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Handsome revisited…

Posted on Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 @ 9:17am » permalink

Several months ago I did a post about Handsome, undoubtedly one of the greatest bands ever, and that write-up generated by far the most shockingly positive and overwhelming response of anything I've written about thus far. I've received more comments and emails about that single post than damn near any other 10 posts combined! Well, to my dismay I still haven't been able to obtain their alleged unreleased second record (and extremely elusive, if it does exist it must be one of the rarest recordings of all time), and believe me I've got about five or six other people heavily on the hunt as well, but I have recently been supplied with some other excellent rarities from one kind soul who I simply cannot thank enough.

First is an alternate recording of "Dim the Lights" with additional vocal harmonies and guitar melodies, for which no details are available, though this rendition is said to have been tracked after the album version:

Handsome "Dim the Lights" (re-recorded)

Then there's a seven-track live set recorded on June 14, 1997 at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden, which aired on Swedish radio channel P3. Now, I'm generally not into live recordings at all, and I'm very picky about sound quality, but I have to say, this performance gets my seal of approval 100% in terms of shockingly strong sound, and the fact that there's an unreleased track in the setlist ("Swivel") only makes things all the more desirable! The songs had already been faded at the ends, so it doesn't play through like a true live set or anything, but fuck if I care! I boosted the volume levels to make things sound a little more consistent otherwise:

1. "Needles"
2. "Thrown Away"
3. "Swivel"
4. "Swimming"
5. "Closer"
6. "Lead Bellied"
7. "Going to Panic"

And finally there's the amazing (and very Orange 9mm-esque, which reminds me that I should post about Orange 9mm soon) KRS-One track "Just to Prove a Point", for which Handsome was the backing band. Now, I've never been much of a KRS-One fan per se, but this song is fucking phenomenal, so I'd actually love to have heard him explore more of this style:

KRS-One (with Handsome) "Just to Prove a Point"

Needless to say, if a second, unreleased Handsome record exists then someone, somewhere needs to take measures to ensure that this material receives a proper release of some sort. There is an audience out there that truly loves this band and would voraciously devour any unreleased material that they could get their hands on, and you'd better believe I'm right near the front of that line. If anyone has any other rare tracks from this ingenious and sorely missed outfit, please get in touch. It causes me an immense amount of complete and total rage to imagine what unheard Handsome majesties may exist out there. It is entirely wrong on every level for such brilliance to remain set aside and shrouded in mystery.


  1. Anonymous says:

    i love you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Andrew, you're a star!!!!!!!!! (claude)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you. Ever since you posted about Handsome I haven't been able to stop listening to them.

  4. Frans says:

    I'm as amazed as you are at the response, Andrew. I guess we'll never know WHY this band didn't blow up. Many thanks for digging this stuff up and hopefully we'll see more..

  5. Pim says:


    I checked out Handsome because of your previous post Andrew. Great stuff. Especially that Dim The Lights song. Those live tracks sound amazing too !

    Thanks a lot, once again !

  6. Scott says:

    Still can't believe nobody has coughed up that unreleased record. Urban legend? Damn…

  7. Fire And Ice says:

    tom capone posts on the livewire board fairly often. his email addy is godzofspace@hotmail.com

    you might want to email him and see if he can shed any light on this possible 2nd handsome lp.

  8. Anonymous says:

    first off, thank you for sharing this stuff. second, did you rip these yourself, and do you have the original cds? i understand you probably ripped these at 128 for bandwidth reasons, but you should really get out better quality versions of all this stuff somehow. rare shit like this needs to be heard at its best.

  9. jessenpr says:

    AWESOME! One of my all time favorites… thanks!

  10. Anonymous says:

    i'll go through some burned discs that i have, i have two handsome songs that were released as a part of a companion disc to the full length.

    i did have the two 7"s that they release, but my ex-girlfriend being the psycho she is, stole them and sold them after she kicked me out of the house.

  11. Anonymous says:

    nevermind, i didn't read you had the other tracks up.

    i'm sorry i missed them the first time around.

  12. Carter says:

    Thanks for all of this, Andrew. All I'd ever heard was the full length.

  13. Unknown says:

    here are some more handsome rarities for you guys. the demo came from the "tonnage 2" comp, and the other two are from that bonus disc that came with the album.

    needles (demo)

  14. Anonymous says:

    ahhhhhhhh! amazing!!! thank you so much!!

