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Unidos Pelo Ódio, Desastre, and F.U.B.A.R….

Posted on Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 @ 12:12pm » permalink

Unidos Pelo Ódio - Renascendo das CinzasYou know, many American bands should really thank their lucky stars, because in this day and age it seems almost too easy for any shitty loser band from the US to hack together a few songs in a bedroom or a basement, throw 'em on fucking MySpace, get signed, and have a full-length CD out there in less than a god damn year. Well these Brazilian punks have been at it for 12 fucking years now, yet "Renascendo das Cinzas" is only the first full-length release from Unidos Pelo Ódio, thanks to Terrötten Records, and they damn sure make the most of it by throwing down 21 tracks for just over an hour's worth of material that tends to be of the rough and tumble crusty punk variety. They do toss in little extra dashes of dissonant metal or subtle melody here and there, but they usually opt for a faster approach with your basic Discharge-esque song structures (granted this is quite a diverse collection of songs considering how stagnant this genre can be). The guitar tone has an unnatural ring to it that can wear on me from time to time, but the vocals (which are all delivered in Portuguese) are super pissed and really power the material, so if these cats were somehow able to achieve a fuller, heavier sound (without going for the all out metal crunch that some of the Scandinavian bands do) they could really tear it up. There are some awesomely catchy songs on this thing, and this band definitely knows how to keep the "punk" in "hardcore/punk".

Unidos Pelo Ódio "Refugiados de Guerra"
Unidos Pelo Ódio "Sem Chance"
Unidos Pelo Ódio "A Morte se Alastra"

This one's not too easy to come by in the US that I can tell, though it may be out of stock (or not yet in stock, for that matter) at a couple of other sources, but pick it up if this is your thing. These guys are great at what they do:

@ Stickfigure Distribution

Desastre - Perigo IminenteAnother recent release from Terrötten Records is the second full-length (though it only contains seven new songs) from Desastre – another Brazilian band that I wasn't familiar with prior to this. "Perigo Iminente" sticks to pretty straightforward D-beat styled hardcore/punk with a little bit of that rocked out sort of Motörhead vibe going on with some of the music, both in terms of the rhythms and the lead breaks. Like the Unidos Pelo Ódio disc, this material isn't as heavy as the genre sometimes leans, so it has a rawer kind of feel to the recording and seems to lean more towards a number of classic influences without sounding like a dated throwback or anything. Once more the lyrics are all in Portuguese, which of course has a positive impact on the vocal arrangements! I guess some of the performances could use a little tightening up, but there's some really memorable songwriting happening when they're at their best, and things blow by pretty quickly with a total of 15 tracks in 34 minutes (including the bonus tracks, which are taken from their 1997 demo and a live set recorded last year). I think that pretty much covers it with this one, there usually aren't any surprises when it comes to straight up crusty hardcore/punk.

Desastre "Perigo Iminente"
Desastre "Sufocados"

As always, make the grab if it suits your tastes:

@ Crimes Against Humanity Records

F.U.B.A.R. - Studio Sessions 2002 - 2004Once more from Terrötten Records, though not from Brazil, is "Studio Sessions 2002 – 2004", somewhat of an odd release for Dutch grinders F.U.B.A.R. I think this was basically put together specifically for their Brazilian tour and includes three prior releases on one handy CD. I believe this might contain everything the band had recorded up to the time of this collection, which includes a split CD with Catheter (which I gave a full review some time ago), a split 7" with Matka Teresa, and the "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition" demo: 36 tracks in 36 minutes, when all is said and done. It's basically fast and frantic grindcore with loads high/low/mid vocal tradeoffs that, while not the catchiest grind I've heard, does have its raging moments. The bulk of the disc tends to also fall more on the rugged side in terms of production (the demo and 7" tracks are pretty damn hard on the ears), but you can't fault them but so much for that as they definitely blaze on through, and with songs rarely lasting even a minute there's not much time for getting bored, eh? They do throw in just enough quick breaks in tempo to keep things in your face rather than blurring the speeds together, and the tracks from the Catheter split are pretty damn good.

F.U.B.A.R. "Mind Shit"
F.U.B.A.R. "Scars"

Yep, pick it up if you like 'em short, fast, and loud:

@ Crimes Against Humanity Records

I should also mention that while the above three releases were sent to me by Terrötten, some of them are split releases with a number of other killer Brazilian labels that have been very kind to me over the years, among them 2+2=5 Records, Bucho Discos, Cospe Fogo, and Läjä Rekords. So check out all of their hard work as well, there's some great music kicking around in their discographies!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey man!
    Take Care
    Thiago – Cospe Fogo

  2. Damn!
    That U.P.O. thing fucking COOKS !
    Thanks for turning me on to them; how I missed that I do not know, but I sure am glad to find a new diamond in the rough…nice job, Andrew!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, thanks for hooking me up with Desastre… btw, your Portuguese seems to be very good. Até mais.

  4. Carlzilla says:

    All of this stuff was awesome. A lot of bands from other countries go totally unnoticed over here and it's a shame. I'd never heard these guys before this, with the exception of FUBAR who I don't care for that much, and the other two bands rocked hard. I'll have to track 'em down.

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