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Aerial "The Sentinel" CD

Posted on Thursday, March 1st, 2007 @ 8:39am » permalink

Aerial - The SentinelAerial (Sweden) returns with "The Sentinel", again from No Method, offering up nine tracks and 40 minutes of that sprawling "post-rock" type of angle. This time out the compositions tend to be shorter than those on their debut, also employing a hint more vocals, though it's still a largely instrumental journey that bears something of a cinematic quality to its overall presentation/delivery. The dense, crisp, natural recording works quite nicely to highlight the band's uses of space and layering as the instruments interact – often holding the vocals farther back in the core of the mix – and as expected they've retained a lot of back and forth between dynamics, utilizing gradual transitions to ease the flow. Thick, pulsing basslines weave together with superbly fluid percussive work that blends restrained patterns with tight, rigid bursts; while soft, somber clean passages with the aesthetics of indie rock present a humming sort of brightness. Although, the bulk of the textures and arrangements kind of carry those same "bright" qualities, really – even when things become heavier and more subtly aggressive. And beyond those "aggressive" tendencies lies some rather noisy guitar work that walks a droning sort of line and crosses over into more acerbic territory on occasion. While I'm not a huge fan of that element in most cases, it's a very minor part of the overall approach here, and Aerial very much handles everything they do with a great deal of tact and artistry. There are even some unexpectedly sinister undercurrents from time to time, most notably during the occasional – though infrequent – uses of samples. The disc is housed in a nice, simple little glossy digipack to round things out, making for another pleasant release from the band. Well done.

Aerial "You Will All Die, All Things Will"

Absolutely pick up a copy if the music interests you:

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  1. Ryan T says:

    Is this the same Aerial that did "Black Rain From the Bombing" because is so they're really really good.

  2. xBenx says:

    This is awesome ;) Fuckin gettin this riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now!!!

  3. ed says:

    I love this band. More people need to here them. Thanks for covering this!

  4. ed says:

    whoops I mean "hear".

  5. scar says:

    It sounds exactly like the newer Explosions in the sky…

  6. O says:

    Yeah I will get this.
    Thanks for bringing it up. I don't know WTF happens in sweden, I mean this, Once We Were, Scraps of Tape, Audrey and then all the amazing metal stuff they're having.

  7. O says:

    Got both albums from aerial.
    Fucking Great!
    One the first one I hear clear connection to Sonic Youth. great great pop, also reminds me somehow of their country mate Logh, Which is a big compliment at this point.
    And if I think that both cds were just 16€ that's a bargain.
    Thanks for bringing this out really.

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