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Formicide "s/t" CD

Posted on Friday, November 3rd, 2006 @ 9:13am » permalink

Formicide - s/tBefore anyone gripes about it, I'm just taking a week off from the whole "Holy Terror Fridays" thing because I obviously have to do what I can to spread the word about my own endeavors here, and I'm psyched that the first Due Process release is finally out. Yeah, it's technically the second catalog number (that's a long story), but whatever. As a diehard fan of 80's thrash metal, which is what I predominantly listened to growing up and still holds a special place in my heart, it's quite fitting that the first release on my label is from such a criminally underrated thrash act as Formicide, from Boston.

Pathetically enough, I myself still don't really know much about this band at all, but their aforementioned underrated status combined with the fact that they only existed from July of '87 until June of '89 probably has a lot to do with that. Whatever the case, these cats seem to be pretty well revered in the New England area (and rightfully so) – as a band and as people – and the general consensus seems to be the same: Why the fuck didn't these dudes get signed back in the 80's, and why the hell did it take so long for these demos to be properly released on CD!? Hell if I know, but I was hooked from the moment I heard the bursting intro to "The Omen", the opening track from the band's 1987 demo, which gets stuck in my head constantly.

With all of the second- and third-rate thrash that was getting scooped up by labels in the late-80's/early-90's, it really is inconceivable that a band as strong as Formicide was relegated to the demo stage, especially given the admirable sound quality of their first two recording sessions. For the bulk of the band's tenure the lineup consisted of Roy Costa on bass, Steve Reppucci on vocals, and brothers Kevin and Eric Stevenson on guitar and drums respectively. In February 1989, Craig Silverman replaced Kevin Stevenson on guitar, and the band sadly called it a day a few months later – leaving behind three demos (the third of which I don't believe was viewed as an "official" demo) and a total of 15 tracks. That final demo was in part re-recorded sans one track (the awesome "Platten #2") after Silverman joined up, with the three remaining songs getting vocal/lyrical facelifts as well (which resulted in "Nocturnal Justice" morphing into "Scientific Alternative").

Formicide's brand of thrash was of the generally straightforward and aggressive variety – less melodic and slightly more in your face than some of their east coast counterparts, but with no lack of badass solos and crunchy, memorable riffing – not to mention tight performances. The resulting songwriting bears a slight lean towards faster pacing, but given proper time to sink in there's some seriously "catchy" shit to be found here. The final two recording sessions sounded significantly rawer than those for "Demo I" and "Demo II", which is somewhat unfortunate given the noticeable progression in terms of songwriting quality, but personally I can get past the rugged production values since I dig the tunes so much. Master tapes were unavailable, so we had to work under less than optimal circumstances since no one in the band even had a copy of the original four-song version of the third demo, but thankfully everything the band recorded is here, so it's a complete document of their top-notch, true-to-form thrash.

Formicide "The Omen"
Formicide "Frozen Death"
Formicide "Scientific Alternative"

For trivia purposes, after the breakup of Formicide, the Stevenson brothers and Roy Costa formed Only Living Witness with Jonah Jenkins, and somewhat ironically, former Formicide guitarist Craig Silverman once again replaced Kevin Stevenson on guitar a few of years later. Only Living Witness is finally getting a little more love these days what with Shadows Fall covering them on that "Fallout From the War" CD, as well as Century Media releasing a pretty killer double-CD discography earlier this year (I've actually been meaning to write that thing up, but time's been tight), so, yeah… there were several lineup ties happening there.

Anyway, if you dig the Formicide stuff, the CD's are $10ppd in the US, Canada, and Mexico, and $12ppd everywhere else. The D.I.Y. in me wanted to try to sell them a bit cheaper, but increasing postage costs plus PayPal fees are sort of brutal, and I'm really hoping to keep the label thing going for some time, so… if you dig the tracks and have the cash, I'd appreciate the support! I haven't had time to explore much in the way of distribution options yet, but I've been hitting the post office daily to mail orders, so… as an impatient bastard who hates waiting for mail, I'm definitely not slacking in that department! Thanks…

@ Due Process


  1. Anonymous says:

    keep the thrash coming for friday's i missed the hell on earth sound

  2. El Diablo says:

    I wish you all the best with your label and with first release. Im sure I will buy it sooner or later. You can send CDs to people without jewel cases if they want. It would be a little cheaper.

    But I think that 10$ aint so much with postage costs. Most CDs cost around 12 without postage costs. Also CDs in USA are a lot cheaper than those in EU…

    keep on thrashing! ! !

  3. Anonymous says:

    $10ppd is a great price – I can certainly respect you keeping it DIY. Thanks for putting this out!

  4. I support this Due Process project wholeheartedly. Can't wait to get my copy of the Formicide! (Be sure to send it to the German address I gave you, thanks!)

  5. Vugelnox says:

    Ordered mine today! This stuff sounds great, keep up the good work Andrew.

  6. Anonymous says:

    More power to Due Process. But on the topic of Only Living Witness getting more love recently, Jonah Jenkins does guest vocals on the new Converge, which is pretty sick.

  7. Karl J says:

    Given any thought to resurrecting Due Process as a Kickstarter project? Having the money up-front would certainly make it less scary, I would think. I see all kinds of half-assed CDs getting 200+ percent of their funding via that outlet – I'm reasonably certain you'd have good luck doing another quality reissue. Easy for me to say, of course!

  8. Al says:

    Hey is there any way to still get a copy of Formicide? From you? From guys from the band? I live in the town next to them and I'm completely obsessed with owning a copy. There's nothing out there on the web. Obviously I could download it from youtube, but I'd really rather buy a copy.

  9. Soraya says:

    Hi! I´m interested in get your compilation cd, where could I find it?? Is it possible to send it to Spain? How much would be? Thank you!

  10. John says:

    Hey there, I am also interested in buying a copy of the Formicide album if there are any copies left. Please tell me how if so, thank you.

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