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Parkway Drive and Ligeia…

Posted on Monday, May 1st, 2006 @ 9:56am » permalink

Parkway Drive - Killing With a SmileProviding more proof that contemporary metalcore truly is a worldwide phenomenon, Australian label Resist Records, who I've always thought of as more of a traditional hardcore/metallic hardcore label, has hopped aboard with "Killing With a Smile", the debut full-length from Parkway Drive, a band from their own locale. Much more metal oriented in approach (with plenty of tactful Swedish flare, of course) than anything "-core" related, I could actually see this band doing extremely well in the US considering how popular bands like Bleeding Through are becoming as of late, because this material sounds fairly similar to that particular niche of metalcore (loads of tremolo picking and dual guitar melodies, thick midpaced breaks, scathing screams, etc.), but the songwriting is a lot fiercer and there are actually some badass riffs popping up from time to time – not to mention loads of slick solos! I don't know, it's just faster and more energetic than most of this style tends to be, and when you combine that with superior riffs and proficient performances it really works out quite well. Seriously: Like it or not, there's no denying that some of these tunes contain some impeccable riffs.

Parkway Drive "Anasasis (Xenophontis)"
Parkway Drive "Gimme a D"

I don't know, a lot of people who hit this site on a regular basis might not be into this, but the more I listen to it the more I appreciate what they're doing. My hatred for this style of metalcore has been growing at a rapid pace over the last three to five years, but every now and then a band like Parkway Drive comes along and really nails it, so look into this one if you can still stomach Swedish styled melodies that actually possess power:

@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution

Ligeia - Your Ghost is a GiftI believe "Your Ghost is a Gift" (released by Ferret Music) is the first full-length from Ligeia, who seems to be a relatively new band. The combination of band name, album title, and cover art are rather misleading with this one, certainly suggesting overdramatic screamy emo horseshit with atrocious lyrics. But while track titles like "I'm Sorry You're Ugly" and "Makin' Love to a Murderer" aren't exactly indicative of great lyrical content, this is still a far better release than one might expect, providing more proof that Ferret has a strange knack for stumbling onto several of the better metalcore bands out there these days. Now, I wouldn't put these cats at the Misery Signals level or anything, but they're definitely leaning in that direction with the way they utilize a lot of creatively melodic riffing that maintains a strong sense of energy. It's a little inconsistent in that they literally throw bits and pieces of almost every form of metalcore into the mix, from basic fast paced hardcore chords to ultra discordant chaotic segments or churning breakdowns that jump over to death metal runs or whatever; and yes, there is a blend of harsher shouting vocals with some singing and all that (more effectively than many, in my opinion), but I'm pretty into a lot of the riffs, so even though it's not the most original thing in the world and has some "emo" flirtations that are sure to turn many away, I could see them bowling me over at some point down the road. I kind of flip-flop on how I feel about the recording but it definitely needs work to really let these songs hit the mark. Sometimes the rigidity of the drums starts to get on my nerves, but I think my biggest issue is that the guitars have a weird sort of sheen to 'em that takes a lot of getting used to: They're heavy, but something's missing, and I can't hear an ounce of bass guitar in the mix either, so there's a gap between the guitars and drums that sort of accentuates the problem areas to a degree. This is a good start, though. I'll be curious to see where they take things from here on out…

Ligeia "Beyond a Doubt"
Ligeia "Household Stereotypes"

And buy the shit if you like the shit, people:

@ Ferret Music
@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution


  1. Anonymous says:

    Metalcore should just go away.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i hate all that faux swedish metalcore as well, but not as much as all the people who think that that's what all metalcore bands sound like. i guess parkway drive isn't too bad though. heh

  3. xbenx says:

    I dig both of these, especially the Ligeia ;)

  4. Anonymous says:

    parkway drive definitely isnt bad for the style, which i generally don't like

  5. ayla says:

    i come from melbourne, adn have personally seen parkway about 15-20 times live over the last 3 years and they are a great band.

    the crow goes fucking nuts for them and if their name is on the line up its sold out in 5 minuites.

    so basically i think they are great =D

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