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In remembrance…

Posted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006 @ 8:44am » permalink

Yesterday I unfortunately learned that two members of bands that I've posted about on this site have recently passed away long before their time. Javier "Sob" Carpio, the guitarist of Merauder, and Eddie "Boppo" Ramos of Social Decay (I believe he was the drummer). I didn't know either of these guys but I've been a big fan of their former bands for some time now, and they were far too young for such dire circumstances (I don't think Sob was but a few years older than I am). I'm already one of these people who ponders the uncertainties of death way more often than I should, and sense just can't be made of tragedies like this. I don't know what else to say other than my condolences to their friends and families during this trying time. Here are some re-posted tracks in their honor:

Merauder's 1993 demo (original post):

1. "Life is Pain"
2. "Final War"
3. "Besiege the Masses"
4. "Fear of Sin" (only appears on some copies of the demo)

Social Decay's "Life's Not Hard… You're Just Soft" 7" (original post):

1. "Dreams or Reality"
2. "Rotate the Tables"
3. "Price of Life"
4. "Truth in the Proof"
5. "Stepped on My Pride"
6. "All I Feel is Pain/Exit"


  1. Anonymous says:

    When Merauder kicked out Minus from the vocalist job, they went down about 20 notches. This demo will always be their best release. I remember when it came out they would play L'Amour's and the place would be packed more for them than even national touring bands with albums out!

    Minus and Sob had a really bad reputation as troublemakers and hoodlums. My friend Mitch (who goes by the name GORETEX and is in the rap group Non Phixion) witnessed some brutal shit go down!

    Thanks for making this demo downloadable!!!


  2. masterkiller says:

    Thanks for posting again theses rare releases, even thought it's too bad when people die young like this.

    I hope Merauder will find another guitarist soon so they can tour Europe, because their last european tour was cancelled …

  3. Pim says:

    I knew about sob, but didn't hear about the dude from Social Decay. Good to repost that 7" again, it's awesome. That dude from the label probably still has some copies left.

    Anyway, it's a shame people pass away that young. RIP.

  4. DoJo says:

    Does anyone know wher I can get a copy of Social Decay's 7"?

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