  15. aidan says:

    argh needles demo has expired…

  16. rob says:

    ah. handsome. truly superb.

    i heard in about 1998 that they were going to release a live album. i wonder if those songs above are the tracks that were going to go on it. we can only ponder!

    if anyone doesn't have the subpop Swimming 7" then i highly recommend that you get it. the b-side Can't Connect is possibly my favourite handsome song. i may try to get it on my computer and put it up here.

    does anyone remember the old Epic Records site for the band? it had some amazing photography on it in the style of the album artwork. wish i'd saved some of it now!

  17. Anonymous says:

    hi guys and thank for every MP3.
    I have just found the tonnage compilation with the artwork of the demo (in B&W).
    they were some demos around I don t know if they were only for the label or if they were realised ever.
    I think the bonus disc was a 6 tracks on with the self titled album.
    if you like handsome try jets to brazil where jeremy plays bass and cub country were he has the mic and guitar.
    thank again. feel free to send mail on djaycee81@hotmail.com

  18. Anonymous says:

    any chance that you could put the "closer" and "spill" mp3s back up on the first article? or perhaps tell me where they can be found? great read by the way. i searched for years for the unreleased album to no avail.

  19. AVERSIONLINE says:

    I don't put stuff back up once its time has passed, but if you can't find them on Soulseek or anything like that let me know and I'll hook you up.

  20. Anonymous says:

    no luck on soulseek: lots and lots of handsome boy modeling school, the occasional s/t, but nothing else. anything you could do would be appreciated, be it this site, e-mail (ex11bravo@yahoo.com) or on soulseek (username – king shit). thanks.

  21. Peter Mengede of Handsome here. A couple of years late but I've been busy.
    There was no second album. Unfortunately the band broke up after touring our first. We had quite a few things that didn't make the first album for anumber of reasons.
    I'm playing with some friends in Brisbane Australia nowdays and have posted a few ( very rough) things written around that time that indicate where a second Handsome record may have headed.
    We're looking for a singer (must be in Brisbane Australia ) obviously, if anyone has a friend of a friend.

  22. I've posted a few rough home recordings of songs that we began in Handsome, recorded with my new band Kunst at http://www.myspace.com/xkunstx. Pixilated and Sonic Ute are songs that we never got around to finishing in Brooklyn. If anyone knows who administers the Handsome fan site I'd like to get in touch with them. Please send an email address.
    Peter Mengede

  23. Jason G says:

    Any way to re-post the live show from Sweden and the rarities again?
    Kunst stuff sounds cool by the way.. J

  24. ash says:

    Yeah, anyone still have any of the b-sides or live stuff lying around?

  25. Tommy says:

    If anyone has a copy of the song Can't Connect in mp3 format, please shoot me an email at thievesdont@gmail.com

    Been into these guys for years and that was one 7inch I could never hunt down.

  26. SD Bayern says:

    Where can I find the B sides?!? I chompin' at the bit to hear them!

  27. KUNST Kunst on 4ZZZ Live and Local at 4 pm this Saturday 15 May 2010
    102.1 fm or http://stream.4zzzfm.org.au/

  28. d.p. says:

    I'm not sure why I just found these two posts, since Quicksand & Handsome rarities are things that I Google around for from time to time.

    It looks like the MP3 links here (plus "Closer" and "Spill" in the previous post) have been dead for a while. :-(

    Aversion Online, do you still exist? Any way you might be able to direct me and the other recent 2010 posters to somewhere that these files might all still be found?

  29. d.p. says:

    You obviously DO still exist; sorry for not noticing all of your recent updates before asking. Definitely hoping you'll see all the new comments on this very old post and be able to direct us to those long-lost Handsome gems (does a Mediafire file exist containing them?).

  30. Send me your email address care of the Kunst Myspace site and I I'll send you an MP3 of Spill. Tony Giacca from Guitarnerd.com.au posted this valid link to live versions of Closer and Swivel (there are no demo versions of these two tracks).

  31. Jason says:

    Does anyone have MP3s of the Swimming/Can't Connect 7"?

  32. Barry says:

    I've got the Album with bonus disc with spill & closer.
    Anyone who wants it drop me a line.
    Here's a link with the live tracks from Switzerland

  33. Barry says:

    I mean mp3 of those 2 tracks……
    Sorry !

  34. Hey Barry, Can you send me an MP3 of Closer. My new band reworked it and I'd like to check which version we added as a bonus track before we think about re-recording it.

