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108 "s/t" CD

Posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 @ 8:45am » permalink

108 - s/tI never would've seen it coming, but I was pretty damn psyched to learn that 108 was getting back together to work on some new music, and I jumped on picking this shit up as soon as it went on sale. This disc's a limited edition demo (numbered of 1,008 copies) that contains seven brand new tunes, covers of "The Bars" (Black Flag) and "Coptic Times" (Bad Brains), and a 1995 demo recording of "Blood". In terms of songwriting character there's a little bit of everything here, so the band is basically back in action like they never went away: Fierce screams over chunky rhythms and chaotic bursts of intense, noisy riffing and caustic textures, occasional excursions into energetic and slightly more traditional hardcore chord progressions, etc. The lyrics are as strong as ever, too:

I stare at the ground, there's no hope today but you, you can't wash life away. Distract until the clock has circled all the way. You'll settle for anything, anything to make it go away. When do we reclaim ourselves and all that lives within our hearts and in our head? Stop waiting for a sign when all of the answers are right in front of your face, all of the answers are right in front of your face.

Being a demo, the recording's got an appropriate rawness to it with a natural warmth and density that lets the pulsing bass tone really play a focal role in the core of the mix right beside the guitars, and that works out nicely. A couple of the tracks are slightly rougher around the edges than others, but nothing distracts from the force of the songs themselves. Several of the tracks are a hint looser and noisier in structure than some of the band's past efforts – though not without a sense of control – but the last two new tracks, "Strength or Fear?" and "(Walk?) Their Path", are both absolutely fucking incredible. If that's any indication of what's to come, then fuckin' sign me up, and put 108 down for one of the best reunions ever. I can't wait to hear another proper full-length from these cats…

108 "Strength or Fear?"

$10 is a hint steep for a demo, but these CD's do look to be pro-pressed discs, and the full-color insert is top-notch quality as well, so… you know me, I always encourage you to show your support and make the purchase when you're a fan. Get on it:

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  1. Devin says:

    SO glad to see 108 getting a mention. I just ordered a copy of this record. Such a great band – I'm incredibly pumped about their reunion.

  2. Tom DK says:

    Awesome! I Ordered it immediately. :)

  3. Mike S says:

    108 were one of the first proper hardcore bands I really got into. Someone was kind enough to give me a rather good mixtape featuring 108, Unroken, and Integrity when I was 17 and I never looked back.

  4. […] The first ever taste of hardcore I was given beyond a Sick Of It All album, was a C60 mixtape featuring heavy doses of Unbroken, Integrity, Metroshifter, and 108. Even amongst more complex and accomplished tracks the 108 tracks stood out a mile quality-wise just the segment of the cassette with them on remained a firm favourite for replays for years afterwards. I mention this because Aversion has posted a single track from the bands new self-titled demo. […]

  5. phil d says:

    i got nothing bad to say about 108 soooo fucking good

  6. Mike S says:

    Feel free to delete that second post of mine there… I've no idea how my blog managed to send that here.

  7. Rebel without a Cause says:

    very good band but for me personally isnt better than Unbroken.

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