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Xentrix "For Whose Advantage?" CD

Posted on Thursday, May 11th, 2006 @ 12:02pm » permalink

Xentrix - For Whose Advantage?A number of people have been emailing me requesting more thrash, which is always a good sign, so I guess I should give the people what they want from time to time, eh? So here it is. Some of you might remember Xentrix from when I featured this album on the original version of my site several years ago, but for those unaware, Xentrix formed in the UK in the late-80's, and "For Whose Advantage?" (1990, Roadrunner) was their second and best effort. Xentrix is definitely one of those bands that probably would've been huge had they been from California or something, but alas, they were pretty sorely overlooked even during the time when they were at their best. Easily the best UK thrash metal band I've ever heard, this record churns out precisely the kind of thrash that I love: Major crunch, light melody, and pretty damn catchy songwriting with just the right amount of loose technicality. The tracks generally run from four to six minutes with plenty of solos and lots of instrumental breaks (a must for thrash), so there are loads of meaty picking patterns and interesting chord phrasings, plus some solid dual guitar interaction as well. There's a very Bay Area sound happening with a lot of the riffs, but Xentrix definitely had their own feel. A lot of what I've read draws very heavy comparisons to Metallica, but that's bullshit, because this band doesn't really sound anything like Metallica to me sans a few snippets of the vocal performance or a little harmony here and there. I've always felt that what they do is very recognizable as Xentrix, and they were never half as generic as a lot of the thrash that was around in those days.

Xentrix actually reunited for some live shows with their original lineup a few months ago, though I'm not sure what else that might yield (if anything). Sadly all of their material is way out print and can be quite hard to find. As recently as four or five years ago you could get this disc for maybe $5, and it still seems easier to find than the others for some reason, but it's all become rarer and more expensive these days, which is just a crime. All you can really do is search eBay and hope for the best. Roadrunner is retarded and needs to reissue the goldmine of thrash they're sitting on immediately.


  1. Anonymous says:

    not bad stuff at all ……..by the way can you get some kreator or celtic frost mp3's up or even sepultura

  2. Anonymous says:

    sorry but that's a pure and blatant metallica rip-off


    If you honestly believe that then you must not have listened to all that much Metallica in your life. Sorry! I'm mean, almost NO ONE sounds like Metallica did between "Ride the Lightning" and "…And Justice for All". I wish more bands could emulate that sound because it was amazing, but it's simply never been done…

  4. Jim says:

    I really dig this. It reminds me a lot of Devastation, but some of the breakdowns/harmonies are definitely straight from Iron Maiden (especially on Questions). I'm not really hearing anything metallica like, but the bay area sound is there.

  5. broKeNbot says:

    YESSS!!! Xentrix is one of my all time favorite european Thrash bands of all time! I'm glad you found time to post some Thrash. I know you got more! Give us what we need!!!
    Here, I'll give you some ideas…
    Razor,Wargasm,Protector,Stone,Bulldozer,Turbo,Laaz Rocket,Hobb's Angel Of Death,Gammacide(again;more),Morbid Saint…I could go on. I agree with you about Road Runner's stash. I'll bet they're waiting until they know they can get a sufficient amount of return from their re-issues. If they're smart, they would release them now!!!
    ~Thrash Maniac(obsessed with Thrash)

  6. Anonymous says:

    do you close your ears while listening to music? the first two minutes of "for whose advantage?" (the song) sound like a hommage to "master of puppets". even the intonation of the singing is alike.

    but whatever, you do not seem willing to admit what is obvious …

  7. rfecteau says:

    Man, I have to agree with Anonymous on this one. Based on these two tracks I hear a definite Metallica vibe. I worship old Metallica and still listen to it quite a bit. This is not bad stuff, but nothing too exciting either.

  8. Anonymous says:

    YES, please! More thrash… more thrash. More obscure thrash metal. That's what we all need here.

  9. phil says:

    shoulda posted their ghostbusters cover…

  10. Funny… I found this tape for $1 at Downtown Records in Little Rock and picked it up on a lark. Not bad.

  11. StevhanTI says:

    quote: "Roadrunner is retarded and needs to reissue the goldmine of thrash they're sitting on immediately." Unquote.


    Old thrash is cool, I've also picked up some re-issue of Vio-Lence and that just slays! Same with Death Angel.

    Nothing's gonna beat VoiVod though, ever!
    RiP Piggy

  12. broKeNbot says:

    I just read on roadrunner's vault site you can buy this album for 9$ there!?

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