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Killing the Dream and Blacklisted…

Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2005 @ 11:42am » permalink

Killing the Dream - s/tI've been sitting on two of the latest from the always quality Deathwish Inc. label for quite awhile now, so I guess this is as good a time as any to give these a shout. I wasn't blown away by Killing the Dream's self-titled CD (which also included their demo), but after another EP that I never got the chance to hear (that being the "I Rewrote It" 7", which was released earlier this year, and three of its four tracks appear here in re-recorded form) this California act really seems to be coming into their own on "In Place, Apart". Though it clocks in at less than 26 minutes, this is the band's debut "full-length": A solid offering that certainly marks a step forward towards greater things, and the Kurt Ballou production certainly doesn't hurt! Expect a slew of raging vocals over a heavily melodic riffing style that flirts with hints of traditional hardcore and plenty of aggression – all crammed into quick songs that average less than two minutes apiece. I've gotta say, the vocals sort of make this band for me, the dude just sounds so furious, and the more in your face and pissed off moments certainly hit the hardest:

Killing the Dream "Sick of Sleeping"
Killing the Dream "Where the Heart Is"

If it suits your tastes, pick it up:

@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution

Blacklisted - ...The Beat Goes OnAnother debut "full-length" (I guess less than 24 minutes counts, too?) chock full of short ass tracks comes from Philadelphia's own Blacklisted in the form of "…The Beat Goes On". Blacklisted is a pretty damn consistent band that has yet to disappoint, and this is my favorite material to date from these guys. Look for super pissed metallic hardcore with plenty of chunky midpaced breaks contrasting speedy old school nods that basically all stays true to the classic face of the style – but with just enough of a dissonant edge to slightly differentiate the band from some of their peers. But there's no lack of originality to complain about here, because this shit pounds just like it should with a strong sense of energy and flow, not to mention a bitter attitude that really works for me:

Blacklisted "How Quickly We Forget (Again)"
Blacklisted "Do You Feel?"

You know that shit beats ass, so grab a copy:

@ RevHQ
@ Very Distribution


  1. xbenx says:

    hehe so I do have taste ;)

  2. wes says:

    blacklisted is the shit
    but killing the dream's "where the heart is" sounded a lot better the first time they recorded it..

  3. Zach says:

    Yeah killing the dream would be pretty average if it were not for the amazing vocals. Blacklisted are just as good live as they are recorded.

  4. its funny, you picked out stuff i was totally wondering how it sounded, the first blacklisted release is pretty killer and i saw that killing the dream cd this past week at the record shop and i'm of course suckered by that kind of art work. also thanks for the with honor post i was wonderin bout them too. i also just checked out that the dream is dead band cause of your review… they seem pretty badass.

  5. sticky says:

    24 minutes isn't much shorter than Reign in Blood.

    70 minutes CDs are often boring and what would've been called a double LP years ago.

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