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Jasta 14 "s/t" 7"

Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2005 @ 8:48am » permalink

Jasta 14 - s/tThis Connecticut band (apparently named for some reason after a German WWI air unit) is of course most known for being Jamey Shanahan's pre-Hatebreed outfit, though I honestly never really understood why he reverted to calling himself "Jamey Jasta" since he didn't sing on this 7" – the band's only official release. Go figure. I've only seen old live videos from Jamey's days in the band that suffer from abominable sound quality, so it's hard to gauge where they were coming from at that point in time, but this 7" is fucking excellent regardless.

The second release for Centrifuge Recordings in 1995, I only found about these guys when my college roommate brought this record back from a show of theirs that he had caught in Baltimore, which was probably sometime in 1996. He talked up a storm about the band but didn't have a record player, so we dubbed it down from a friend and I was pretty impressed myself. This is actually a fairly unique sounding 7" for its day, aside from loose similarities to Burn in some of the riffing, so I really wish the band had done more afterwards. Expect a good mix of abrasive screaming over dissonant post-hardcore melodies and lots of dynamic shifts, with some fluid clean passages and fucked up rhythmic twists for good measure.

The tracklist on the back cover is actually wrong, listing the songs on side A in reverse order, while what's tagged as "Life Expectancy" on side B is actually "Frankenstein", as indicated on the lyric insert (this track also appeared on the "Psycho Civilized" compilation CD). All four songs kick ass, and even the unfortunately titled spontaneous instrumental "Pud" is a winner.

1. "Geek"
2. "Scaffold"
3. "Frankenstein"
4. "Pud"

This is of course out of print, but it never seemed to be in high demand or anything. For whatever reason it seems like few ever really caught onto these guys, or at least maybe few outside of Connecticut, so you can probably still dig up a copy in old distro leftovers or score one from a trade list or something.

From the 7" lineup, drummer Todd Zullo is now in some reggae/hip-hop (or whatever) act called the Alchemystics, and guitarist Mick Barr is now in Orthrelm (I can't believe I never knew of this connection before) after a stint with Crom-Tech in the late-90's. Bassist Greg Burns went on to Still I Rise and Last World's Fair, guitarist Rich Neagle was in the punk band Broken for a couple of years, and vocalist Kyle Mullins went on to Esperanto and Boiling Man. I've only heard Orthrelm and Broken, so I can't really speak to much of what any of these cats have been up to in the years since Jasta 14 folded.

I also seem to remember reading way back in the day that several of the band members started another group with a female vocalist soon after Jasta 14's demise and released a couple of live tracks on some compilation that I never got around to picking up. Anyone? If you've got any news there or can hook me up with Jasta 14's demo material, get in touch, because I'm really curious to hear all of that stuff. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous says:

    That's pretty good stuff. Got a bit of a technical edge. I had been wanting to hear this band because I am a sucker for stuff like Hatebreed. This is totally different but I like it.

  2. wes says:

    where do you find this stuff?? geek was sweet, very cool find

  3. Buske DNA says:

    There is/was a Jasta 14 demo that Jamey sang on prior to this 7" (that shreds), so that's how he was dubbed Jamey Jasta. He had already quit J14 and started Hatebreed at the time that this 7" came out.

    I actually used to hang out with and go to school with John Dudley/Centrifuge Records when he put this record out. He also used to do a zine called Vitamin Pig and sang in a band, Vice Grip, when he lived in Texas before moving back to NY.

    I used to have a copy of the J14 demo but have since lost it over the years. I'd die for another copy.

    There is also a Jasta 14 song w/ Jamey on the "Over The Edge, Volume 1" compilation on Endless Fight Records from around 1993. Unfortunately, it doesn't read on my computer otherwise I'd upload it. It's a GREAT comp featuring Shift, Overcast, Mayday, Dissolve, Dive and some others.

    Let me know if you come across the demo. You'd love that shit, a lot more like Hatebreed than this 7".

  4. slavis says:

    I've got the Jasta 14 demo ripped as one 16 minute mp3… I also have Vol. 1 and 2 of the Over the Edge comps. Vol. 1 has Jamey doing vocals and vol. 2 has the same singer as the 7". The tracks are Broken Records and Broken (huh…) I could rip these if you want them…


    Slavis, that would be fucking awesome. Do you have the tracklist for the Jasta 14 demo as well? Please do email me about this, thanks!

  6. Christopher says:

    I believe the live comp you are talking about was called "ourselves" and was released on the Omega Label, same label who released the Last Crime CD. The female fronted band with ex-members of Jasta was Still I Rise. I never heard anything else about them after that compilation, although I do recall digging the tracks ince I was in that Ashes, palefire, every female fronted hardcore band ruled phase. The Jasta 7" from what I remember must have had a pretty large pressing since I saw it in stores in the New England area by the truckload and I still see it from time to time as well.

