which is just as well, 'cause had I recalled that fact I might not have bothered to listen to this record at all. But if nothing else Victory Records is still good for handing bands enough money to get a nice sounding recording – granted A Day to Remember has vastly improved their songwriting on their first outing for the label, "For Those Who Have Heart", so they deserve most of the credit there. As with their debut the framework takes fast, melodic hardcore rhythms and emo-ish levels of blatant catchiness in the singing combined with chunkier metalcore riffing and harsher vocals, so there's still somewhat of a disjointed range of influences happening, but the recording is perfectly solid and I really like the bulk of the material quite a bit. Everything is far more energetic and memorable, so when held against the improved production values that makes a huge difference. Sure, it's not exactly original, but at the same time it does take a little bit of a different approach. Now that they've nailed down the way that they handle all of their influences they're heavier than most of their emo-leaning contemporaries and catchier than most of those more in the metalcore vein, so… while there's still room for improvement, this is a massive step forward, and I really dig the result.

A Day to Remember "Fast Forward to 2012"
A Day to Remember "The Plot to Bomb the Panhandle"

Come on, you know you kinda like it, so pick one up:

@ Victory Records
@ RevHQ


  1. steve says:

    I like the new CBK record a lot – I expected it to be watered down from their last – but i think it's better. do people even associate this band with the x-tian thing anymore?

  2. Johnny says:

    Steve since they're down to like one original member, most people probably don't. Like many bands that have come before, they worked the "beliefs" when it helped him and then dropped them when it didn't. I still see tons of those x-tian kids jocking the shit out of them though.

  3. Whoa, it sounds like Comeback Kid got 100 people to do the gang vocals. This is definitely a darker vibe than "Wake the Dead." The guitars on "Defeated" are awesome. The recording seems a little rougher, too, but it fits the material. I was wondering how they'd get on after losing their singer…sounds like they're doing just fine.

  4. wes says:

    a day to remember was pretty interesting…. can't relate to the lyrics but I could see myself being into this as a young punk kid. The singing is just far enough from emo-dramatic crap that it's a cool mix

  5. Justin says:

    I hate to admit it but those CBK songs are pretty alright. This is the first time I"m hearing the band, as their atrocious name turned me off to them previously. However, they have Christian lyrics or just some of the members are/were?

  6. brooklyn says:

    I might fall out of line with the other commentators, but what the heck this is free speech: I dislike the new CBK. The vocals are awfulll. Its an attempt to singing but never gets further than just monotous screaming. The previous vocalist was better I think. I have the previous CBK records. I bought this one…. and sold it on.

  7. Arrisin says:

    Well i have the new Comeback Kid cd, and i have to say i like it, but i do agree with "invisible Oranges" (is that a nickname or just something random?)its seesm as if they wanted to make it a bit heavier or something.Its weird to listen to Firgure Four now, cuz there singer is the new singer for Comeback Kid, but both of them are awesome bands!
    So go out and get the cd!

    Now i have never heard of A Day to Remember before now, honestly it surprised me a lot. hahaha, but it would have to grow on me.I dont know, i'd at least give it a chance.

  8. Emily Nichols says:


    Alex is a HOTTIE! and they are all amazing!

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