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Arkangel and Community Trust…

Posted on Tuesday, May 30th, 2006 @ 11:44am » permalink

Arkangel - Hope You Die by OverdoseI honestly didn't know that Arkangel (Belgium) was still around, and I'm not even sure I've heard anything the band has done since their debut 10" back in 1998. "Hope You Die by Overdose" was actually originally released quite some time ago by the band on their own label, but it was recently licensed to God's Child Music for Japan, Korea, China, etc. – and that's how it made its way to me. But then again, this is only the band's second full-length in eight years, so it's not like they're the most prolific act on earth… so I guess I can be forgiven for being unaware of their current activities? Whatever the case, this thing opens with a pretty powerful little melodic instrumental track before getting down to business and proving that Arkangel's still cranking out an intense brand of European metalcore with absolutely scathing vocals. I'm talking completely over the top screams with no fucking remorse – totally nuts. The frontman definitely gives these guys an edge, because I have to confess that musically this style of metalcore can sometimes get tiresome due to all of the tremolo picking riffs, though I have to give Arkangel credit on a few fronts. First of all, they generally keep the tracks short, so the majority of these songs run around three minutes apiece. They also keep things moving along, so even though there's a heavy reliance on chugging tremolo picking riffs, they break up the monotony with lots of churning midpaced breaks and minor shifts in tempo, so there's sort of an All Out War thing going on to some degree. But beyond all that, I seem to remember that these cats were definitely one of the first bands, even in the European scene, to really amp things up and throw a significant death metal sounding influence into the metalcore realm. Perhaps they were even a little ahead of their time in that regard, since this form of material could kind of take you aback during the start of the late-90's. Many bands have tried their hands at this style in the last decade and simply missed the mark, but Arkangel still has a pretty damn vicious bite.

Arkangel "Annihilating Your Peace"
Arkangel "How We See the World"

I'm loving those fucking vocals. Pick this shit up and feel the burn:

@ Interpunk
@ RevHQ

Community Trust - Is it contradiction, a mistake, or necessity?It's surprising that "Is it contradiction, a mistake, or necessity?" is Community Trust's debut full-length (also on God's Child Music), despite the fact that the Japanese outfit has been around since way back in 1997. This is a rather promising take on ultra melodic metalcore that takes the harsh screaming vocals and dual guitar interaction more associated with what was going on in the US around the time of the band's formation (ala Shai Hulud and such) and blends in a much more openly melodic side that has a contemporary feel. Occasionally they'll bring in some singing with all of the swirling clean passages and such, so there's definitely a significant degree of "emo" involved, but the end result of what this band creates is interesting to me in that it sounds quite "modern" (for lack of a better term), while also coming across as far more sincere and genuine than what some of the connotations of its aesthetics might suggest. I would like to hear them take things in a heavier and more in your face direction from time to time to balance things out, and they should definitely dump the weird hip-hop influenced vocal work that's employed on rare occasion (it's generally just some quick "yeah, yeah, what, what" crap during an intro or two, but it makes no sense whatsoever), but that's life. It's not going to be for everyone, but I certainly like it overall, and I could see the band doing some really impressive work in the future. They've really got a great knack for weaving together different guitar parts. The recording's a little choppy in certain instances, which can hinder that talent to a degree, but barely, so they've done very well for themselves for their first album.

Community Trust "Untitled"
Community Trust "Battlefield Without Glory"

As always, make the purchase if you enjoy the tunes:

@ Interpunk


  1. phil d says:

    i love arkangel, but those dudes are straight up sketchy peices of shit.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That Arkangel stuff is killer. Love the over-the-top vocals that just scream through you…

    Could pretty much take or leave the CT stuff…


    Phil – That's harsh, dude! What's that all about!?

  4. xbenx says:

    Yes yes yes, Arkangel is one of my favourite ever bands!!! – They got a split with Kickback coming out this summer (apparently), should be immense ;)

    I'm feelin the Community Trust, good shit Andrew, by the way, did you get the Khoma, email me bro ;)

  5. Masterkiller says:

    I saw Arkangel in April when they played in Paris and Kickback's singer Stephen joined them to perform vocals featurings, it was fuckin insane, the pit was mad, great show !!!

    And yes a split ep is on preparation, this will be something to earn as soon as it comes out !

  6. masterkiller says:

    And yes the vocals are really awesome, most of all they are perfectly played live

  7. phil d says:

    andrew im gonna email you a story about arkangel that may or may not make you hate them.

  8. Johnny says:

    Man, you chose to slag 'em here, post the story here. It's only fair.

  9. phil says:

    life isnt fair, life is fuckin pain.

  10. Carlzilla says:

    I've been an Arkangel fan for years. It's awesome that they're still doing stuff, I assumed they broke years ago.

  11. desintegrado says:

    arkangel was always a polemic band in europe, saying they were vegan sxe warriors and things like that, while eating kebabs and drinking beer…and they behaved on stage like assholes…

    but, ok, that's gossip crap that i don't care about, the problem it's that as far as i know, arkangel's singer beat up his girlfriend a few years ago…and as far as i know, that's true, i cannot say who told me that but it's a reliable source…

    shit, i hate lookin like a fuckin paparazzi…

  12. desintegrado says:

    and it's sad, such an insane and good band(even more now since the guitar player of the almighty length of time joined them)but i just won't buy an album of somebody who's done that…

  13. Masterkiller says:

    As I live in Paris, I've heard a lot of shit about Arkangel, french hardcore scene being a lot about gossips and rumours, and you can never tell right from wrong unless you see it from your own eyes.

    I know they are from Belgium but there are real tight connections between French and Belgium bands, as the Kickback/Arkangel split is about to prove.

    All I can tell you is that Arkangel is no longer a SxE band, because yes they drink and smoke, but they still kick asses like no others live and play metalcore with such intensity that only few bands can achieve, and I think this is the essential.

    For the rest I don't care about gossips and them not being sXe anymore, because that doesn't mean they sold their souls, they just changed and everybody can do the same. As long as the music rocks you ass and there's still integrity musically speaking, there's no need to spread rumors.

    To finish, one can be a real good musician and a truly bad asshole, after that it's up to you to chose if you can separate both aspects or not.

  14. Anonymous says:

    i find really amusing that the singer has beat up his girlfriend, and that they have betrayed the sXe movement, now i'm going to check out the sound.

  15. chris says:

    maybe she deserved it. ;)

    anyways, arkangel sounds killer, love the vocals.

  16. Adrianoso says:

    WOW! I never knew such things about Arkangel! Sucks to hear but they still kick ass as a band. Anyways, all these comments on Arkangel, I feel like Community Trust is losing out on some love! I couldnt help but hear a lil A Long Winter in their shit. Which in my opinion is not a bad thing at all. God I miss that band though, what do you think Andrew?

  17. AVERSIONLINE says:

    Unless I'm forgetting, I'm actually not familiar with A Long Winter, heh…

  18. Anonymous says:

    Arkangel is one of my all time faves… Can't wait for their split with Kickback.

    About the gossips… Some of the members maight have behaved badly while interacting with other people. On the other hand, there's lots of straight up bullshit about them floating around.

    I met the guys in person and they were like the nicest people I've met. Like I said, it might have been different on some occasions. They were very respectful and friendly towards me and that's what counts for me in the first place.

    I'm vegan edge myself and I know that the guys from the band who were vegan back in the day are either still vegan or vegetarian. I don't care about the edge thing, so I had no problem sitting with them while they enjoyed a beer and a cigarette.

    Anyway, they have a different line up now. Kirby from almighty Length Of Time is on guitar now and I guess Mehdi from French Es La Guerilla is still on bass.

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