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Hirudinea/Watchmaker split CD

Posted on Monday, November 13th, 2006 @ 9:09am » permalink

Hirudinea/Watchmaker splitThis raging split from Bestial Onslaught Productions offers up a total of 11 tracks in 35 minutes from these two raw, fierce Boston metal acts. Hirudinea kicks things off with four tunes that plow through everything from blistering power violence-esque grind to borderline black metal intensity in terms of speed and dissonance, so one minute it might be thick, twisted, discordant slow to midpaced poundings and the next blazing, caustic chords tearing away with no remorse. The multi-vocal attack offers a range of grunts, snarls, screams, and yells that's actually very fucking cool, and aids in creating the surprisingly tangible (if not memorable) vibe that this material holds. I'd never expect such mangled and uncompromising tracks to be so damn energetic, but these cats are definitely onto something, and I'm into it.

Watchmaker follows with seven shorter, faster, rawer songs that are of course jammed to capacity with their token brand of completely insane and over the top chaos. This is definitely some of their most grimy and abrasive material to date, complete with a super fuzzy bass tone that's damn near louder than the searing guitars. The vocals are as maniacal as ever, shrieking and screaming their way through various degrees of lunacy with plenty of backing shouts and yells to aid in the attack. They basically blast through track after track with nary an inch of breathing room (just some of the most vicious and piercing feedback I've ever fucking heard – no shit), at times breaking down into fits of damn near complete caustic noise and random vocal torture – leaving the drums and bits of bass to hold down most of the "structure"… before suddenly taking a turn towards rugged old school thrash for closer "Destroyer of Heaven and Earth"!? Madness. Utter madness. These dudes are just nuts…

Hirudinea "Just Kill Us"
Watchmaker "Nuked to Ashes"

I'm not sure where the hell you can get your hands on this thing as none of my normal stops are stocking it, and there's not even a mention of the release on the Bestial Onslaught website!? I'd recommend contacting the bands directly via their MySpace pages (see links above) as they're most likely selling copies on their own, if nothing else… so hit 'em up!


  1. El Diablo says:

    This split is fucking killer! I ordered soon after it was release from Hirudinea. I dont know what is with Alex from BestialOnslaught but I think its somewhat strange (or shamely) that this split is still mentioned on Bestial Onslaught page as "will be released". The page hasnt been updated for some time so maybe there is something behind…
    The price of this is only 8$, 10 (rest of the world) which is very cheap for me.
    I liked Hirudinea before by hearing their tracks on MySpace. I played Watchmaker previous effort "Erased from the Memory of Man" at least few times a weekend (which is a lot for my music stock) and I was completley insane putting headphones on, turning music very loud and start enjoy mayhem and destruction they had created. I liked EFTMOM a a little more. The begging track sounds a litle funny to me, the rest are killer but I still liked EFTMOM a little more, especially because of "Pieces" in some songs. Per example scaffold_of_deception, sound on the beggining, mhmhm.
    Although I recommend you to buy this split, support this 2 great bands and empty your angriness you are holiding inside.

  2. El Diablo says:

    i forgot to wrote that there isnt much review of this split around. Pretty strange for a band on Willowtip…

  3. Vugelnox says:

    man Watchmaker has been one of my favorite bands for a long time now (and prob the sickest live band I've ever seen next to fuckin' Napalm Death). Also while this might be the first recorded material from them Hirudinea is a blistering act to see live as well. I've been waiting to get my hands on this split for what seems like well over two years now and it is well, WELL worth it.

    The easiest way to get it is just to contact either band on Myspace. I got mine direct from Watchmaker in like 4 days.

  4. anonymous says:

    insanely brutal

  5. anonymous says:


  6. fergus says:

    That shit is absolutely nuts. I've gotta check out more of Watchmaker, for sure.

  7. el diablo says:

    yeah this split is one hell of apocalypse. I think this is first recording where they include lyrics in readable form. I think they were only included on Kill Fucking Everyone.

    material of W is going from insane to ultra insane. Kill Crush Destroy wasnt something special, but I like some songs a llot. Kill Fucking Everyone was more insane, but I think that recording wasnt so good, and that some songs are to similar between each other. Erased from the memory of Man si probably their work which I had listened the most. One of the most brutal album in the histroy of metal. And also one of my favorite Willowtip releases of all time. period.

    play them really loud and go destroy something. You know you are needing this.

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