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Lye by Mistake and Saviours…

Posted on Wednesday, May 31st, 2006 @ 11:08am » permalink

Lye by Mistake - Arrangements for Fulminating VectiveI feel like I've covered a shitload of debut full-lengths lately, and this is no exception. "Arrangements for Fulminating Vective" is the first full-length offering from St. Louis, Missouri's Lye by Mistake, which was released by the recently launched Lambgoat Records. Prior to actually getting the chance to spin this CD there were a few things that sort of worried me about what this band might deliver. One of them was that for some reason I was afraid they were going to be one of those irritatingly chaotic "crazy go nuts" metalcore bands that thinks "Calculating Infinity" is the holy grail (because "Disco Volante" is simply "not heavy enough, dude"). The other was the fact that they don't have a bassist on the album (I believe they've added a bassist since the time of the recording), and two of the three contributing members handle occasional keyboard duties. Well, I'm not gonna lie, there is an earlier Dillinger-esque sense of all over the place zaniness in many instances, but they totally win me over with some fucking badass lead runs (check from about 2:50 on in "Ostrich Feathers and Apple Pie") that take the wacky factor into this weird full-blown jazz fusion sounding territory that's pretty damn cool. There are just a lot of strange little quirks that actually provide some interesting breaks. The keyboards are hit and miss in my opinion, though generally more tolerable than I'd expect, and actually well-employed in the brief instances where things start to flirt with authentic 70's prog or whatever. There are a couple of areas that sound like bass is being used, so I'm not sure if they're doing that with guitar/keyboard manipulations or what, because none of the three band members are credited as playing bass on the recording.

I don't know, it definitely takes some getting used to, and it's not for everyone, but even the ridiculously jumbled and chaotic nature of the songwriting somehow works – and normally I can't really hang with much of that stuff. It could very well be that I just admire the technical proficiency of the playing and find the fluid jazz breaks and solos to grab me just enough to make the difference, I'm not sure. They're a pretty nutty group. Even though some of it's not really my thing there's no denying that a number of passages throughout the album are quite impressive, and should they ever decide to streamline their approach just a bit I could imagine them creating some rather moving material: When they introduce a hint more melody to overcome the acerbity it really pays off.

Lye by Mistake "Ostrich Feathers and Apple Pie"

It's cheapest from the label, so why go anywhere else? Make the buy if you like what you hear:

@ Lambgoat Records

Saviours - CrucifireSpeaking of having covered quite a few debut full-lengths lately, here's yet another from Oakland's own Saviours: "Crucifire", on Level-Plane Records. These cats seem to get lumped in with hipster metal sinners (read: posers, or "poseurs", should you prefer) such as Early Man and the like here and there, but while there is a certain degree of kitsch to Saviours' over the top lyrics and visual aesthetic, it's an approach that works, and one that looks and sounds increasingly appealing – so regardless of whether or not there's somewhat of a hipster quotient to what's going on here, I can both enjoy it and respect it. And in fact, I actually enjoy this material a lot more than the "Warship" EP. The songwriting is more memorable and energetic, the recording is a little more balanced (great bass presence), etc. They're still hitting on a fuzzy sort of late-70's/early-80's influence, but it remains contemporary somehow, despite their clear penchant for an aged tone and traditionally based dual guitar runs. They still don't really sound like any of the bands they get compared to, though. Bathory? Sorry, no. Venom? Nah, not really. Black Sabbath? Barely. That's not really important, though. The band seems to be coming more into its own on this album, something about it just feels more comfortable and natural. The songs just pack more of a punch and are significantly stronger overall, so I'm definitely pleased to see the band making that kind of a progression.

Saviours "Rise to Pyramid Form"

If you download this record instead of buying it these guys will probably conjure some kind of creepily occult-ish black magic powers against you in order to sacrifice your soul to the unholy fires of the abysmal depths of hell… or something. So buy the damn thing if you're a fan, 'cause it's only $8, folks (Give 'em a break, selling it for $6.66 wouldn't be very cost-efficient, you know?):

@ 29 North Records


  1. Anonymous says:

    Lye by Mistake needs to cut back on the breaks into music unlike what they are playing just for the effect of being weird. It just doesn't fit in my opinion. I love the heavy aspects and technically I think they are great but with those weird break outs it makes unlistenable to me.

    Saviours aren't for me.

    Andrew, were you able to pick up those demos you were looking for through eMule? I set up eMule last night and it worked fine but couldn't find the stuff you were looking for…

  2. chris says:

    im glad you covered lye by mistake. they are definitly coming along well. this record is leaps and bounds above what they were doing when thry started out. i saw them a few times while they were just beginning and i must say this is much more focused. theyve donr quite a bit of streamlining already. id keep an eye on them.

    also may i make some suggestions for future posts?

    1. CALLISTO!!!!
    2. the debut genghis tron full length (i know you enjoyed their previous ep from the old site.)

    keep up the great work

  3. Adrianoso says:

    Oh my! Lye by Mistake is right up my alley! These cats are crazy and I love it! I'm all for that eccentric style of playing. Other bands I like are The Number Twelve Looks Like You(sweet "my sharona" cover), Horse The Band, Electro Quarterstaff, Pallida Mors, BTBAM…. you get the picture.


    Anonymous, my home computer has been running for almost 12 hours straight trying to download those damn Formicide files from eMule, ha. I'm hoping it will be done when I get home today but I have no clue! Many thanks for checking for me.

    Chris, I haven't seen the Callisto disc for sale anywhere just yet. I think I have the Genghis Tron CD sitting around somewhere but I haven't even had time to spin it yet.

    Adrianoso, glad you dig it, but citing Horse the Band and Electro Quarterstaff in the same sentence is a grievous sin, my friend! The Electro Quarterstaff guys rule, while in my opinion no one should enjoy the "Nintendo-core" nonsense of Horse the Band! I cannot in any way, shape, or form support the farcical road that the "Combat" label has now chosen to tread.

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