  7. Fred says:

    bassist Greg Burns is now in Red Sparowes. pretty crazy how diversified the ex-members went on to become. great band though. i'm originally from the new haven, ct area and was able to catch a few shows.

  8. the stuff with Jamey singing is pretty sweet. i gotta download these tracks and check out the other singer, i always wanted to check it out but feared it would be crap. i have the over the edge tracks ripped if anyone needs em.

  9. Buske DNA says:

    Slavis —

    I'd love everything you mentioned you have ripped. Let me know too, thanks.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Jasta 14…saw 'em at the middle east in boston with die 116 and shift. how about that? I got cred. this blog is okay.

    what you need to do is lay off the dork ambient and just listen to your air-conditioner.

  11. Anonymous says:

    looks like one of 'em started a Myspace page:


  12. wykkydkewl@yahoo.com says:

    Ahh.. The fucking El'nGee.
    Used to see Hatebreed there all the time for MAYBE $5 when I lived in New London. You drink a bunch of cheap beer and nobody gives a fuck who's playing 'cause they're just waiting for Napalm Death to go on.
    Live braodcasts on public access of Overcast playing.
    Seeing Neck blow everybody's face off RIGHT AFTER Die My Will was on…and what the fuck happened to Die My Will, anyway? I know Neck're still putting out new shit, because I got the new disc when it came out.
    Maybe one of those guys'll leave a post.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have an old compilation of CT bands called Collision with Tradition, out on Elevator Music. This was basically the label for all the bands who played at the Tune Inn in New Haven. There's two tracks on it from Jasta 14, Trippin' Balls and Who's To Blame. Jaimie sings on them. Let me know if you want a copy.

  14. terrorgrimm says:

    Greg Burns is also in Red Sparrows on Neurot Recordings now. Who would have known that a band that gave Hatebreed's singer his "name" would end up being a bunch progressive minded individuals? Good stuff.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The end of Jasta 14 was the end of the scene in CT. Now you go to shows and find jocks and mall kids there. So much for the underground.

  16. NFILABEL says:

    Hey folks. Thanks for the praise on this. I put out therecord over ten years ago and its great to see that this has stood the test of time. Who knew when we released this that it would be early screamo-prog-core before the term existed. Also a reminder that I am getting old.

    Anyhow, I have a small box of these in my closet and if anyone wants one, feel free to contact me via http://www.myspace.com/nfilabel Not looking to price gouge on these. Leave that to the Ebayers. Let's go back in time about 10 years here…. 5 bux US ppd. 6 ppd Canada and 8 ppd world.

    My only regret on this is really the recording and mastering. Could have been so much better, but hey, it was 1995, eh?

    Cheers and thanks for recognizing this release for what it was. Ahead of its time.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Haha,Jasta 14 was alright the drummer was the only talent I can remember…as for the rest of them and the projects in the future…weak cock-rock and alterno emo crap…just my two cents.

    PS- Hatebreed has to be one of the worst cock rock-jock bands to ever exist..

  18. Stymie says:

    Jasta 14 had a few changes musically. Very early on the basist had a Primus influence and the music was a lot different (can't describe it well, it was back in the early 90s). A couple guys left the band and a couple guys joined (Guitarist and drummer from Spasm and Guitarist from Step 12, if I recall correctly?) During that time the music got heavier and you can gradually hear Jamies voice getting heavier and closer to how he sings in Hatebreed. They fit in well with other new school hardcore bands at the time like Snapcase and a lot of the bands on Endless Fight records but still having their own sound. This is where the "Bust" 4 song cassette demo (shared 2 tracks with Collision with Tradition comp.) and the track on the Over The Edge I comp. I think they had 1 other song recorded but never released but not positive. Then Jamie left (I heard he was kicked out but don't really know) and they got the new singer and maybe 1 or 2 other members changed? This sound is what you hear on the 7" (Shares a track with the Psycho Civilized comp.) And there was a track with this lineup on the Over The Edge II comp. Kinda fit in well with Deadguy, Iceburn, Neurosis and many other influences and some originality thrown in. While writing this I found the myspace page with more info and some songs. http://www.myspace.com/jasta14

    As far as Jamie keeping the name "Jasta". He started the band when he was like 14. He was promoting shows, started stillborn records and openned for bands such as 108, Rage Against the Machine, Snapcase, Earth Crisis, etc. Toured with Integrity and was one of the biggest local hardcore bands by the time he left. Also had done 2 demos and had tracks on 2 comps. When I think of Jasta 14 this is the lineup I think of. The lineup on the 7" was good but they weren't as big as they were with Jamie.

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