  35. Barry says:

    Hi Peter, sure no problem ! Just give my your email and I will send it to you !!!

  36. djaycee81 says:

    could you please send me an MP3 of closer and spill
    here is my address djaycee81@hotmail.com

  37. Tommy says:

    If anyone would like the extra b-sides, as well as the unreleased songs from the 7inch please email me at thievesdont@gmail.com

    I have some live material too.

    HOPING that I'm able to track down a t-shirt somewhere down the line, so if anyone is interested in parting ways with one PLEASE email me!

  38. Clint at Teenage Wasteland has just reissued authentic Handsome T shirts using the original design.
    Take a look at http://www.teenagewastelandonline.com/handsome/#t-shirts

  39. Paul says:

    I have often heard of the 2nd unreleased album as well but with no luck of finding any signs of it anywhere. Would love to hear the song with KRS-One. Had the privilege to see Handsome live on one occassion and they were mind blowingly great! Don't recall if they played the unreleased song you mentioned tho.
    P.S. Andrew thank you for ending me Closer and Spill other day, definately made my week.

  40. AVERSIONLINE says:

    As mentioned by Peter Mengede in the comments above, there was no unreleased album (sadly).

    You can now buy that KRS-One track on Amazon:


  41. SD Bayern says:

    Hey Peter, I shared some Kunst on my facebook page and got alot of positive feed back. So the next question is where can I get my hands on the recordings. By the way my old band opened for Handsome in Seattle at a club show at the Sit and Spin the night before you played with SilverChair at the Key Arena I think it was. You probably dont remeber, but it was one of the highlights of my music career.

  42. Tommy says:

    I posted above, but if anyone needs b-sides feel free to email me at thievesdont@gmail.com

    Really wish this album was pressed on vinyl. With all the obscure stuff being pressed today, it gives me hope that we MIGHT see it one day.

  43. Tommy says:

    I would also recommend that anyone who wants to see this album given the proper re-release should bombard Epic with emails.

  44. Peter M says:

    Hi, We've had a couple of inquiries about reissuing the album on Vinyl. Th last communique is that Eddie is chasing up our old lawyer Richard Grabel, to discuss having the masters returned. I'm not sure how he's faring but am happy to leave it with him.

  45. AVERSIONLINE says:

    When is Kunst gonna release an album!?

  46. Sco says:

    That is awesome Peter. Thanks for the update. We are all thirsty for more after all of these years.

  47. Dave says:

    I'm the guy who compiled the original Handsome discography CD years ago, but I don't think I originally had that live Swivel track on it. I might've gotten that from here? I dunno…it's been ages. Anyway, I got that Dim The Lights Remix from a promo CD single. I just can't remember if I got it at the radio station I was working at, or just a lucky score in a used cd bin somewhere. And yes, the KRS-One song is simply a track off his "I Got Next" album. The inlay lists who the backing band is for that song and it's (mostly) Handsome, so I figured I'd include it on the discography. I have all the original CD's and vinyl for all those tracks…I should probably re-rip it all to 320bps and re-post it one of these days. Glad you all enjoy hearing it all. What a great "flash in the pan" band Handsome was.

  48. Peter M says:

    Hi, Can you send me the Dim the Lights re-mix? You must have the version we recorded at the Record Plant with Michael Beinhorn, which I had no idea was ever released. I hope to get the original Sterling Masters back from the States one day and post them online.

  49. Tommy says:

    Would definitely pay good money for older Handsome shirts, or even new ones! If anyone is willing to part ways with their older ones, PLEASE email me: thievesdont@gmail.com

  50. Peter M says:

    Lepers TV St Louis
    "Handsome opened for Unsane at the Hi Pointe in St. Louis March 21, 1997. Not sure what happened but the vocals got recorded really low and we had other tech issues. Shot it with 3 cams and edited live in the club to SVHS. Lepers TV was a public access music show we did in St. Louis."
    Full set available at http://youtu.be/yB24qUTiPTg

    • Anonymous says:

      hello peter.
      when is the recording of "handsome" in 1996 ?
      and when is the tour with deftones?
      i think handsome influence the deftones.

  51. Matias says:

    I know it's been a long time, but is there a chance somebody could send me the album? I need this! mgz3.14@gmail.com

  52. AVERSIONLINE says:

    The album is still very easy to buy for very cheap:


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