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XRepresentX and Suffocate Faster…

Posted on Monday, November 27th, 2006 @ 9:15am » permalink

XRepresentX - True at All CostsThis is my first exposure to XRepresentX, an Erie, PA straightedge band. I believe "True at All Costs" (1981 Records) is their debut full-length, and everything about this shit – right down to the lyrics and artwork – is in the vein of the 90's style of chugging metallic hardcore. That's all there is to it. They're not reinventing the fucking wheel at all, they just shift from straightforward three-chord hardcore bursts to absolutely pummeling slow to midpaced breakdowns with vocals shouting along all the way. The result is 12 relatively brief tracks in less than a half-hour, but despite the fact that it's nothing new, you don't hear but so much of this stuff these days in terms of keeping it simple and straightforward to the roots of the sound, not to mention that the straightedge bent of the lyrical content has definitely dropped off in the last 10 years, so I can definitely appreciate where this material's coming from. The recording's nice and thick as well, with just the right amount of bass presence and a good snap to the percussion. Good stuff.

XRepresentX "Live it Up"
XRepresentX "Written in Blood"

Make the grab if you dig the tunes:

@ 1981 Records
@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution

Suffocate Faster - Don't Kill the MessengerAnother recent full-length from 1981 Records comes in the form of "Don't Kill the Messenger" (which I think is the band's second effort) from Cincinnati, OH's Suffocate Faster. Not terribly far removed from XRepresentX above, this is more straightedge metalcore with loads of chugging mosh breaks and fierce, sneering vocals, but the overall aesthetic of this material is a little slower and leans more towards the metallic side of things. Faster rhythms do present themselves, but the vocals are more aggressive and over the top, and there's somewhat of a sludgy vibe to some of the riffing in terms of both density and dissonance (which reaches for a Crowbar-esque level at its best), with the tracks bulking up to slightly longer lengths due to the pacing. Another relatively thick recording is present as well, though there's some room for improvement in terms of providing some separation between the bass and guitars and trying to get the percussion to feel a bit more natural to better blend in with the crushing rhythms that are running the show. Not too shabby, though…

Suffocate Faster "A War Within"
Suffocate Faster "Taste My Steel"

As always, make the purchase if this is your thing:

@ 1981 Records
@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution


  1. Tyrone says:

    I've been listening to xRepresentx so much lately, the CD hardly leaves my CD player.

  2. phil d says:

    fuck xreprsentx some of the lamest people in the world not to mention the most generic mosh bro shit ever.

  3. phil d says:

    ohh yea x1981x records can eat shit money hungry bastards.

  4. i'm the man says:



    Damn, Phil, you must have "dirt" on everyfuckin'body!?

  6. phil d says:

    well im from erie, and work with the bass player soooooooo

  7. Rebel without a Cause says:

    damn (some) folks what a stupid comments. are you completley retarded? if you dont like band fine, but dont act like bunch of five years old kids! pathetic pathetic pathetic!!!
    i got over my head people writting that kinds of comments on internet. Its stupid and easily shows how old are people. Although some ten years kids acts more mature than some teenagers or even 2x years old people.

  8. Rebel without a Cause says:

    not to mention that people who complain about originality and money eating listen bands like "original" As I Lay Dying and still buy music from "we dont eat money" Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, etc…

  9. the d stands for dork says:

    phil d hates on everyone cause he's still living in his parents basement with nothing better to do then do google searches on xrepresentx to make fun of them.. sweet life fatso

  10. phil d says:

    hahahahahahaha the d stands for dork man you are probably some siq br0 im sure. sorry andrew for clogging up your generally awesome blog with my personal hatred for a bunch of shitty dudes

  11. ddd says:

    I have a hard time getting tired of this stuff. When done right it can sound so pissed. Who needs originality when you have anger.

  12. chris says:

    what the hell is this? Lambgoat? get a life. just enjoy the blog.

  13. chris says:

    phil, at least tell the people what's up, back up your statements with some "facts". otherwise it comes across as just plain dumb and frustration-fueled.

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